New Age Of Summoners Chapter 104

94 Devour

In one of the Hammergust family courtyards,

"What did you say? there is no news from the assassin sect and its disciples?" the young man with a light golden color robe shouted at the kneeling servant in front of him.

"Young master, they are not giving any reply to the mission we placed on their mission tab," the kneeling servant whose face is entirely covered in sweat replied respectfully.

"Do you have any idea, why they are not replying to us?" the young master asked after thinking about the situation.

"Actually, there is a rumour recently which spread like a wildfire among the five main families and the three sects," the servant wiping his forehead answered.

"Don't stop in the middle, continue what you are saying," the young man angrily shouted at the kneeling servant make him sweat again all over his body.

"The rumour is that some unknown cultivators wiped the entire team of disciples of the assassin sect, who were on our mission, but no one knows whether it is true or false," the servant explained quickly, seeing the angry young master.

"Okay then, you can go now," The young master asked the kneeling servant to leave.

The angry young master is none other than the previous arrogant Luis. The latter entered the final phase in the inheritance ground and managed to gain an elemental spirit and a lower grade spirit cultivation technique from the summoner king.

Before entering the inheritance ground, he had small grievances with the Ajax's group, and they became more significant in the inheritance ground when the final phase about to begin.

"I think, that brat Ajax and Paulin must have got the invitations too for the champions contest from the Royal family," Luis Hammergust clenched his fists.

He swore, "If you really participate into champion's contest then pray you God because if you were to fight me, I am gonna kill you there in front of everyone."

The champion's contest has only some rules and killing the opponent is not one of them, as long as one kills his opponent before he surrendered, no one will blame the killer and even promote him to next round.

So, he decided to kill Ajax and Paulin if they were to fight against him that contest, which was going to be held in three months.

After saying that, he summoned his elemental spirit, which looked yellowish and had a crown on its transparent head.

"How much time do you require to break through to the elite elemental spirit soldier," Luis asked calmly to the summoned elemental spirit.

"No more than 2 days master", The transparent being with a crown replied politely.

"That's good, here take this middle- level earth elemental spirit stone and cultivate quickly. As long as you reach the elite realm, I will use the commander realm elemental spirit stone on you", He casually tossed the middle-level spirit stone to it and allowed to cultivate beside him.


Back at the open space outside of the Goldcrest town


Elemental spirit name:- Necros

Element:- Dark type

Cultivation:- Elemental Spirit Commander (Level 1)

Skill:- 1) Confuse ray (Level 3), Attack skill

2) Undead Summoning (Level 2), Attack skill

3) Devour (Level 1), Passive skill

"Element type is changed to dark, already know."

"No change in the skills level up pattern."

"One additional skill, since it breakthrough to commander realm," Ajax checked all the information on the Necros after the breakthrough.

So he quickly focused on the latest skill Devour.


Devour (Level 1):- By consuming any beings, living or undead, as long as they have the essence of nature in them, the user (Elemental spirit) can improve its cultivation level.

Note:- There is a 5 percent chance to awaken a particular skill of the consumed being. There is an additional 10 percent chance when consuming dark types of creatures.

Level 2 requirement:- Consume 100 beings with commander realm strength.

"It's an awesome supporting type skill to have which will help it increase its cultivation and at the same time it can awaken the consumed beings skills," Ajax never thought that Necros would awaken this type of skill.

"And the level 2 requirement is also not very hard, with my strength and other elemental spirits, we can take a whole of them at the same time", Ajax thought it would be a matter of time before the skill reaches level 2.

"But the problem is where to find that many spirit beasts without alerting a higher rank spirit beast," Ajax shook his head at his greed bitterly.

Whenever a group of rank three spirit beasts was killed, The spirit beast king will send some higher rank spirit beasts to eliminate the one who killed them, so Ajax shook his head.

He can kill the assassin sect disciples, but he can't do it openly. If anyone noticed him and the matter was delivered to the upper echelon of the assassin sect, his days will be over and will become direct the target of the assassin sect.

So he decided to leave the matter of killing the assassin sect disciples for now and thought that in his leisure time, he would kill some rank three spirit beasts while completing some missions from the mercenary guild and accumulating the spirit stones to cultivate.

"Actually, I need to cultivate to upgrade my cultivation techniques and the level of elemental spirits (until commander realm), when others are cultivating in seclusion to gain insights and all to breakthrough," Ajax compared his cultivation to others and felt satisfied with his advancement because he didn't have any bottleneck for the next realm.

Behind the Ajax, the Barbarian Hunter Darbaudr glued his eyes to the actions of the Ajax but didn't say anything, and it didn't appear much shocked either making Ajax puzzled.

"Darbaudr, are you not shocked to see the elemental spirits?", Ajax inquired the barbarian about his calmness.

"Because, from where I come from, it is a common thing," Darbaudr respectfully explained, "Actually I am not from this province."

"What? You are not from this province and the elemental spirits are not a common thing there? What place is it?" Ajax shocked by the unexpected reply from the barbarian and asked a couple of questions in one go.

"I am from the ---------


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