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New Age Of Summoners summary:

In a world where Summoning of a spirit is done through a dream when they are 15 years old. Follow Ajax who fights his way through anything and enjoy the book. Minimum 2 chapters daily Vote through power stones and add this book to your library to support me

Disclaimer: Neither the picture nor the content belong to me. They are uploaded here, not for any bad purpose but for entertainment only.

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New Age Of Summoners Chapters

Time uploaded
180 Two Missions19 minutes ago
178 Sword Wave19 minutes ago
172 Conditions3 days ago
164 Practice6 days ago
158 Be7 days ago
148 Return7 days ago
147 Success7 days ago
142 Searching7 days ago
139 New Mission2 weeks ago
138 Leaving2 weeks ago
137 Level Up2 weeks ago
132 Final Round3 weeks ago
131 Conspiracy3 weeks ago
123 Raweth3 weeks ago
120 Krico3 weeks ago
117 Dont Unlock3 weeks ago
106 First Elder4 weeks ago
102 4 Vs 104 weeks ago
101 Series Ques4 weeks ago
97 Success4 weeks ago
94 Devoura month ago
85 Caprice Carra month ago
77 Healinga month ago
76 Jasminea month ago
73 King Of Firea month ago
69 Update2 months ago
68 New Skills2 months ago
66 Return2 months ago
65 Inheritor2 months ago
57 Rewards2 months ago
54 First Mission2 months ago
53 Phase 22 months ago
46 Announcemen2 months ago
44 Announcemen2 months ago
43 Fire Sword Sec2 months ago
36 Essence Gem2 months ago
34 Spatial Blades2 months ago
32 Ability Tree3 months ago
30 First Kill3 months ago
29 First Mission3 months ago
28 Mass Release3 months ago
27 Cultivation3 months ago
25 Mission Board3 months ago
22 Weird Stone3 months ago
20 Upgrade3 months ago
19 Rewards3 months ago
17 Artifacts3 months ago
18 Artifacts 23 months ago
17 Artifacts 13 months ago
16 Unnamed3 months ago
15 Undead Servan3 months ago
13 System??3 months ago
12 King Stephen3 months ago
11 Massacre3 months ago
10 Ancestor3 months ago
5 After 4 Years3 months ago
3 Meditation3 months ago
2 Shadow3 months ago
1 Ajax3 months ago
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