My Secretary Is A Little Sweet Chapter 434

Chapter 434 Death

Initially, it had been Shangguan Rouxue and Jing Yiran who made the plan for today. But considering that Shangguan Rouxues face was ruined by Yang Muyan and she had turned into some sort of a psychopath, the plan had been dramatically reversed by Yang Muyan.

Therefore, it was Tang Yun who stood in front of Jing Yichen, tonight.

It would have been too big an ask from that bitch, Shangguan Rouxue to accomplish this feat. Therefore, Tang Yun was the best candidate to carry out this plan. After all, no one else was as obsessed by Jing Yichen as much as she was.

Tang Yun threw the pistol away. She was not worried about Jing Yichen killing her. After all, he would not be able to find Shangguan Ning if she was killed.

Completely naked, she climbed onto the bed and kneeled in front of Jing Yichen with her perky breasts standing out. Then she said in a lustful voice, "Brother Yichen, just take me. I can also give birth to a baby for you. If you sleep with me tonight, then Shangguan Ning would be back safe and sound, I promise!"

Tang Yuns skin was white and her shape was slender. Her waist was pretty and legs, long and snowy. Most men would fall for a woman with such a beautiful body.

But in the eyes of Jing Yichen, Tang Yun was nothing but a skeleton.

In the past few years, he has witnessed many naked women climbing on his bed to show off their beauty in front of him.

But Jing Yichen had fallen for none. That was why he had started to suspect that there was something wrong with his sexual orientation.

Tang Yuns bare body could not stir a thing inside his heart. He was totally focussed upon finding Shangguan Ning.

What Tang Yun said, also didnt register in Jing Yichens head.

He aimed the gun at Tang Yuns head and spoke in a measured tone. "I will count to three. If you dont tell me the truth, you will die today."

Tang Yun had not expected that Jing Yichen would not be moved by her body at all.

She had been with several men earlier and all of them threw themselves at her feet when they spotted her body. She was pretty confident about her lure and knew that she was a sexy girl, one who was fatally attractive to men.

But this ace that always worked was no longer functional in this case!

She knew that Jing Yichen was extremely determined and seemed to be invulnerable to women, so she didnt think that he would submit to her quickly. But she had believed that he would be affected for at least one second but it turned out that he was completely unmoved.

He behaved as if he was looking at his own reflection. There was no change in his tone, expression or behavior.

The philtre had been placed in the room so as to awaken the desire of the people present. As a result, she was getting more and more excited but Jing Yichen was not at all affected.

That was impossible! She had put a large quantity of drugs above the bed.

What Tang Yun did not know was that the philtre which Yang Muyan had tried so hard to get from the black market, had no effect on Jing Yichen.

As a matter of fact, no one except for Jing Zhongxiu and Mu Qing knew that Jing Yichen possessed a strong drug resistance.

Ordinary drugs would not work on him, including poison and philtre.

He was not born with such abilities. Instead, he had been trained. Since Jing Zhongxiu had been tricked in this manner earlier, he didnt want the history to be repeated in his sons case. So drug resistance had been cultivated in Jing Yichen for a dozen of years by giving him all kinds of medicine, including poison, philtres, knockout drops etc. There was one time when he took in too much poison that his immune system was altered. Mu Wensheng had to work really hard to remove the poison from his body.

Taking medicines was a painful and inhuman process, but it had visible advantages. Jing Yichen had now become someone who was immune to any normal medicines.

Tang Yun was startled and frightened, simultaneously. Jing Yichen would not touch her if he stayed conscious. She was well aware that Jing Yichen touched no one except Shangguan Ning. Therefore, he needed to be tricked into thinking of her as Shangguan Ning to accomplish her mission.

But as her body felt heated and uneasy, Jing Yichen was completely normal. That was not what she had imagined.


Jing Yichen started the countdown.

"You cant kill me! Shangguan Ning will not live if I am dead, nor will your child. I just want a child with you, please, give one to me." Tang Yuns eyes widened in fright and spoke hurriedly. She kind of regretted having thrown the gun to the ground, otherwise she would have got some back up.


"You will never find her if I am dead. Only I know where she is. You are not losing anything in this deal. Am I that ugly for you to touch?"


"You wont dare kill me, I know you wont, unless you want Shangguan Ning to die as well."

Having said the words, Tang Yun felt a piercing pain and deafening sound of gunshot.

Then she fell into darkness.

Tang Yun had never expected that Jing Yichen would shoot her.

How could he be so ruthless?

It had been less than five minutes since he entered the door and pulled the trigger. Was he not worried that he wouldnt be able to find Shangguan Ning? Was he not worried that if she died, Shangguan Ning would not live either?

Jing Yichen had not used a silencer, so the sound startled everyone in the hotel.

Jing Zhongxiu came to knock at the door, instantly. His room was located next door.

Jing Yichen opened the door and said hurriedly, "Dad, Ning is gone, send everyone to seek her. It occurred half an hour ago. They couldnt have gone too far."

Furious, Jing Zhongxiu contacted all of his men and asked them to look for suspicious people and cars. He held onto his temper for now.

Jing Yichen was extremely anxious as well but he still gave instructions to Tiger rationally and then turned to Mu Qing and Zheng Jing for help.

He had killed Tang Yun because he needed to save time. If Tang Yun refused to spill anything and they continued to have a stand-off, the situation would only have gotten worse. The longer the delay, the more dangerous it would be for Shangguan Ning.

But Jing Yichen didnt spread the news that Shangguan Ning was missing. It was their wedding the next day and he couldnt allow the guests to know that the bride had gone missing.

There was a palpable tension all over the hotel but people had no idea about what was happening.




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