My Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Third Young Master Ye's Plan

It was obvious that no one could provide the answer to this question just yet. Ye Lanchen was currently contemplating another issue, thus he did not probe further.

His face darkened visibly after ending the call. Evidently, it was not Chu Wuyou who had contained the news.

In fact, she only left the car almost half an hour after the incident happened. She would not be able to contain the news entirely no matter how capable she was.

They were in a crowded mall earlier and anyone could move in and out of the place freely. So many people could have entered or left the mall within half an hour.

Therefore, in order to achieve this thorough censorship without even leaking a photo, it had to be handled almost immediately after the incident happened.

In other words, the person that successfully did that had to be present at the scene during that time too.

In actuality, it was not a simple task to achieve even if the person was present simultaneously.

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