New Age Of Summoners Chapter 101

91 Freeing The Barbarian Hunter

"Ajax, just leave it, don't bid any longer," Paulin worriedly said to Ajax, fearing that he might raise the price again.

"8000 spirit stones, going once",

"8000 spirit stones, going twice",

"10000 spirit stones," Fatso, who is already very happy when he heard the previous bid, felt that he was now over cloud nine with 10000 spirit stones bid made by the Ajax.

"Ajax, what are you doing?" Paulin shockingly asked Ajax.

"Do you have that many spirit stones to waste on a barbarian slave who is not even general realm" Lewis yelled at Ajax, being very reckless in his bid.

"Actually, I have some spirit stones to waste but I don't think I am wasting the spirit stones, it is just that I want to free that barbarian slave from the slavery," Ajax with a bright look in his eyes replied making his friends shocked.

Although he said those words lightly, the young lady in the blue robe picked up some from words from Ajax's conversation, and the disgust on her face towards him was replaced by admiration.

"10000 spirit stones, going once",

"10000 spirit stones, going twice",

"10000 spirit stones, final",

"The Barbarian slave is sold now won by the young mercenary, All of you give him, a round of applause to him," Fatso shouted non- stop when the big is gone for 10000 spirit stone and was filled with a marvelous excitement.

Soon someone came to the Ajax and politely handed him the contract stone along with the Barbarian slave, who followed in the tow.

After giving him the contract stone, the attendant of the auction plaza left after explaining about the contract stone and its uses.

A contract stone is a type of spatial stone, which binds the spirit consciousness of a living being or undead being in it. As long as one has the contract stone in his hand, he will be the sole controller of the life and death of the being bound to the contract stone.

"How to release the slave mark from the contract stone," Ajax asked the knowledgeable Paulin.

"Just destroying the contract stone will free the slave from the binding," Paulin explained and jokingly continued, "Don't tell me you are going to break him free from the contract stone and..".


Before he even finished his sentence, Paulin heard the stone breaking sound and looked at the Ajax, dusting off his hands from the crushed stone's dust particles.

"What?, You really plan on letting him go?" All his friends asked in unison with their jaws dropped.

Earlier, when they heard Ajax's words, they thought he just wanted to keep that barbarian slave away from the clutches of the douchebag young masters and disciples of the main families and the top sects, respectively.

But who would have thought he would let the Barbarian slave off by crushing the contract stone.

"Yes," Ajax replied to his friends smilingly and turned his head to the shocked Barbarian who looked at the Ajax with a puzzling eye.

"You are now free to go anywhere you want to go," Ajax said the Barbarian to go anywhere he wanted.

After saying his words, he turned his attention to the next item of the auction.

"The next item is the rank 3 pills healing pills make by the Rank 5 alchemy master in his leisure time. The three are 12 pills in each bottle and we are auctioning off all three of them together", The Fatso was already very content with his today's profit just from the two items and decided to finish the auction quickly, so he put the three bottle of rank three pills together and decided to auction them as one time.

Ajax already has Spirus, who is better at healing when compared to rank three pills, which didn't attract his attention, so he didn't bother to bid for them and turned to look back as he felt someone is watching him,

He was shocked to see the Barbarian, whom he freed from the contract stone is still standing motionless behind him with a sincere expression on his face.

"Didn't I already said to leave?" Ajax puzzled at him for standing still even after freeing from the slave contract.

"Because I don't have anywhere to go, Master," the Barbarian replied in a respectful tone, which didn't sound polite but crude.

"If I am not watching his eyes, I would have thought, he is scolding me," Ajax thought to himself in his mind seeing his sincere looking eyes.

"If you are interested then you can follow me," Ajax thought for a moment before deciding to let him follow him in the future.

"Thanks, Master. This lowly one swears that I will definitely clear all your obstacles from now on, until my until breath," The Barbarian swore loudly, shocking the surrounding cultivators.

But the most shocking ones are Paulin and others near him because they saw Ajax crushes the contract stone, and in return, he got a loyal follower who swore to clear all his obstacles.

"There is a way like this to gain loyal followers?"

"How can this be?"

"Even with the help of the contract stone, the owner of that contract stone can't get absolute loyalty but now crushing the contract stones gave him one,"

"Am I dreaming,"

Ajax's friends shocked by the turn of events from the crushing of the contract stone to getting a loyal follower.


A Barbarian hunter who lost his hope to live in this world wants to find a meaning to his life by protecting the man who showed it, the Kindness which is not shown for him by anyone from the time the Demon King's servants annihilate its tribe.


Do you wish to give a meaning to his life by allowing him to protect you?

Two system notifications suddenly rang in his head, making him puzzle but took his chance to read them without acting weirdly.

"Yes," Ajax took some time to read the system messages clearly before accepting it.


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