My Sassy Crown Princess Chapter 414

Chapter 414 Unforeseen Event 2

Chapter 414: Unforeseen Event (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Dai Rao smiled coldly with a darkened face, “There won’t be much problem. Youre really conceited. Can you make sure you won’t get hurt?”

Lou Yu shrugged his shoulders and said, “I’m different from you, a fine-boned girl.”

Dai Rao was a bit annoyed, “You seem to be proud of your iron skin.”

The soul fire of the disciples outside the secret realm went out one after another, which caused great turbulence.

“This secret realm is too odd.” Nie Xinghai frowned.

The fat headmaster nodded and said with agreement, “Yes. It’s too weird.”

Dong Yue looked at the fat headmaster and the thin bamboo pole, and her lip corner twitched. What even more odd was the bamboo pole and fatty could agree on a certain issue.

The fat headmaster was walking around impatiently. Other headmasters could still know how many their disciples were alive, but the he knew nothing.

Seeing the horrors of other colleges, the vice headmaster and several masters of Tianhe College chased after the fat headmaster anxiously to ask about the situation, but he could tell nothing, making everyone doubt about him.

Seeing the contemptuous eyes of other headmasters, the fat headmaster flushed.

“The astrologer Master Ming Wuchang is coming.” There was a shout in the distance.

Hearing this, the fat headmaster immediately cheered up. “Hes coming. Great! I’ll ask him how my disciples fortune is.”

Master Ming Wuchang was the most famous astrologer in imperial city, whose nickname is “Seer”. What he spoke often became a reality.

The thin bamboo pole looked at the fat headmaster and said in a strange tone. “You ask him for help? Didn’t you say he is a cheater who makes a living by cheating? And people looking for him are idiots?”

The fat headmaster looked at the headmaster Xingchen with indignation, “What are you talking nonsense? When did I say such a thing? I have great respect for the Master Ming.”

Nie Xinghai, “For so many years, your style of speaking has not changed at all.”

The fat headmaster snorted with his head held high, and his face was haughty, “I dont want to talk to you.”

Then he walked up to the Master Ming and asked eagerly, “Master, how are my disciples now? Are they all okay?”

“Dont worry. Life and death are determined by fate, rank and riches decreed by Heaven. everything will finally be known.” Master Ming said unhurriedly.

The fat headmaster twitched the corner of his lips. He really wanted to choke the masters neck. The damn old man always got to talk like this, saying something useless.

“Master Ming, could you please tell me whetherthey are alive?” The fat headmaster rubbed his hands anxiously.

“Bode ill rather than well, bode ill rather than well…” Before the Master Ming could speak, the parrot on his shoulder fluttered its wings and shouted loudly.

The fat headmaster stared fiercely at the parrot. While the vice headmaster of Tianhe College hurriedly ran over and stuffed the parrot with a snow lotus seed. The parrot immediately changed its words, “Everything will be fine.”

The vice headmaster breathed a sigh of relief. The parrot could foretell sometimes.

Parrots likes eating snow lotus seeds. Before they ate what they wanted, they could say bode ill rather than well to anyone. After eating the snow lotus seeds, what parrots said would be close to the truth. Although it was not 100% accurate, it was much close.

When the fat headmaster looked at the parrot with smooth skin and round belly, he couldn’t help feeling resentful. “The bird is the same as its liar owner. Look at its plump figure, they must have cheated many people to feed themselves well.”

Nie Xinghai pushed away the fat headmaster, “Master Ming, do you know what happened inside?”

Master Ming sighed deeply, “I’ve foreseen, at the cost of my three-year life, that the secret realm will explode three months later and be completely destroyed. This should be the last chance for your disciples to enter into it.”

“Master Ming, do you know the exact casualties inside?” Dong Yue stepped forward and asked.

“The senior star beasts inside may also realize the place will be destroyed, so their actions have become more violent.” Master Ming said.

“Is the secret realm particularly dangerous?” Dong Yue asked nervously.

Master Ming nodded, “That’s indeed. However, opportunities will increase. Big waves wash away sand. Only the best talents with the best fortune will survive.”