New Age Of Summoners Chapter 100

90 Auction Plaza

"That old bastard, I am going to kill him", Lewis angrily cursed the old man of the no-name pill store.

After coming out of the pill store, Paulin and others continuously laughed at him for his stupid deal, so he got pissed every time he think about that old man.

Ajax did not only bought the level breaking pill recipe but also 20 sets of the three ingredients for that pill and a low-level mortal grade cauldron which cost him a total of 1000 spirit stones.

Ajax didn't negotiate the prices for the materials as he thought it was a reasonable price but if negotiated it can become less than 1000 spirit stones.

"Lewis, just leave it, you can't murder that old man with your strength, even if you have the strength you can't kill him as long as he is inside the market square", Jeff rubbed the salt to Lewis's wound making him angrier but Lewis didn't say anything in reply instead he thought 'I will beat the shit out of you tomorrow, Jeff'.

When he thought about this, a cruel smile formed on his face unconsciously making Jeff shudder.

Lewis and Jeff are the sparring partners and Lewis was the one to win always, so he swore to take the revenge in their tomorrow's sparring session.

"Ajax, are you planning to become an Alchemist?", Paulin asked amidst Lewis and Jeff's words war.

"I just want to give it a try but not seriously committed though", Ajax replied smilingly as he already knows what's in Paulin's mind.

"Good to hear, if you are not talented enough in the Alchemy, then its a waste of time for even trying. Nevertheless, you can try it but if you are unable to progress in that, then you should stop that and focus on cultivating the martial way", Paulin said with concern.

They strolled some other shops in the market square but didn't find anything to their liking, so they finally proceeded to the auction plaza.

An auction plaza is an open place with a stage that is big enough for 20 men to stand comfortably on it.

A fat middle-aged man with a thin mustache and a speaker in his hands started speaking.

"Hello everyone, I am your favorite fatso is back with some exciting treasures to auction", the fat middle-aged man called himself with his code name and started explaining the rules for the auction.

"Rule number 1:-No one should use their family names to intimate others, if you do so, you will be permanently banned from entering the market square.

Rule number 2:- If you don't pay the money for your auction item, then you will get a permanent ban.

Rule number 3:- Just enjoy the auction to your heart's content".

"We already know the details fatso, just start the auction already",

"Just start the auction already"

"Yes yes, just start the auction already"

As soon as he finished explaining rules, everyone around the plaza started shouting for the starting item.

"Okay then, the first item of today's auction is the egg of the General realm equivalent spirit beast which is rank 5, opening bid 5,000 spirit stones", fatso shouted loudly when he announced the opening bid.

No one expected an egg of the rank 5 spirit beast is placed as the first item, shocking every.

"6000 Spirt stones", one cultivator who is wearing the fire sword sect uniform raised the bid by 1000 spirit stones without any hesitation.

Seeing the fire sword sect's uniform, many cultivators didn't even think of competing against a fire sword sect disciple.

"6000 Spirt stones, going once"

"6000 Spirt stones, going twice"

"7000 Spirt stones", Just when he thought, he will be losing the money on his first item, a voice that is just like a melody from heaven was heard by the fatso making him thank the owner of the voice in his head.

The voice belonged to a young lady whose face is covered by a thin mask and she wore a blue dress with has a blue luster to it.

Although her face is covered by a mask, she looked just like a goddess who descended from heaven.

"7000 Spirt stones, going once"

"7000 Spirt stones, going twice"

"8000 Spirt stones", the disciple from the fire sword sect shouted loudly, anyone who looked at him can say, how angrier he was.

"10000 spirit stones", without wasting any time, the masked young lady makes a raise in the price by 2000 spirit stones.

"10000 spirit stones, going once",

"10000 spirit stones, going twice",

"10000 spirit stones, going thrice",

"The egg of the rank 5 spirit beast goes to the beautiful young lady", fatso, with his thin mustache smilingly declared the egg to the young lady.

"Going to the next item, it is a slave from the barbarian race with a cultivation level of peak elite commander realm, the opening bid is just 1000 spirit stones", the fatso introduced a barbarian who stood with an expressionless face behind the fatso.

The barbarian was four-meter height with a bulky frame body full of scars.

Seeing the barbarian like that, Ajax felt sorry for him and wanted to release him from that cruel fate, so he decided to bid.

"2000 spirit stones", Ajax raised the bid by 1000 spirit stones for which he received a disgusted look from the young lady from before.

"3000 spirt stones", the masked young lady raised the bid another 1000 spirit stones.

"5000 spirit stones", Ajax directly raised the bid by 2000 spirit stones which made his friends shocked.

"Ajax, why are you raising the bid?",

"It's not worth it, Ajax".

"We can get a high-level slave with that amount of spirit stones, it's not worth it",

His friends continuously said their concerns about the bid but Ajax didn't give any reply to them instead smiled at them.

"8000 Spirit stones", the masked young lady directly raised the bid by another 3000 spirit stones shocking the surrounding cultivators and mercenaries.

"Ajax, just leave it, don't bid any longer", Paulin worriedly said to Ajax fearing he might raise the price again.


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