New Age Of Summoners Chapter 10

10 Ancestor

After 4 years,

Ajax is now 14 years old. He sat Cross legged in a cave which he built himself after elder boron left him. In his hand, he was holding a dim lighted red coloured spirit stone.

He didn't dare to go to the old cave fearing terrifying beasts So He built this new cave at the very edge of the cursed wilderness.

Within few minutes, that spirit stone in his hands crumbled into dust.

"Tsk, there goes that last spirit stone", sighed Ajax as he stood up from the ground.

During past four years, he is continuously meditated and practiced his 18 body postures given to him by the elder boron.

But the result is also huge.

First, his body force reached a terrifying 1570 jin.

second, his spirit consciousness increased by a lot.

Third and important thing is his spirit consciousness now holds fire, water, land, air and life elements of essence of nature equally.

" It's been four years since elder boron left but still he didn't return, I hope he is safe", thinking about elder boron made him worried.

"Tomorrow is the day of recruitment for senior brother Jason, I think he will have no problem in passing the recruitment for military", Ajax thought to himself while closing the cave entrance with a rock.

With the help of postures given to Jason, Damon and Hector they already cross the 1000 jin mark and reached 1370 jin, 1240 jin and 1280 jin respectively.

Thinking of his friends and their actions and jokes, he felt happy and warm inside his heart.

Soon he reached the orphanage.

"Hey Ajax, you are becoming more and more mysterious day by day??? ", asked Damon who is now taller than Ajax.

" It's nothing, just catching small animals. Here I also brought some for you", as he said he gave them a roasted chicken to everyone.

He made them believe that because elder boron said no to divulge anything about meditation to others.

"Senior brother Jason, why is your face glowing?? is it about tomorrow's Event?? ", Seeing Jason's excited face Ajax asked him.

"My body force already reached 1370 jin, it's not a difficult thing for me to pass the test and join the military tomorrow",Jason replied confidently.


At another place somewhere far from Volar city

In a dark room, a gloomy old man who sat cross-lessed with his eyes closed opened his eyes suddenly and shouted

"Finally I found him...! ".

" Ancestor, what did you find? ", a middle aged man soon entered the dark room from the outside and asked with a respectful tone.

" The last remaining root of that family whom we destroyed 13 years ago", The old man called ancestor said with a chuckle which made the middle aged man shiver.

"But ancestor you look don't have much essence of nature inside you and your energy is completely depleted", middle aged man said worriedly.

" Although, I used my ancient divining technique, it's worth it if we manage to get that item from that last survivor", ancient said and continued, "Kill all the children from this city by tonight and bring that item from his body. Its best to use only our branch which is relatively close to that city.Finish cleanly and don't let anyone live who sees you".

" But killing all children we definitely arouse suspicions and if they managed to relate it to us we will be in deep trouble", explained middle aged man to the ancestor with the frown.

"Currently we don't know who the child is and Only after killing that child, that 'item' materialize from his body. So just kill all the children and bring me that item. Then we will see who dares to find trouble with me", Said the ancestor in a cruel tone.

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