My Sassy Crown Princess Chapter 416

Chapter 416 The Golden Flood Dragon 2

Chapter 416: The Golden Flood Dragon (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Lou Yu swiftly stood in front of Mo Fei, punching the flood dragon to the side.

Mo Fei let out a scream and said, "Lou Yu, what are you doing?”

Lou Yu was a bit at loss, “The little flood dragon opened his mouth to eat you!”

Mo Fei said helplessly, “He opened his mouth to smile.”

"You called it a smile?" Lou Yu frowned.

Dai Rao shrugged, "Yes, it is."

The little dragon who was punched out by Lou Yu roared toward him violently, eyes full of fierce intent.

“Let’s go," said Lou Yu.

"Where are we going?" Zheng Xuan asked.

“Go chasing that sky-covering finch! The golden fruit is a good thing, we cant let it fall into other peoples hands.” Lou Yu said in dead earnest.

Zheng Xuan nodded, "Yeah, it makes sense."

The golden flood dragon showed some interest when he heard the words of those people.

As Mo Fei was about to go on the road, he was knocked out by the golden flood dragon.

Lou Yu hurriedly stepped forward and caught Mo Fei.

Looking at the scene, the little flood dragon had a somewhat innocent expression on his face.

"Mo Fei, theres something wrong with the little flood dragon," Lou Yu felt suspicious.

The little flood dragon whined twice in pity. Mo Fei said helplessly, “He wanted to get close to me, but he didn’t control himself well, so he pushed me out all at once.”

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The little flood dragon nodded his head excitedly when he heard what Mo Fei said.

Mo Fei looked at the behemoth in front of him, a little helpless, "Xiao Jin, can you make yourself smaller?”

The little flood dragon shrank into the size of two palms when he heard what Mo Fei said.

He flew two laps in front of Mo Fei braggingly.

Lou Yu grabbed his tail and raised him upside down, “He has become so small?”

The little flood dragon bit Lou Yus hand in anger.

Just like a conditioned reflex, Lou Yu threw the small flood dragon out with a fast move.

The small flood dragon gritted his teeth and stared at Lou Yu as if he was about to eat the man.

Lou Yu calmly looked at the little flood dragon who with his teeth and claws exposed, “Child. You wanna play with me? With your level?"

The little flood dragon roared towards Lou Yu, his voice was like a suckling child. Lou Yu grinned coldly and stomped his feet suddenly. A huge crack broke open on the ground, and the little creature almost fell into it.

"Lou Yu, stop fighting with him. Xiao Jin is stronger than you, you don’t want to be beaten by him, do you?” Mo Fei was helpless.

Lou Yu shrugged, "Yes, he is amazing. But he could not wield his power now."

Xiao Jin flew over Mo Fei’s head and stared at Lou Yu.

Lou Yu held his arms and looked at Xiao Jin lazily.

Xiao Jin stomped on the top of Mo Fei’s head with his small paws and howled in a low voice.

Mo Fei frowned, “The second time did not work well.”

Xiao Jin howled disapprovingly.

Lou Yu frowned and asked with a gloomy face, “What did the little flood dragon say?”

Mo Fei shrugged his shoulders, "He said, the potions I gave him tasted good, and the effect was bravo, he wants more.”

Lou Yu wore a gloomy face. He glanced at the little flood dragon, “Little brat, what do you think the level nine potion is! The water in the lake that could be found everywhere? It’s extracted from the level nine star herbs, which is very expensive.”

The little flood dragon glanced at Lou Yu contemptuously and raised his head proudly, howling.

“What did the little one say?” Lou Yu asked, narrowing his eyes.

Mo Fei explained helplessly, "He said he is a noble golden flood dragon, who will turn into a real dragon in the future and ascend to the Ninth Heavens. He should eat the best and most expensive thing."

Lou Yu smiled faintly, “Little flood dragon, hurry up and go. We have something important to do and have no time for a little kid.”

Xiao Jin stared at Lou Yu angrily, and then stepped on Mo Fei’s hair coquettishly.

Mo Fei grabbed Xiao Jin in helplessness, "Stop it."

Xiao Jin whimpered aggrievedly.

Out of helplessness, Mo Fei took out two tubes of Level 7 potions and threw them to Xiao Jin.

Xiao Jin took the potions and quickly swallowed them.

The he squirted it out and sprayed the liquid on the face of Lou Yu.

Lou Yu was a bit angry and glared at Xiao Jin, “Little snake, what the hell are you doing?”

Xiao Jin pouted, muttered, and then started crying.

"What is going on?" Lou Yu said grumpily.

Mo Fei said helplessly, "He said it didnt taste well."

“Oh, he is really picky and likes crying so much.” Lou Yu was full of contempt.

Dai Rao shrugged, "Hes at a babys age. Its not strange that he likes crying."

Lou Yu rolled his eyes, “When I was a kid, I never cried.”

Dai Rao smiled coldly, "It’s strange that a hard-hearted man like you would cry."

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