My Stunning Ceo Wife Chapter 5544

Chapter 5544: Siege

Seeing that he had successfully crossed the Tribulation, Li Tian secretly breathed a sigh of relief, then glanced at his body with divine eyes, and found that the power of Bai Rou's white demon bloodline was actually the power of the white fox bloodline.

He felt that a smart white fox appeared in his dantian, almost exactly the same as the white fox in which Bairou's soul had turned into a light ball!

Perhaps, it should have been the same. The greatest benefit that the power of the white fox bloodline brings to Li Tian is that it can make his sense of smell extremely sensitive.

He glanced around and found that among the stone wolves, there was an aura on the stone wolf, which was very similar to the Dongyou Spirit Liquid on his body!

Li Tian looked closely at it, and the stone wolf was unexpectedly different from the other stone wolves-the color of its pupils was blood red, and the hair on its body was also faintly bleeding.

It turned out to be a red blood stone wolf!

Since this red blood stone wolf is different in color from the other stone wolves, and is very similar to the aura of the East Ghost Liquid on his body; then there must be some unknown secret in this red blood stone wolf.

Maybe this secret has something to do with Dongyou Mother Stone!

Thinking of this, Li Tian locked the target of the attack on this wolf.

Therefore, Li Tians dantian force moved quickly, and immediately seized the opportunity. In an instant, a burst of sword light and shadow, used a sword of inability, and rushed to the red blood stone wolf in an instant, wanting to kill it directly. !

How could the red blood stone wolf be so easy to deal with, and immediately jumped and avoided.

At this moment, the black civet that had been resting in the spirit beast bag suddenly came out, stepped on a catwalk under his feet, and then jumped and jumped next to Bai Rou's body.

Then he shook his body, and instantly became an exquisite tiger dozens of times larger.


Linglong Tiger roared, and then opened a big mouth toward Bai Rou, swallowing Bai Rou's body!

At this time, Bai Bing rushed over, just to see this scene!

Bai Bing roared loudly: "No!" The voice was very sharp, and Bai Bing could feel the collapse of his heart.

But it was too late, Linglong Tiger had swallowed Bai Rou's body, and even stretched out his tongue and licked the corner of his mouth.

Then suddenly changed back to the appearance of a black civet.

Upon seeing this, Bai Bing's face turned hideous in an instant, and a white fairy sword appeared in his hand immediately, and then with a sharp sword aura, he stepped on Feiyan steps and instantly stabbed towards the black civet!

I saw several white sword shadows moving up side by side, carrying Bai Bing's anger.

This was not unbelievable. After all, Bai Bing's move was infinitely murderous. She really didn't expect that her sister Bai Rou would be swallowed in front of her eyes, and even the corpse was not left behind.

When he heard Bai Bing's "no need", Li Tian immediately tightened his mind, knowing that Bai Bing would definitely not let it go.

Sure enough, without Li Tian's expectation, Bai Bing immediately attacked the black civet.

The time is too late and then the time is fast, the celestial power at Li Tian's dantian circulates quickly, his breath changes, and his figure suddenly accelerates.

Kunpeng body method!

Li Tian finally used the Kunpeng body technique, jumped to the side of the black civet, then stretched out his right arm, picked up the black civet, put it in the bag of the beast, and turned around, avoiding Baibing. A fierce sword full of murderous intent.

Although Li Tian didn't know why the black civet suddenly got out of the spirit beast bag and swallowed Bai Rou's body, and the incident happened suddenly, there was no time to say anything.

But Li Tian is the owner of the black civet after all, and will not let the black civet die in the hands of Bai Ice, so Li Tian did not hesitate to save the black civet.

"Binghuo! You dare to swallow my sister's soul, and even ordered the black cat to clean up my sister's body! Are you a human being? How can you do such an infidelity!?"

Seeing that Li Tian had rescued the Black Spirit Cat, Bai Bing planned to calculate the old and new accounts together, and asked loudly.

With that, it was another sword directly, stabbing Li Tian, and he did not give Li Tian a chance to explain.

However, what we need to know is that Li Tian shot against the Red Blood Stone Wolf just now. Seeing Li Tian attacking him, the red blood stone wolf would definitely not let it go, so Li Tian now faces two enemies, one person and one beast!

White Ice and Red Blood Stone Wolf.

The Red Blood Stone Wolf and Bai Bing shot at the same time.

I saw the red blood stone wolf rushed up with a "wow", opened the mouth of the blood basin, and sprayed out a fiery red flame; at the same time, Bai Bing swiftly operated the fairy power, stepping on the flying swallow step and holding the fairy sword Rushed to Li Tian's body.

Bai Bing and the Red Blood Stone Wolf attacked Li Tian, one person and one animal, one left and one right.

If he fights alone with one of them, Li Tian still has some chance of winning, but now Li Tian is playing two, it seems more than enough.

What's more, this man and a beast is still angry and unwilling, and the power of the moves increases exponentially. Not to mention the other stone wolves staring at him and Cha Qian, who was eating melons and watching the show, were all potential enemies, and Li Tian had to guard against them.

Therefore, Li Tian had no choice but to run away desperately.

So Li Tian tapped his toes and used the Kunpeng body technique to quickly retreat with vigorous steps.

But how can Bai Bing and the Red Blood Stone Wolf be fooled?

Seeing Li Tian retreating, Bai Bing's eyebrows were erect, and his backhand was another sword, but the aura of this sword had completely changed!

I saw the phantom confession of a huge white fox appearing behind Bai Bing, with sharp beast claws. As the sword in Bai Bing's hand got closer to Li Bing's body, the white fox's claws rose higher.

It is the power of the white fox bloodline.

Li Bing was shocked and immediately used his fairy power to leave the place.


There was a big hole in the place where Li Tian was originally located!

Before Li Tian had time to breathe, he saw a huge fireball oncoming.

The fireball was about ten feet wide and two feet taller than Li Tian. Oncoming it was a blazing temperature, as if to scorch the whole person.

Although Li Tian used the Kunpeng body technique to accelerate his movements, he was still burned unavoidably!

I saw that the edge of the huge red fireball hit Li Tian's left leg. The clothes on Li Tian's left leg were completely burned, exposing the burned skin-even some ulcers, very serious.


Li Tian was yelled in pain, and quickly hugged his leg with his hands, trying to check the wound.

But obviously, Bai Bing will not give Li Tian time to breathe. Bai Bing stabbed again with a sword, and the paws of the white fox behind the sword's shadow rose again.

Because Li Tian had just been seriously injured, this time there was no time to escape the fatal blow. Although he had deflected away from the vital point, Bai Bing still hit him.

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