Naruto The True Danger Prologue

1 Prologue

(MC P.O.V)

It's a wonder most think that the world is safe, i for one never thought that.

I always knew how rotten the world was, from the very day the only person i ever loved was murdered. Never once did i made the mistake of underestimating how disgusting humans are.

I may seems a little bit too pessimistic, but honestly that's just how i saw the world after all that happened. War, that wasn't really impressive or shocking. Lies, trickery and deception....Again it's pretty simple, i saw that so much that it doesn't even surprise me anymore. Sadly something happened that i couldn't even being to understand........The entire world was threatened by a single being. Of course not many knew that, and all the others just started to notice that something was going to happen, however I knew....

Uchiha Madara

Like seriously i wasn't there when Hashirama and Madara fought, but since i know Madara didn't die after their fight.....That just means one thing, Hashirama wasn't all that legendary and powerful.

Now how do i know that ?

Simple really, someone told me...A certain masked man, the dude tried to recruit me in some sort of terroristic organization. Of course i told him to fuck off since i wasn't really one to get all attention on me, which would've happen if i joined him. He then started to tell me of his oh-so incredible plan....I stopped listening as he was talking about the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

He thought that he could wipe out my mind if i refused, it didn't go as planned for him. I won't go in detail about how powerful i am and why i am this powerful......But honestly i'm too damn powerful for him. In the end i nearly beheaded him but he fled with some sort of Space-Time Ninjutsu.

I was interested in what happened to Madara though, so i searched around, as much as one could search while staying hidden most of the time. All i found was some old scrolls about an ancient Uchiha stone, not really what i wanted to find.

I just abandoned and waited for the masked dude to pop out again, i would force him to give me answer the next time.

While all that happened, i was still bored as hell. I may not be a psychopath or a bloodthirsty monster, but all those fights with Ninjas were really exciting. Therefore i waited, months and even years, i waited until something interesting enough for me to intervene happened.

Never thought the Snake Sannin would provide me such an incredible source of fun.......I wasn't a fan of that guy, even though i still liked his experiences, he was brilliant that's the least you could say.

So after everything, i'm here, ready to announce myself to the world.........Soon, very soon, they will all hear my name. For i am.........


Normal P.O.V

After the invasion of Konoha by Orochimaru and his troops, things didn't look all too well for the village. The Hokage was dead afterall, they now needed to find a new one. What better candidat than Senju Tsunade.......It's not like she was irresponsible, alcoholic, unable to forget about her past, afraid of blood when she was a medic and finally........Just fucking useless!!!

No, Tsunade was still worthy of being a Sannin..........The Legendary trio who became legendary after having their asses handed by a single dude, quite impressive for two geniuses and the heir of the Senju Clan.

After the council decided to send Uzumaki Naruto and Jiraya to search for Tsunade, the village slowly became to get better. It wasn't going to stay down forever, Hashirama didn't build a village of weakling! Stupid and totally not worthy of the title of Ninja, but not weakling!

Life in the village quietly went back to what it was before, the villagers tried to forget about what happened and go on. The Ninja were still on guard, no one knew what could happen. The Genin were resuming their trainings, there was no time to slack off.

But no sooner had everyone forgot about battles and blood, that a new threat emerged.

It came in the form of an electric bolt that crashed right on the Hokage Mountain, destroying the face of the Fourth Hokage in the process. As the ninja began to organize themselves and left to search for any possible ennemies, a certain group of Genin approached the place where the bolt hit.

This group was composed of Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, Shikamaru Nara, Akimichi Chouji, Yamanaka Ino, Sarutobi Asuma and Maito Gai.

As soon as they arrived they saw a figure standing on the remnant of the Fourth face, looking at them lazily. Said figure was dressed in what looked like a white and red haori, it wore a blank face mask and had a the body of a young man.

The Genin didn't sensed it, but the Jonin did. An incredible pressure could be felt around the figure, his chakra was literally flaring so much it could blind a Hyuuga who used his/her byakugan.

The figure chuckled a little as a certain thought made it's way into his mind, before he disappeared in a burst of speed.

'It may be too soon for the world.............But i am a selfish man, it's time for me to take part in those conflicts that plagued humanity since that dumbass Sage decided it was such a good idea to give Chakra to humans. I sure do hope that the world will be able to survive me.'
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