New Age Of Summoners Chapter 103

93 New System Feature

In an open field outside the Goldcrest town, a young man around 17-18 years old rests under a huge tree. He wore a purple robe that was covered in sweat and gasped for air.

He is none other than Ajax, who is not even 15 years old but looked like an 18-year-old boy due to his excessive training from childhood.

As for a reason, he was covered in sweat and gasping for air is due to running with all his might in the middle of the day in a scorching heat from the Sun.

"Ufff uff," Ajax stabilized his breathing within a few seconds and checked his system notifications, which came when he was in the auction plaza.


Congratulations to the host for unlocking a new system feature.

He used the regular system guide, which comes whenever a new system feature is unlocked. It will help him in understanding that feature quickly.


System feature:- Follower tab

Current followers:- 1. Barbarian Hunter Darbaudr

Gifts available:- one

Use:- Whenever the host manages to gain a follower, a random reward will be generated depending upon the strength, loyalty, and character of the gained follower. So, obtain the loyalty of a strong cultivator to earn a greater reward from the system feature.

Description:- The host, who is an excellent Summoner, as well as a cultivator, needs his own followers to deal with some small matters and errands.

Note:- From now on, missions related to followers are also generated in the quest tab.

Rating:- Do slack off, host.

"What a wonderful feature I unlocked without having any idea. It's awesome, gaining a follower along with a reward", Ajax smirked at the new system feature and continued thinking, "From now on, I need to keep an eye for some good cultivators."

But Ajax cursed at the system when he saw the rating.

Previously, the system's rating was used to be good, excellent, or bad, but it didn't directly scold him.

However, now it was mocking him in the rating.


It's because the new system feature depends on the host, so it's suggested that the host work hard to gain more followers.

Next, he proceeded to check for some more notifications in the inbox.


A random reward is generated in the follower tab by gaining the Barbarian hunter as your follower with absolute loyalty.


Do you want to open it?

"Hmm, so the one reward that is available in the Gifts available section in the follower tab is from the Barbarian," Ajax nodded his head in understanding, "so his name is Darbaudr."

"Open it," Ajax decided to open the reward as he was curious about what type of gift will be available from gaining followers.


A chance to cultivate and explore in the Five elemental world for ten days. With the time acceleration of 10:1 with the host's present world.


Do you want to explore the Five elemental world now?

"Huh?" Ajax shocked but didn't know what this five elemental world was and where it was located, so he decided to ask the system, "System, what is this Five elemental world."


A Five elemental world is a world that is filled with five types of elements, and it has many spirit beasts and many other living beings that are adapted to the conditions there and started living and finally evolved into various intelligence beings.

The most important thing is that the essence of nature there is 1000 times purer than here.

Another important thing is, the time in that world runs ten times faster than here.


Do you want to explore the Five elemental world now?

"No," Ajax rejected it after some thought.

Although he wanted to explore it very badly, he had a spar with Paulin in 3-4 hours, so he decided to explore it later.

Even with the 10:1 time ratio, he needs at least 10 hours to explore and cultivate in this world. So he rejected it.

"This is something new; I want more of this type of rewards" Ajax hoped for this type of reward in the future.

"Next, Necros come out," Ajax summoned the undead elemental spirit out of the Inner World.

"Greetings Summoning Master," as soon as he came out, Necros saluted with a bow respectfully.

"Necros consume this stone," Ajax handed it the recently gained commander realm elemental stone that came out of the lottery.

"Kacha cacha," as soon as he sensed the stone's dark elemental energy, Necros put the stone into his large mouth without wasting any time and started chewing on it, making chewing sounds.


Your death type commander realm elemental spirit Necros consumed elemental stone.


It is undergoing a mutation due to the slight difference in the elemental stone, which is a dark type.

Necros's transparent body became more real during its evolution from the elite realm to the commander realm while making some painful noises from its largemouth.

As time passed, the dark light from its body subsided, and with a 'bang,' he fell on the ground gasping for air from its small nose.


Congratulations to host for the successful evolution of the unofficial contracted spirit


Necros element type is changed from Undead type to Dark-type.

"Huh?", when he saw Necros falling on to the ground, Ajax thought that the evolution is failed and started sighing. Still, amidst his sighing, he got the system notification, which said that the evolution is successful.

"Not only did it broke through from the elite soldier realm to the commander realm but also changed its element type which will help it to learn more skills," Ajax smiled at its successful evolution and the element change.

"Necros, are you all right?" Ajax asked with concern when he saw the Necros who is still laid on the ground.

"I am alright master, just feeling some dizzy due to the element change," Necros slowly stood up from the ground and continued speaking respectfully, "Now I can learn more varieties of skills form the dark type."

The current Necros is very excited and informed his master that its future skills could be varied from undead type skills.

Nodding his head with a smile, Ajax checked its changes with the help of the system.


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