Myriad Realms Grand Manager With A God Class Systemrevised Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Chapter 169: Flowing Fire Rainstorm!

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The scale of the Demon beast group that appeared this time was at least twice the size of an average wave of the beast tide.

This is not good news.

You know, no matter how well trained and well equipped the city guards are, the number and power is still lacking.

After all, human beings are human beings and they have physical and mental stamina limits.

And the number of Demon Beasts in the cloud forest is unknown.

If they are really hit by all of the Demon Beasts, Cloud Mist City may not be able to protect itself.



At the forefront of the formation was a team of guards among the elite troops that Qin Ming had spent a lot of money to build.

The uniform heavy armor, the ice crystal knight sword, and the power bracer provided a hundred soldiers with an extremely powerful defense.

The duty of this team is to be a meat shield.

Although these hundred soldiers would not be able to stop the charge of this demon beast wave, they will slow down the momentum and impact of the beast tide.

What the mages at the back need is this little buffer time.

The mage army behind this team raised their staffs together, and the magic power began to condense crazily

Above the beast tide, red lights began to flicker and fire clouds began to gather.

Flowing Fire Rainstorm!

This is one of the few group attack magic that low-level Mages can perform.

And to deal with any Demon beasts below the Grandmaster rank, the Flowing Fire Rainstorm should be enough.

The fire cloud in the sky started to ignite a flame, and several sparks fluttered out of the flame.

"Boom -!"

Once the magic power was condensed.

Countless fireballs fell from the fire cloud, like a torrential rain formed by flames.



The fireballs smashed down on the Demon Beasts and a high-temperature flame burst out, accompanied by the fierce roar of the Demon Beasts, igniting the fur on their bodies.

The impact of these fireballs smashed a lot of Demon Beasts into cooked flesh mesh.

As long as you look carefully at the craters on the ground created by the fireballs, you will know how powerful this Flowing Fire Rainstorm really is.

"The condensing speed and power of magic have been more than doubled."

"I have to say that the things store manager Qi provided are really amazing." Standing on the wall, Qin Ming said this in his heart more than once.


For magicians who are yet to reach the brave rank, ordinary grade staffs do have such a powerful effect.

You know, although the system never uses specific data to indicate the attributes of the equipment.

But Qi Le can roughly guess a thing or two.

As the same piece of equipment has different effects on people with different strengths.

For low-level people, low-grade equipment can also produce good results.

This is also the reason why rare grade products have some kind of usage requirements.


"The condensing speed and power of magic have been more than doubled, what a terrifying buff."

"If it weren't for the doubled magic condensing speed, it would have been impossible for the mass attack magic like Flowing Fire Rainstorm to condense so quickly."

Moreover, the power of this spell would not have been so great either.

Thus the heavy armor knight team at the forefront would have faced tremendous pressure.

The Flowing Fire Rainstorm released by the magician army almost completely covered the sky above the group of monsters, and countless fireballs smashed into the group of monsters, instantly slowing the offensive of the entire beast tide and causing countless casualties.


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