My Senior Brother Is Too Steady Chapter 247

Chapter 247: New Form of the Primordial World Entertainment

W-What's going on?

When Ao Yi was supported by Li Changshou, the entire dragon was stunned.

In the middle of the rear hall, it was the Great Daoist Master Xuan Du from Ren School who had appeared in the South Ocean!

Zhao Gongming was on the left while Chi Jingzi on the right. There were also Perfected Huang Long, Heavenly Lord Qin Wan, Heavenly Lord Bai Li Each of the three sects had sent their own mighty figures!

There were no strangers in the world, and they were all good friends!

Although not many experts from the three sects had arrived, and strictly speaking, there were only four or five disciples of the Saints, they had really high authority!

At that moment, Ao Yi felt that he was not worthy of being the younger brother of his Brother Sect Master. As the Second Prince of the Dragon Palace and a Perfected Immortal of Jie School, he was really embarrassing his brother!

However, Ao Yi heard a reprimanding voice.

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