My Stunning Ceo Wife Chapter 5546

Chapter 5546: Underground River

Li Tian heard the voices of other sect disciples, and quickly jumped to the other side of the rock wall.

I saw the dark river gurgling in front of me, and there was a slight echo in the air. Although there was no other weirdness, it made people feel a kind of creepy and terrible.

Li Tian saw that there were many dark shadows faintly in the dark river, and they were not concentrated.

After approaching, Li Tian found that these shadows were all stones. Moreover, all the stones have different postures, very much like evil wolves, but they are not very similar, they are probably the outline of a wolf.

After Li Tian broke in, he dared not speak out, and deliberately slowed down, for fear that some unknown creatures would be alarmed, and he just wanted to quickly find the source of the underground river water.

As he walked, Li Tian found a little water above him, wondering in his heart. Then he looked up and found that there was a green river floating in the air, responding to the clear undercurrent under his feet.

I saw that the green river looked like a good-quality sapphire, exquisite and transparent, but it was not a static solid, but a flowing liquid.

But the color of ordinary rivers is not like this, there must be weird. But you can't take the risk to touch it, it will be bad if there are any sequelae.

That being the case, simply follow the green river to find out and try. Li Tian thought.

After making up his mind, Li Tian immediately walked along the river.

After Li Tian walked for a certain distance, he only heard a howl of a wolf suddenly sounded in his ears. Between the upper and lower rivers, the sound waves collided back and forth, causing some splashes to splash beside Li Tian.

Li Tian quickly dodged and avoided the shocking water splash, for fear of splashing on his body. After all, what is the water in this dark river is still unknown now, and you cannot easily risk it.


This wolf howl reached Li Tian's ears, and saw that the stones around the dark river suddenly turned into stone wolves!

Hearing the sound of thousands of troops and horses in the ear, the wolves appeared again.

The blood-red eyes of the stone wolf at the front were extremely eye-catching-it was the red blood stone wolf.

It turned out that it was the howling of the red blood stone wolf, which awakened all the stone wolves around the dark river and turned them into a thousand horses, attacking Li Tian together, and rushing towards him!

At this critical moment, Li Tian had a word in his heart, awakening the sleeping Hei Kui!

I saw a black shadow suddenly "swish" out of the spirit beast bag on Li Tian's waist. A monster that was as strong as an ox, and had no horns, but only one leg, appeared in front of Li Tian's eyes.

It is Heikui, the divine beast.

Hei Kui saw that there were all stone wolves in front of him, probably because he slept for too long, he just let out a low growl, shaking his huge body, and using his tail to sweep away the stone wolf like a thousand horses.

Seeing this, the Red Blood Stone Wolf dodged immediately.

But those stone wolves didn't have such vigorous steps. They were knocked down to the ground one after another, and they didn't get up right away. After all, Hei Kui's attack was too powerful.

Hei Kui didn't give the stone wolves time to react, and then directly opened his mouth, exposing the sharp fangs, and spit out a thick black fog in the direction of the stone wolf in front.

For a moment, there seemed to be an illusion of being torn apart in the air.

I saw that the stone wolves suddenly distorted their figure, and then turned into strips of black viscous liquid, entered the air of Heikui, and was directly swallowed by Heikui!

Seeing this, Li Tian quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

At this moment, the Red Blood Stone Wolf suddenly rushed towards Li Tian, wanting to bite Li Tian's vitals directly and fight with him.

However, Bai Bing suddenly appeared in front of Li Tian and flew towards the source of the green river. When passing by, he even glanced at Li Tian. During the period, his eyes were obscure and unclear, and Li Tian was a little bit nonsense.

It turned out that as early as at the beginning, Li Tian heard the sound of other sect disciples coming down, Bai Bing had already come down, but there was no sound.

She saw that Li Tian had discovered this dark river, and saw this weird green river, and determined that there must be something tricky in it, so she flew directly towards the source.

Li Tian felt strange. Although he also felt that this green river was certainly not simple, but he was not very sure. But Bai Bing's behavior is very confident.

Seeing this, the Red Blood Stone Wolf suddenly gave up on Li Tian and stopped fighting with Li Tian. Instead, watching Bai Bing's discovery, he rushed all the way and surpassed Bai Bing directly.

Li Tian also chased him, walked to Bai Bing's side, and asked, "Why are you here?"

"Huh, why can't I be here? Could it be that this is your home?" Bai Bing said disdainfully, "I haven't forgotten the matter of you killing my sister Bai Rou and taking the blood power!"

"You..." Li Tian wanted to explain, but found that he didn't know where to start. Although Bai Rou didn't kill herself, she did die because she saved herself; and she did seize the power of the White Demon's blood from Bai Rou, and she couldn't help but choke.

"I won't care about this with you for the time being, but I will definitely regain the power of blood. The environment here is very unfamiliar now, which is totally unfavorable to us. We must join hands, otherwise there is no chance of winning." Bai Bing said.

Li Tian listened, weighed the pros and cons, and said, "Okay."

While talking, the two suddenly noticed that the light in front of them was getting darker and darker, the sky was getting darker and darker, and the air was getting more and more frozen.

Bai Bing raised his eyes and found that there was a huge body suddenly in front of him, like a huge mountain, towering into the clouds, and said in surprise: "Look! There is a mountain in front of us! But why is there a mountain in front of us suddenly? ?"

Li Tian followed Bai Bing's gaze and wanted to look up-saw that there were two red gems embedded in the upper part of the mountain, which looked a bit like an animal.

Do not! Just an animal: it's a wolf!

Li Tianzheng looked at the ruby-like pupils, but his eyes were facing each other, and the atmosphere was a little embarrassing for a while.

It is the Red Blood Stone Wolf.

"What big mountain!? This is the Hongxue Stone Wolf!" Li Tian shouted to Bai Bing.

Bai Bing's eyes widened, and when he looked closely, he found that it was really an enlarged version of the Red Blood Stone Wolf!

"What's the matter? Why is this red blood stone wolf suddenly a thousand times bigger than before? Like a chatter!?" Bai Bing said startled.

"How do I know?!" Li Tian was also very surprised. Obviously, the red blood stone wolf has already gone a long way before, and it may not be the same head, but the volume of this red blood stone wolf is too big.

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