My Husband Is The Emperor: I Woke Up With A Husband Book 1 Chapter 230

Volume 1 Chapter 230 229: Sudden Guests I

The woman walked toward her and to her surprise, spread her arm to pull Li Lian for a hug. Li Lian felt Mrs. Jin rubbed her back with gentle movement and saw how Jin Nu Yuan had only passively watch her mother hugging Li Lian. It surprised Li Lian for the woman to quickly hug her.

When Mrs. Jin pulled her from her shoulders, she then looked at Li Lian with a smile which Li Lian returned, "Good evening, Mrs. Jin you must have waited late. Jun Wei and Xiao Chen will come a little late. I hope that your stay in the house is hospitable, is there anything you need?"

Mrs. Jin took Li Lian to the seat where Jin Nu Yuan was standing at and held her hand, "You can call me as aunt, using missus make me feel like we are unacquainted when we are now a family." the woman spoke with a happy tone, "If you ask whether we need anything more, then we don't, the tea is good and the servants are very well to keep the drink warm the entire time," by walking back and forward to attend Mrs. Jin and her daughter as they were afraid to make mistake when Li Jun Wei was out.

Li Lian did ask if she need anything but her question tends more to the second meaning that ask why would the woman and her daughter would be in Jun Wei's house. Did they often come here? She wondered and as if in the same time, Mrs. Jin, "We came after a little trip when we realize we hadn't yet spoke with you much. It would be odd for a family not to talk much, right? You are our new family members and I hope to know you better."

It wasn't odd but their way was odd, Li Lian replied in her mind. "Of course." Li Lian took a seat where Jin Nu Yuan was behind her mother. Seeing the girl she smiled but the girl refused to return her smile. Until Mrs. Jin notice Li Lian's expression did she turned her face to scold her daughter with eyes who was yet to understand how to pull herself a better face and to tampered their emotions on their face.

Jin Nu Yuan mustered a smile she wasn't in the mood to and her mother turned when she raised a hand for one maid to come and refill the drink. Seeing how Mrs. Jin accustomed to ordering the maid tells Li Lian that there was indeed a gap between them. Taking the handle of the cup lightly, on one hand, Mrs. Jin spoke after blowing the steam from her tea. "Nu Yuan had said me a lot about you but I realize that I know little as you came rather..." the woman drawled while seeing Li Lian's expression, "I'm sorry if this offends you but a little too sudden. There was no marriage, you see. We only heard from my aunt that Jun Wei was married. Of course the news shock us, not that we unwelcome you but rather we are happy to find out there was a new family members. You do understand what I meant don't you?" the woman checked for confirmations.

"I understand," replied Li Lian and she offered the woman a smile. She kept her words short as talking too much would not be good. She then lifted her head up, to see the few servants were still there at the spot and as if noticing, Mrs. Jin also turn her head to the servants.

"They are still here," she raised her hand and dismissed the servants by waving her hand yet the servants didn't move nor make a shift to their position. "What's wrong? Why are you all still here?" Mrs. Jin then turn her face at Li Lian which resulted in one of the maid flinching and Li Lian didn't missed the maid's fretful expression.

"I see that there are still no change even when Jun Wei had dismissed all the servants, they don't learned from mistakes and fix what the previous servants did." Mrs. Jin looked behind at the servants who didn't moved.

"Jun Wei dismissed the servants?" asked Li Lian for the woman to show a smug smile Li Lian didn't missed and so did Jin Nu Yuan who had her mood brightened up at Li Lian's lack of knowledge and was happy to remember how in the end, Li Lian was just someone who came for Li Jun Wei's money by hiding her past, she seduced Li Jun Wei to fall for her using her tricks. Jin Nu Yuan was sure of it and her hand she placed on the cushioned chair, tightened.

"Yes he did. It was a mistake like this with a slight difference. Last time I came here, the servants didn't open the door for me, leading to Nu Yuan, my beloved daughter to soak in the cold rain and catch a horrible fever." explained Mrs. Jin some servant seemed to know which was why they had been uneasy and edgy to know it was Mrs. Jin who had come with her daughter. As they didn't want to repeat the same mistake, this time they had let the woman and her daughter to enter without their master's permission.

"Jun Wei have fired the maids, he told me that." continued Mrs. Jin then her eyes curved as her smile widened while her eyes stopped at Li Lian. "This time, I think it should be you to fire the servants. As the mistress of the house, one have to show their differences with the servants. They may come from a better family, but they are still in the end of the time, a servant. People from lower class have to know their place."

At the woman's smile, Li Lian smiled back and the woman believed the girl agree to her words. After all, she was the elder here. Mrs. Jin know what kind of woman Li Lian was. She had come for Li Jun Wei's money and for people like her, she would love to abuse her power she had now.

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