My Sassy Crown Princess Chapter 415

Chapter 415 The Golden Flood Dragon 1

Chapter 415: The Golden Flood Dragon (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

"Oh, no, the golden flood dragon was flying our way." Mo Fei’s expression went alert.

Qian Ye squinted, “Is it aiming at us?”

Mo Fei shook his head, pondered for a moment, and said, “I dont think so, just a coincidence. It stopped and didn’t continue.”

“It seems that there was a baby crying.” Lou Yu tilted his head.

Mo Fei said thoughtfully, “It should not be a baby, but from the golden flood dragon.”

Qian Ye tilted his head and said with doubts, “The cry of the golden flood dragon? Why does that golden flood dragon cry like a baby?”

Mo Fei shrugged, “That golden flood dragon should be just the three or four years old.”

Lou Yu was full of surprises, "Three or four years old? No way, that golden flood dragon is very powerful!"

Dai Rao glanced at Lou Yu contemptuously and said, “The golden flood dragon is a spiritual creature born level 8 by nature, different from your dull aptitude. It’s not surprising at all that the golden flood dragon is only three or four years old.”

Xin Mingyue looked at Dai Rao and hesitated for a moment before saying, “Sister Dai, in fact, Lou Yu is not necessarily dull.

Dai Rao snorted coldly, "Hes, you know, not comparable even to one of the paws of the golden flood dragon.”

Lou Yu, ""

Xin Mingyue, ""

“That little flood dragon doesn’t seem to be in a good state now, shall we go and take a look?” Mo Fei suggested.

Lou Yu nodded, and replied, “Okay.”

When they arrived, the golden flood dragon was lying on the ground, rolling over and over in great pain, tears of the size of a fist rolled out of its eyes like spring water.

Seeing people were coming, it stopped tumbling and stared fiercely at them.

It screamed angrily, and the angry scream was a bit of bluffing.

Mo Fei looked at the festering wound covered the golden flood dragon, a complicated color flashed in his eyes.

The two sides met face to face at close range, and the atmosphere was tense. But after it roared for a while, its momentum gradually weakened.

Although the creature was powerful, it was only a young baby. Suffering the increasingly severe pain on the body and facing the opponent in front of it, it wailed in grievance.

Mo Fei couldn’t help being a little speechless looking at the crying golden flood dragon. It cried so hard that even the ground shook.

Qianye blinked, “The flood dragon really likes crying!”

“I heard that the tears of the mermaid are precious pearls, but this little flood dragons tear is ordinary salt water.” Zheng Xuan was disappointed.

The crying little flood dragon suddenly stopped when he heard Zheng Xuan’s words. After a long while, it cried harder.

Mo Fei gave Qian Ye and Zheng Xuan a fierce stare, “What are you talking about? Can your stinky mouth say something good?”

Mo Fei released his soul power to communicate with the golden flood dragon, who was a little bit resistant at first. But when he told the little creature that he had painkillers to relieve its pain, the little flood dragon became enthusiastic about him.

Mo Fei threw two potions to the golden flood dragon, who stretched out two paws, each grabbing one.

"Level nine healing potion and detoxification potion? how did you get them?” Dai Rao said with some surprise.

Mo Fei said without hesitation, “I made them!”

Dai Raos eyes widened, "You?"

Mo Fei nodded, his face looking calm, “Is there any problem?”

Dai Rao shook her head, gave an awkward smile, and said, “No, nothing wrong.”

Xin Mingyue and Mo Bei looked at each other, both with a look of shock on their faces. In Chen Kingdom, the pharmacists who could make level 9 potions were all big names, but Mo Fei had reached this height already.

The golden flood dragon stretched out its paw to check the potion. Seeing there was no problem, he swallowed the two potions.

As soon as the potion reached his stomach, its injury immediately recovered a lot.

Feeling the pain abated, the golden flood dragon immediately became active.

Lou Yu touched Mo Fei with his elbow, "Did the little creature say anything to you?"

Mo Fei nodded, “Well, he said his name is Xiao Jin, two and a half years old. He met a group of bad guys who robbed him of the golden fruit that he had guarded for more than a year and deceived him with a fake one. He also said, that the biggest villain splashed him with poisonous potion. It hurts him all overs.”

Lou Yu wa full of surprise, “Two and a half years old! Hes truly a baby!”

Mo Fei nodded, "Yes!"

Dai Rao glanced at the little dragon, “You gave him the potion. When he recovers, he won’t requite kindness with enmity, right?”

The golden flood dragon looked at Dai Rao contemptuously when he heard her words.

Mo Fei glanced at Dai Rao, “Xiao Jin said he is quite a good puppy, he knows how to be grateful.”

The little flood dragon opened his big mouth and pounced towards Mo Fei.