My Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 200

Chapter 200: The True Colors Of Third Young Master Ye (VII)

Third Young Master Ye was smiling like a sly fox at that point.

Chu Wuyou felt extremely frustrated upon discovering the delight on his face.

She originally intended to figure out a solution for the incident that happened in the mall. However, not only did the problem remain, she even fell into his trap and revealed something she should not have.

How could this man be so horrible and treacherous?!

The corners of Ye Lanchen's lips curled upward gradually into a wide grin. It was as if he never intended to conceal his joy in front of this visibly annoyed and frustrated woman.

She felt like biting him when the grin on his face became wider. Yes, she desired to bite him to death.

He had already ignited the car. She really felt like biting him aggressively when she discovered the sexy and slender fingers that he laid on the steering wheel.

However, Chu Wuyou tried hard to suppress her emotions.

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