New Age Of Summoners Chapter 1

1 Ajax

Volar City, Zrochester Province.

Volar city is one of the famous city under Draton kingdom as it earned a great revenue for the kingdom. And also Silver orphanage is the main reason for the kingdom to increase the good impression of the city because many famous people in the military came from this orphanage.

In an open ground behind the Silver orphanage, a boy of 7-8 year old boy is dragging a 50 jin stone that is tied to his waist. His body was completely covered in sweat, but still, gritting his teeth he continued.

"Lately my Nightmares are getting worse, I think I should increase my training to lessen them", the boy muttered as he continued to drag the stone.

His name is Ajax. Although he looked like 8 years old he is in fact only 6 years old due to daily training.He is training very hard daily from the age of 4 .

From age 3 he is getting weird nightmares in his sleep daily which makes him sleep less. Due to insufficient sleep, he looked very weak with black circles around his eyes.

When he was 4 years old, an old man joined the orphanage to instruct the kids in their training. All called him elder boron.

"Hey brat, if you want to sleep peacefully then train your body", elder boron said to Ajax on the same day he joined the orphanage as the instructor.

Ajax was shocked because he didn't said anything about his nightmares but somehow this old man knew. He asked many questions to that old man but he got no reply, so he also stopped asking questions.

Although he didn't believe the elder still he tried and the results were shocking. He truly slept peacefully on that day.

From that day onwards he continued to train his body in the morning and sleep like a log in the night.

"Hey brat, stop dreaming and focus on training", elder boron yelled at him.

Ajax woke from his daze and started his training with concentration.

Aside from him many other children are also training in the ground but not all of them are as focused as Ajax. Still some children are doing their best.

Because if they can exert 1000 jin by the age of 15, they can be enlisted to military and have a proper standing and also they can improve their ranks by doing merits to the kingdom. So this only first step for them for their future.

In this world, people can improve their body by training. They are called Cultivators.

Orphanage conducted this daily training drill to increase more children to increase their body force to 1000 jin by the age of 15, so that they can be enlisted to military by the Kingdom. If more children are enlisted then more rewards are bestowed to the orphanage, so orphanage emphasized on training their children.

"Damon, relax 5 minutes and start running around the ground"

"Hector, focus more on the punch"

"Jason, you are the eldest of all the children here but still you are lift same weight as your younger brothers. Increase the weights"

Elder boron shouted continuously at the children as he instructed them.

soon sun began to sink down as night came.

"Ok then, we will stop here for today. Everyone should come here by 6.A.M tomorrow morning otherwise no breakfast and lunch for those who comes late", instructed elder boron loudly.

" yes sir", shouted all the children as they breathed a sigh of relief.

"Ajax, wait here, I need to talk to you about something" as all the children are returning to their rooms, elder boron told Ajax to stop.

"ok elder", Ajax stopped and waited till all the children left the ground.

Ajax respected elder boron a lot because that old man said many stories of legends and trained him with variety of exercises soley to him. It helped him to suppress the nightmares. He also wondered what would he say now???

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