New Age Of Summoners Chapter 102

92 Keshe And The Blessed Penden

When he read about the brief information of the Barbarian, he felt pity for him.

A life without meaning is the worst thing that can ever happen to someone.


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"What?" Ajax almost blurted out loud but managed to withhold his curiosity and tried to wait until he moves to a desolate place with no one around him.

But the auction is not over yet, so he decided to wait until the auction was over.

One item after another is continuously auctioned off, but none of the things piqued his interest as he was in a hurry but controlled his excitement.

Soon, the auction came to an end with the last item, a low-grade primitive stone that the masked young lady bought by competing with the same fire sect disciple from earlier, making him a laughing stock in front of everyone once again.

The masked young lady who looked in her early twenties paid a price of 20000 spirit stones for the low-grade primitive stone, which helps rank one to rank three spirit beasts to purify their bloodlines.

After paying the price and taking her items, she came walking towards Ajax.

"Hi young friend, what is your name?" the young lady asked the question politely.

When the older man behind her saw that, he was shocked because he had never witnessed that young lady in front of him act politely in front of anyone, but now she is acting gently before a commander realm kid.

"Hello big sister, My name is Ajax and these are my friends from the mercenary squad. What is your name, big sister? "Ajax introduced himself and his friends to the young lady smilingly and asked about her.

"My name is Keshe, nice to meet you" The young lady smiled beautifully, making Ajax blush.

Keshe continued after introducing herself, "Whenever you enter the middle section of the Cursed Abyss, activated this pendent I will pick you up."

Paulin and others didn't hear the latter words after introducing herself, so only Ajax and the older man behind Keshe were the only ones who listened to the words.

The older man received another shock when he heard the second set of words.

The older man was not the only one to get shocked, Ajax also shocked and didn't understand the meaning behind her words.

But before he wanted to ask about it, Keshe and the older man behind her were disappeared without a trace.

Instantly he checked his surroundings but didn't manage to find them either.

But in his hand, a dark green colored pendant has appeared, and he felt a cooling sensation from it.


Item name:- Blessed Jade Pendant

Use:-Helps to keep the mind calm and relaxed.

Description:- An ordinary Jade pendant that received a blessing of the King rank Spirit beast (Rank 7), which were later given by the Spirit beast King to its offsprings.

"If it was blessed by a King rank Spirit beast then don't say me, she is an offspring of the King spirit beast and also a high ranking one at that", Ajax was shocked by this revelation and petrified at the spot.

It's common knowledge for everyone, as many cultivators already know that when a spirit beast reaches rank 5, they can learn human speech. When it becomes a rank 6, they can transform into the human form and roam among human societies without any fear.

The transformed spirit beasts only fear the King realm human cultivators, and for below that, they won't bother taking another glance at them.

"If she can transform into a human being then that means, she is already a rank 6 spirit beast, but I wonder, what she is doing here?"Ajax concluded on her strength and wondered what she was doing here, in a low cultivator's place.

That's right, it was a low-level cultivator's place because those who were having the strength above the General realm won't show any interest in the items, they competed earlier, but she bided for two things and took them with her.

Those who were having the strength of the general realm and above would attend an Auction, especially for them, which was held every year. High-level cultivators and low-level cultivators also participate in that yearly auction but only a few.

After the auction ended, Ajax and others walked towards their residence building while discussing the items they won in the auction.

Lewis won a mid-level mortal grade Sword for a very low price that is only 1000 spirit stones, as for a reason, no one liked that sword, which looked like completely charred from some kind of fire.

But it still looked good enough to be called mid-grade artifact, so no one among the squad criticized him for the bid.

Paulin got a set of talismans which has a shield skill stored in them. It can defend the user from an Elite realm commander cultivator's full strength. But it is one-time use only.

So he can defend ten full-strength attacks from the elite commander realm cultivator.

Jeff got a set of rank two strength-enhancing pills, which cost him around 2500 spirts stones.

As they walked towards the residence building, Ajax excused himself from the gang and ran towards a nearby desolate place that he is familiar with, just outside the Goldcrest town.

Behind him, his new follower, the Barbarian hunter, followed the tow.

"What happened to him."

"Why he is running like that."

Lewis and Jeff asked at the same time two different questions.

"He said he wanted to practice some new fighting techniques to fight against me for our 'Weekly spar' after 3 days", Paulin explained what Ajax said to him when they were in the auction plaza to Lewis and Jeff.

"What?" Lewis and Jeff shouted in unison.

"We can't stay behind, Jeff. From tomorrow onwards, we will also increase our training," Lewis said to Jeff.

"Agreed," Jeff agreed without any hesitation.

Lewis and Jeff, who usually make fun of each other, agreed on the same thing for the first time.

Seeing that, Paulin shook his head, controlling his laughter.


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