New Age Of Summoners Chapter 106

96 Refining The Level Breaking Pills

At the open space behind Hazegroove mercenary squad building,

Lewis and Jeff were having a sparring session, whereas Paulin practiced some new fighting techniques with a middle-aged man who is donned in the knight attire from top to bottom.

"Glacious, now use your Water-ice sword and come at me with your full strength," Paulin shouted at the knight who is some distance away from him.

Glacious is his contracted elemental spirit, who is a dual attributed. Water and ice.

After reaching the Elemental spirit commander realm, Glacious has transformed into a middle-aged soldier.

He has a sword in his hand, continuously changing from the Water to Ice blade and Ice to Water blade.

When he heard the order from his summoning master, Glacious rushed towards him with his level 3 Water-ice sword skill.

Paulin didn't take that skill easily as he used his metal hardening skill and dodged. Even though he avoided it at perfect timing, albeit his hand got a small scratch from the attack.

"Now, shield," After dodging it, he commanded Glacious to defend his attack with his level 2 Water-Ice shield.

Without wasting any time, Paulin sprang towards him quickly with his sword technique.

Glacious excellently defended Paulin's sword technique, but due to the powerful impact, he was forced back a couple of feet.

"Glacious, you have the perfect attack skill and defense skill. What you lack now is strength but due to the less essence of energy here, it is impossible to advance your level that easily", Paulin sighed as he thought of a way to increase the strength of his contracted elemental spirit.

Ajax entered the training ground slowly, and as soon as he saw the Glaciou in the human form, he got a system notification about it.

"Hey senior brother Paulin, is that your Elementental spirit beast?", Ajax asked Paulin, although he knew the answer to that question already.

"Yes," Paulin nodded his head in agreement as he saw Ajax slowly walking towards him.

"It looks very strong" Ajax didn't praise the Glacious for Paulin, but he wholeheartedly said it because he sensed its aura and felt like it will defeat Volcanis with ease if Volcanis doesn't have the King of fire.

'Furthermore, it is a natural nemesis for Volcanis,' Ajax thought that fire couldn't win against Water and Ice that easily.

"So, shall we start our sparring?" Paulin asked Ajax with full of fighting spirit in his eyes.

"If you are going to use Glacious, then I will concede," Ajax jokingly said, making Paulin laugh.

Although he can fight Paulin's contracted elemental spirit in a one on one fight, he can't stand a chance against Paulin and his contracted elemental spirit at the same time.

"Of course not, I am saving Glacius for our weekly fight," Paulin replied Ajax shaking his head.

"Come on then, senior brother Paulin," Ajax jumped backward and motion Paulin to attack first.

Paulin rushed with his full strength of level 6 commander realm without any hesitation as he already knew Ajax could withstand his attacks or at least not die.

Soon they exchanged attacks from the most basic attacks to the most potent offense in their arsenal.

They fought for more than one hour before ending the match with Paulin as the winner.

Soon all the young ones went back to their room to rest.

With the permission of Captain Edmond, Ajax managed to get a separate room for his first follower, The Barbarian Hunter, Darbaudr.

After going back to his room, Ajax showered and changed into his night attire.

He slowly took out the items he bought from the no-name pill store one by one.

First, he took out a cauldron, which is only 1 meter in height and half a meter opening mouth.

Carefully, he placed a set of ingredients into the cauldron in front of him and used the knowledge from the basic Alchemy book.

He separated fire elements from his essence of nature, which is mixed with all other elements and used that separated fire elements to heat the cauldron.

After using some units of fire essence of nature to heat it, he slowly used his spirit consciousness to separate the medicinal essence from the three selected ingredients, namely Ruby grass, Lake moss, and the final and most important of the three ingredients, The elephant clary.

The refining of the Ruby grass and Lake moss is quickly done, and the medicinal essence is separated without much effort. Still, when he tried to separate the medicinal essence from the Elephant clary, he used too much strength, making the elephant clary destroyed.

But he didn't feel disheartened with the help as it didn't destroy the medicinal essence from the other twp herbs.

Quickly, he took out another elephant clary, successfully separated the medicinal essence from it, mixed it with the other two medicinal essences, and increased the number of fire units of the essence of nature to the cauldron.

He used his spirit consciousness to sense inside the cauldron and observed the entire boiling process of the medicinal essences.

The cauldron he is using now is a low-grade mortal level cauldron, and he linked his spirt consciousness to it, so he can observe the process inside the cauldron and can regulate the heat supplied to it.

"This looks easy," Ajax smiled at the smoothly going process and thought it is easy to become an alchemist with sufficient time.

What he didn't know is that for ordinary people, it will take nearly more than one month to learn the technique of separating the medicinal essences from the herbs.

But with the help of the Basic alchemy book from the alchemy king, he gained from the lottery he managed to do within a few minutes.

Finally, he concluded that this basic alchemy book was not an ordinary thing at all.

It is not ordinary because the alchemy king who wrote this book dedicated his enter life to modify the refining techniques over and over again until they reached perfection.

And with the help of the system, he learned some of the basic techniques he wrote in that basic alchemy book within seconds using the essence of nature.

Ting, (Author Note:- This sound is from the cauldron which means the refining of the pill is completed)

As soon as he heard the cauldron sound, he expectantly opened the lid of the cauldron.


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