My Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 201

Chapter 201: For Kids Around The Age Of Five

Although Meng Ruoting already knew about the contract marriage between Chu Wuyou and Ye Lanchen, it was still possible that she might have misunderstood the truth behind the kiss.

Ye Lanchen probably would not want that to happen.

Therefore, Chu Wuyou estimated that the man would not just watch with folded arms.

She finally heaved a sigh of relief after coming to that conclusion.

However, she could not help but feel upset about what happened in the car earlier. She reckoned she needed to unleash her anger. People often said that retail therapy was the best way to release negative emotions.

Ye Lanchen made a phone call to the Fly after Chu Wuyou got out of the car. He instructed the Fly to spy on the latter and see if she would take any action.

If she was still able to suppress the news after not being in Jin City for the past five years, then

Chu Wuyou appeared in another mall instead of returning to Yinlong Mall.

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