Naruto The True Danger Chapter 1

1 A Few Things To Know Before Reading

This is a preview, full chapter is coming soon!

@@The Elemental Nations aren't exactly the same as in Canon Naruto. This version is more aware of all the threats that could potentially destroy the strained peace.

Some characters had their personnality changed a little bit, i took their qualities or defects. Per example Sasuke is even more obsessed by his revenge, Sakura is even more of a naive and weak fangirl.....Naruto is even more stupid, if that's actually possible.

There will be some parts of the story that will hidden since they've been altered, such as what happened to the Uzumaki clan. I decided to make the story a little bit darker, in this story every single village is at fault for something, this time Konoha is not the heroic village that always saves everyone asses...Yup that's exactly what happens in Naruto.

The OC that i created won't be a Ninja, he won't have any allegiance to any village or organization. He's not even a mercenary, just a traveller that saw all the horrors of the world. He's quite innocent when it comes to certain things, but he's even darker than most villains in Naruto Shippuden, trust me he's one cruel bastard.

Finally i would like all of you to remember this: This won't be an Harem, the MC is dark or even evil, most interesting women in Naruto are in the side of the good guy...It can't work. There might be a romance with Konan or the like, but i don't really feel like it will be a good idea.

By the way the length of the chapters won't always be the same, it will be around 700-1400 words.

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