New Age Of Summoners Chapter 107

97 Success


As soon as he heard the cauldron sound, he expectantly opened the lid of the cauldron.

Just as he opened the lid, he was hit by a burnt smell suddenly and coughed as the black gas enter his nostrils.

"What?" Ajax was shocked, and his hopeful, smiling face turned ugly at the output of his refining.

"Where can it go wrong. I followed the pill recipe and the basic refining techniques exactly as they were mentioned", Ajax dejectedly thought about his mistake in the process.


The host has used more than required heat, which caused the pills to turn in to powder and resulted in the rise of the black smoke.

Just as he wondered about his failed refining, a system notification rang in his head, helping him understand the reason behind the failed refinery.

Even though he learned all the basic refining techniques, there needs to be some practice to that learned technique to refine the pills successfully. So Ajax consoled himself as he just lacked some training in those basic refining techniques.

"Hmm," Ajax quickly cleaned the cauldron and repeated the same process of separating the medicinal essences from the herbs for the second time.

He successfully separated the medicinal essences from the herbs and mixed them in the cauldron closing the mouth with the lid, and observed the mixing process carefully and supplied fewer heat elements than the previous time.

Slowly he noticed the mixed medicinal essences started forming small round shapes, which made Ajax happy.

Soon he heard the 'Ting' sound from the cauldron, which means the pill formation is completed.

Excitedly he opened the lid to look inside only to see the 12 pills that turned back into medicinal essence.

"Where did it went wrong this time?" Ajax frustrated as he failed for the second time also.


The host used less than required heat, which caused the refined pills unable to remain in the solid form and turned back into the liquid state of the medicinal essence.

Just like before, the system notification rang in his head, explaining the reason behind the failed refining.

"Let's try one more time," Ajax repeated the same process.


The host has used more than required heat, which caused the pills to turn in to powder and resulted in the rise of the black smoke.

"One more time," Ajax remained focus and continued the process for another time.


The host used less than required heat, which caused the refined pills unable to remain in the solid form and turned back into the liquid state of the medicinal essence.


"It's the seventh time I am opening the lid of the cauldron hoping for some refined pills," Ajax muttered as he took a deep breath before proceeding to open the lid.

He repeated the process seven times, with each time getting a new revelation about the alchemy.

"Hahahahhaha," Ajax continuously laughed when he opened the lid of the cauldron.

Inside the cauldron, laid 18 pills, which are shining with the red luster.

Slowly he took out the 18 pills from the cauldron and felt satisfied with them.


Congratulations to host for refining the rank one pills


Mission 1:- Refine the rank one pills are completed.

The reward is stored in the inventory, and please check it.


Congratulation to the host for successfully embarking on the path of Alchemy


New mission related to Alchemy is generated in the quest tab please check it.

Ajax was shocked to see the series of system notifications in his head, which caused him to feel dizzy with that many 'Ding' sounds.

Before checking them, he analyzed the quality of the rank one pills he refined.


Item name:- Level breaking pills

Grade:-Mortal grade (Rank 1)

Use:-When consumed, it increases the essence of nature inside the spirit consciousness and helps the consumer breakthrough a minor realm in the Soldier realm.

Restrictions:- Can only be used by humans and spirt beasts of below the elite soldier realm and rank two, respectively.

Rating:-Refined by a greenhorn who just started walking the path of Alchemy.

"Huh? So these pills can be consumed by the spirit beasts also?", Ajax didn't know about it as he didn't saw anyone feed their spirit beasts these level breaking pills so far, which made him more excited as he owns two-spirit beasts in his arsenal.

"But it's a pity though, even if both my spirit beasts take these pills, it will not help them, as they were already crossed rank 2", Ajax sighed but didn't lose hope as he can refine higher rank pills in the future which will help his spirit beasts.

His Lightning Dragon Hawk, which he named Snow, was already on the verge of breaking through to the late rank three after the fierce fight with the Single Horned Water Python.

As for his other spirit beast, the Twilight Destructive Dragon, which was hatched from the egg and reached the early rank two already in the inheritance ground.

So Ajax wanted to find higher-level pill recipes in the future to help himself and his spirit beasts.

With a thought, Ajax stored the 18 mortal grade rank one pills in the inventory.

After storing the pills, he wanted to check the system notifications, which came earlier.

Before he can check the notification, he fell unconscious on the floor beside the comfortable bed.

"This brat, want to become an Alchemist?", Captain Edmond, standing in front of the Ajax's closed door, puzzled and shook his head.

"He is already talented in a martial way, then why is he wasting his time on that crazy time-wasting profession," Edmond sighed lightly as he thought it's a waste of time for Ajax to walk both Alchemy and Cultivation at the same time.

When he smelled the burnt smell earlier, Captain Edmond hurriedly came in front of Ajax's room but didn't enter his room, fearing that he might distract him at an essential time of refining.

But what he didn't know was that Ajax successfully refined rank one pills and slept like a log on the floor beside his comfortable bed.


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