My Succubus System Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Bewitching Tails

Chapter 72 : Bewitching Tails

At least that was Gigi's plan. Agni's features lit up as the fierce flame energy split the air and traveled towards her. She threw up her hands in reflex, dreading the impact to come and -- nothing. After several seconds Agni opened her eyes only to find a completely unexpected scene.

Tails, specifically four of them, all covered in fluffy soft fur. The fur was colored red, brighter than the ginger color of Gigi's hair and nearly one fourth of the tail's length was white at the tips. The second thing Agni noticed was her position, she was now a couple of meters away from Gigi -- much closer to Katrin. Agni looked up at the busty brunette who also seemed genuinely perplexed.

"What's .going on?" Agni asked cautiously as she slowly got to her feet. The gently swaying double pair of fluffy fox tails turned to reveal a young lady.

*S-short.* Was Agni's first reaction while the second was *Cute.*

Indeed, the person standing before them was no taller than 121 cm. Her complexion was pale and the color of her skin was closer to Gigi's than Agni's or Katrin's. Her hair was also white, save for the tips which were inverse to the color of her fox-tails, red tips. In a word, she was very smol and cute. She resembled a child in many aspects, so much so that Agni was getting the irresistible urge to hug her and play with her ears which sat atop her head tall and proud like a fox. The way the young girl was staring didn't help either. She glanced over at the pair of confused adventurers and simply said.


*It doesn't match...that's what a cat would say* Agni thought as she dusted off her witch's coat. She couldn't help but notice the way the young girl was gazing at her, as if accessing her. Her violet colored pupils seemed more animal-like than human as they formed a slit typical of beastmen category adventurers.

"What are you wearing?" The smol girl's voice equally matched her stature and appearance. Her eyes seemed more sleepy than surprised. Agni couldn't help but notice a pair of streaks on the young woman's cheeks. They resembled magic veins though Agni also recognized them for.


The smol girl was dressed in a rather plain yukata, black with various orange flowers across the fabric. Due to the need of allowing her multiple tails freedom, the yukata was modified in the back and shorter than usual in various places -- particularly around the ankle and wrist area. There were several slits , one in the back and two additional ones on either side. The mysterious girl had what appeared to be a bamboo fishing pole leaning across her shoulder and an ornate fan in her other hand. She glanced at both Katrin and Agni for just a moment before turning her attention to Gigi who didn't seem surprised but rather nervous.

"Explain." The smol girl said as she flicked her wrist causing the fan in her right hand to close instantly. At the same time the bamboo rod tapped against her shoulder with the other hand.

"Um..well" Gigi began as she looked down and began fumbling with her fingertips.

*Tsk. I got caught. I should probably fess up* Gigi thought to herself before resigning to tell the truth.

"These are two new recruits to the chapel. I just wanted to give them a tour and show them the ropes." Gigi said, being very careful to summarize her intentions concisely before the gaze of the young girl standing before her.

"You're supposed to be at the front desk. What's more your tours are limited to fifteen minutes max...you've been away for almost an hour now."

"Urgk." Gigi said with a flinch as she realized the person before her pretty much knew everything, as she suspected.

"I'm sorry Doyenne Vivian. I got a little bored, honestly. And.. I got carried away. Please forgive me." Realizing that she couldn't conceal much of the situation from her superior, Gigi decided it best to be proactive and apologize in full.

"Hmm. Well, I'll let it go...this time. But only because you managed to find two rarities." The young woman who was apparently named Vivian then looked back at the puzzled duo of adventurers.

After forcing Gigi to offer them a sincere apology and return to her station at the reception desk, Agni and Katrin were left alone with the strange young kitsune.

"My name is Vivian. I basically run things around here." The young girl raised her hand, extending it to be shaken by both Katrin and Agni. Now that she was standing a bit closer Agni could see her status.

[Vivian Lex

Rank 3 Vixen

Allegiance: Mystic Tower (Founder)]

"Oh! That explains things quite a bit." Agni whispered to herself as she shook the young woman's hand. Katrin too found herself relaxing a bit more now that the mood switched to something more relaxing.

*How is this little girl the founder of such a large chapel?* Agni thought to herself. During the tour Gigi proudly shared that the Mystic Tower chapel had just over sixty contracted members. Also according to Gigi that number made Mystic Tower the fourth largest chapel in Grenvale.

"So where did you two learn to fight like that? It's not often that zero rankers can hold their own against someone of a higher rank--and someone who's trained no less." Vivian's tone was matter of factly, her expression didn't deviate at all. She still seemed doll-like, almost sleepy.

"We had a lot of practice. He he." Katrin offered, finally feeling as if she could speak.

"We were at the Trainer's Chapel up until this morning." Agni also shared.

"Oh, well that explains it. Bracha is a pretty well known battle maniac. Sort of like Gigi." Vivian said, giving the impression to the pair that the case had been solved.

*Battle maniac? What?* Agni thought to herself.

"So..is that why you two are cosplaying as slutty witches? Did Gigi put you up to this?" Vivian next asked as she used the closed fan to point at their outfits, particularly Agni's. She even used the tip of her fan to slightly lift up Agni's coat, forcing the succubus to hastily pull down her clothing.

"Yes! It wasn't our idea!" Agni said as a rare feeling of embarrassment overcame her.

*I knew these clothes weren't normal! What kind of witch wears a bikini!*

"Well, you don't look that bad." Vivian offered as she turned and motioned for both of them to follow her out of the training room.

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