My Husband Is The Emperor: I Woke Up With A Husband Book 1 Chapter 229

Volume 1 Chapter 229 228: Missing Pieces Iii

Li Jun Wei found it odd for the doctor to be surprised when he was asked and found it even more abnormal for the doctor to reply in a snap of second in his second question. The quickness of his reply almost felt as if the doctor had planned his was before without thinking. Exiting the hospital, he drew his brows. His memory wasn't complete. It could be possible that something went wrong that day. Something that had his grandparents to hide the truth. Trying to remember what happened one decade ago didn't help as he didn't remember the memory in the first place.

Pulling his phone, he messaged his brother to come and read Li Lian's message at the same time. A smile appeared on his lips and he entered his car while calling her. Li Lian saw Li Xiao Chen went and walk when she received call at the same time. Wei Mo Ran noticing the call then say, "I still have to fix a few thing, you can wait in the lobby and I will come after."

Seeing Wei Mo Ran left, Li Lian walked as she replied to the call, "Hello?" she greeted, soft smile relaxing the corner of her lips.

"Where are you?" Li Jun Wei asked softly, curious to know where she was as at the time, Li Lian would be back at home but from the sound of the elevator that rang when it arrived and came to the phone, he noticed she wasn't home yet.

"I'm about to visit Mo Ran's house, her son is sick." Li Lian's eyes were on the number of the floor that continued to descend down, "I heard about Mo Ran's situation."

"About her divorce with Jen Qiling." Li Jun Wei asserted and he asked, "Have you heard everything about them yet?"

"Not yet, I don't feel I suppose to stick my hand to it. Where are you?" Li Lian asked, repeating the word Li Jun Wei asked to her lightly when his reply came a few second in silence before it arrive,

"I'm on my way back to the company. Be careful and come back fast, I'll wait for you if you come late."

"You should sleep," Li Lian chuckled, happy that he said he would wait as she had never felt anyone waiting her back home and to know made her heart danced.

"I don't think I could without you now." Li Jun Wei replied and there was other reason why he think he couldn't sleep straight as he arrived on his bed. He had doubt in his heart and the doubts had just grow larger which he had to find out what was wrong. To know that a part of his memory had gone and the chain of event his grandparents told him didn't add up. He knows there was something fishy after his accident. "Come back fast." He breathed the words softly to her ears.

"I will." Li Lian replied and ended the call. When she waited for Wei Mo Ran to arrive they went together to visit her house and Li Lian had the chance to play with Wei Mo Ran's son who was still young in age. It was hard to think that Jen Qiling who looked strict and stern was the father of the child as the boy was sweet and adorable. His face was similar in look to Wei Mo Ran compared to his father which could be a blessing so Wei Mo Ran wouldn't remember Jen Qiling face when looking at her son. But Li Lian know regardless if her son had the similar feature of Jen Qiling, she would love her son no matter what like the mother she was.

At night, Li Lian returned back home with Violet. There she saw Bo Shiao, walking out of the entrance with a hand on his forehead before he sighed. He then waved his hand to the three maids in front of him and spoke, "Keep them in the room, do not let them walk from the place."

"We tried but-" The maid stopped talking when she noticed Li Lian had walked from the car to the staircase and the four servants bowed to show their respect.

"Welcome back, madam." greeted the three maids and Bo Shiao at the same time. They were professionals servants who had gone through several study and lessons to work in potential houses of wealthy people and thus was the reason for their strict greeting.

"Thank you," Li Lian replied back, she was not used to the servants' stiff greeting but slowly she accepted it was only a matter of speech. "Is there any problem? why are you all outside?" It was not often for Li Lian to see the servants outside of the house, standing near the doors.

Bo Shiao looked troubled and looked behind before he spoke, "Mrs. Jin is here with her daughter, young miss Jin. They have waited for two hours to meet the master but he is still yet to come."

Li Lian understood why the servants were worried and unsettled. The house was empty now without Li Jun Wei, Li Xiao Chen, of her. Having Li Jun Wei's aunt and cousin to be in the same room for hours must have made them not knowing what to do at their sudden arrival. This was also why when she arrived, the maids and Bo Shiao exhaled breaths in relief.

"Where are they?" asked Li Lian, stepping out, she continued to walk toward the foyer.

Before the maids or Bo Shiao could reply, the woman who had been sitting at the living room for two hours straight with her daughter stood up from her seat. She held her purse on her waist and settled her hand above, "Li Lian, good evening, we've been waiting for you and Jun Wei to come home. How are you?" The woman smiled sweetly at her. Li Lian didn't know why the woman would be here with Jin Nu Yuan who she had met just a day ago. But her gut feeling know that they came not for a simple greeting.

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