New Age Of Summoners Chapter 109

99 Basic Fire Control Refinement Technique


It is free to learn.


Do you want to learn it?

"Of course I will learn it if that skill is free", Ajax nodded his head to learn the skill.


Injecting the knowledge of the Basic Fire control alchemy refinement technique into the host's mind.


Please bear with the pain.

As soon as he received the second system notification, he felt a sting of pain in his head. Still, that pain didn't bother Ajax very much as he endured the pain much more potent than this before when he was breaking through the realm and levelling up the Mysterious spirit cultivation technique.

The knowledge injecting process continued for more than five minutes before the pain subsided in his head.


Basic Fire control alchemy refinement technique is learned.


While using this technique, there is an increase in the success of pill making by 50 percent.

"Oh, this is a good sign for starting the Alchemy maniac mission", Ajax felt some hope again when he saw the use of the Basic Fire control alchemy refinement technique which will increase his pill refining success rate by 50 percent.

But before starting the mission, he wanted to complete the trip to the five elemental world and checked his spirit consciousness.


Spirit consciousness:- 60 units/ 6000 units.

"I need to accumulate more units of the essence of the nature to upgrade Spirus and Slait to Commander realm quickly", Ajax thought of his current problem which is insufficient essence of energy and the time it is taking to accumulate the essence of nature is tiring him out.

So he wanted to use his reward from the follower tab now.

Still, when he thought about the official contracted elemental spirits which he will get in the future, he assumed it would be a waste to use this excellent opportunity now.

"I don't how many elemental spirits I am going to have in the future, but the current me is still powerless before giants like the main families and sects, so let's use this chance to improve my overall strength along with my spirit beasts and contracted elemental spirits", Ajax finally decided to go to the five elemental world.

"System, can I bring Darbaudr to the five elemental world with me?", Ajax asked the system about Darbaudr.


No, the host can't bring other beings that are not contracted with him.

"Then what about Snow?" Ajax raised another question to the system about his non-contracted spirit beast, The Lightning Dragon Hawk.


If you wish to bring any beings with you to the five elemental world, then they must form a contract with you for you to bring them to the five elemental world.

The system projected the reply in front of him.

"Can't I use the Inner world system feature to help them travel to that world?", Ajax puzzledly asked the system about the Inner world.


Inner world system feature is still at a low level, and please upgrade it first by storing enough plants and increasing the essence of nature generated by it to store beings other than spirit beasts.

"Hmm", nodding his head and decided to upgrade it whenever he got a chance, and he summoned the Snow.

The current Lightning Dragon Hawk is in the perfect shape with pure white features and almost has the same height as him.

As soon as the Hawk came out, it rubbed its head against Ajax affectionately.

In return, Ajax caressed it's white features smoothly.

"Snow, do you want to form a contract with me?" Ajax asked the Snow, assuming it can understand the meaning of the contract.

To his surprise, it nodded its head in agreement to form a contract with Ajax.

Without wasting any time, Ajax's spiritual sense entered into its spirit consciousness.

Its spirit consciousness was entirely white and filled with lightning elements of the essence of nature, unlike the spirit consciousness of the Destructive Twilight Dragon, which is filled with dark elements.

Slowly he placed a mark on its spirit consciousness which didn't resist him and completed the contracting process.


The host successfully completed contracting the Lightning Dragon Hawk.


The loyalty of the Lightning Dragon Hawk is increased from a close friend to relative.

"So, the contracting process helped me increase its loyalty", Ajax smilingly hugged it before sending it back into his spirit consciousness.

Next, he summoned all his unofficial contracted elemental spirits and his first contracted spirit beasts, the Destructive Twilight Dragon from the Inner World.

He said something about the five elemental worlds he knew from the system before sending them back into his spirit consciousness just like the Snow.

After sending them into his spirit consciousness, he decided to check his items which are stored in the inventory.

"System, show the items that are stored in the inventory leaving behind the clothes, and a weapon", Ajax ordered the system to show his items except for his weapon and clothes.

He stored some extra clothes before he went on an individual mission earlier and the Bloodlust spear is also stored in the inventory as it will attract huge attention if he carries it around.



Strength portionx 1

Soldier Elemental spirit stone x 1

Commander Elemental spirit stone x 1

"Hm, strength portion can be used in case of encountering a high-level enemy.

As for the elemental spirit stones, it is for my first official contract elemental spirit to directly breakthrough to the Elemental spirit commander realm", Ajax planned on how to use the items in the inventory carefully.

When he learned about the official and unofficial contracted elemental spirits, Ajax understood one thing.

That was, the meaning behind the words of the Summoner King, which was to save the commander realm elemental stone for his official contracted elemental spirit and allow it to break through to the commander realm as soon as he gets contracted.

After checking all his thing, Ajax got finally ready to go to the elemental spirit world to explore and cultivate there.

"System, I will use the chance now, to go to the Five Elemental World", Ajax ordered the system with an expectant look on his face.


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