My Husband Is The Emperor: I Woke Up With A Husband Book 1 Chapter 228

Volume 1 Chapter 228 227: Missing Piece Ii

"Yes, me met in the garden I didn't get the chance to say anything before," said Ms. Qin, then her body bowed to show her gratefulness, "Thank you for the other day. If it wasn't for your help, I would have ended up badly than a bruise on my cheek." When she said the words, Li Lian saw that her cheeks were indeed swollen but was skillfully hide under her makeup. Ms. Qin continued, "It was a problem of mine that I thought I should end by myself, but I didn't expect he would do that." Her eyes turned sullen as she remembered her husband who she was about to divorce now.

"It's great to see they you are alright," Li Lian replied, returning the woman's thanks with a soft smile.

"May I ask if you have time now? It would be great if we could eat together." said the woman trying to show her thanks by offering Li Lian time to eat.

"My apologies, but I am on my way to visit a son of my manager who is sick." said Li Lian for the woman to nod with an unsatisfied expression. Then Li Lian saw the woman pulled a small note and pen to write numbers and took her hand to pushed the paper in.

"If there are time, please call me." Ms. Qin smiled at her and add, "I wish we can talk again when the time comes." and when the woman left, Li Lian opened the paper and placed it inside her bag. She recalled Mrs. Sun's words regarding how most people don't get married to the people they wish to be and had to marry the choice of the parents, She wondered if Li Family was different than the rest. Grandmother Li and grandfather Li were people with warmth heart who had greeted her kindly regardless of her past. But then she wondered how much of her past do grandparents Li know?

At the same time, Li Xiao Chen came from the opposite path where Li Lian was standing at. Beside him was Wei Mo Ran, she crossed her arm in against her chest, her expression was sullen with a frown but by the time she arrived next to Li Lian, there was a smile on her lips.

"Is there a problem?" Li Lian took the chance to ask, seeing how Li Xiao Chen had come only to bring Wei Mo Ran and the air before they came to her was taut.

"A small trouble, but it had been solved. The cause of the problem resurfaced but it should be okay now." replied Wei Mo Ran and she looked at Li Xiao Chen who was quiet.

Li Xiao Chen sighed and gave a nod, "Sist-Ms. Yue, where will you be going now?" asked Li Xiao Chen curiously.

"I heard Mo Ran's son is sick and I plan to go there to visit, do you want to come too?" Li Lian replied to his question and Li Xiao Chen didn't think to agree but heard his phone rang and pulling his phone he sulked.

Raising his phone he shook his head, "I will have to go," he replied and turn to dash to the elevator. Li Lian wondered who had called him that he had to go in a hurry, not knowing the call came from Li Jun Wei.

A few hours ago, right after Jin Nu Yuan left his office, Li Jun Wei exited his office to Imperial Hospital. After going through checkup as he felt it was needed to know whether his body had a problem before it was too late, he waited in the office where the doctor come after a few minute.

The doctor took a seat in front of Li Jun Wei and his sigh passed his mouth when he sat down as his old back ache when he sat. Pushing the glass that slides on his nose bridge, the doctor took his time to read the paper before he turned at Li Jun Wei with politeness, "I don't find anything wrong, Mr. Li. Other than your right hand which had shown a complete improvement from before, your head fortunately didn't have any illness. The headache that you mentioned, could you tell me from the scale one to ten how painful it is?"

The old doctor Li Jun Wei talked with in the room at the moment was the same doctor who had treated his family since he was a child. Being Li Family's doctor, it was easier for them to know if they had caught illness as the doctor know them well. As knowing Li Jun Wei have a high pain tolerance, the doctor knows the scale work different to other when it comes with Li Jun Wei.

Yet Li Jun Wei who never felt intense pain, unexpectedly spoke, "Eight." This was high to the doctor and the man looked at him with a wide eye. No wonder Li Jun Wei had called him. He had never felt pain at most his pain would always fall to three or bellow and eight was a high number which mean the pain was high either.

He continued to see the brain scans of Li Jun Wei but oddly enough he found nothing was wrong, "It could be the pain came from intense lack of sleep or insomnia, there are other few reasons that could lead this but I found little that could possibly be the reason to your painful headache. Was it only once or did it happen several times?"

Li Jun Wei shook his head, his concern fall to the other few reason the doctor said, "I slept well for the last few months, even better than ever and had no insomnia. I don't think it is either of those that could be the reason for the headache." He replied. When he tried to find reason or trigger that could have happened to make his head ache, he found nothing, "It only happened once this afternoon."

The doctor who couldn't find the solution or cause also wondered what could be the reason say, "If it happen again, Mr. Li please do come to the hospital, as for now, I will consult with a neurologist who I know could help." Before Li Jun Wei left, then the doctor ask, "Do you find any problem with your right hand? As you are here now, would you like to have a small check up?"

There was no harm for checkup as Li Jun Wei's right arm had been well either. He placed his hand on the desk as the doctor touched and felt how the part where his arm had been horribly wounded. It was hard to be able to find a clean spot on Li Jun Wei's arm which hadn't been covered by scars that happened roughly one decade ago. Before the wounds were even worse than present time. For a teenager to suffer from the wounds were surprising and the trauma the wound brought affected part of Li Jun Wei's memories.

The doctor could still remember how the arm was heavily filled with statures and bandaged as if his hand missed one stature, he would have lost the arm for good. "Can you squeeze?" The doctor asked and Li Jun Wei did as instructed. When the doctor saw how his arm had properly been healed, the man gave him pass. "Have there been any problems regarding your arm? The touch or feel, please do not forget to tell if you lost the touch in your hand."

"There had been no more problem since before, it itch some times but only when I exerted too much pressure on one hand." Which was normal as the glass that pierced his hand in the past was only a thin hair away from his nerves and not to mention most os his nerves were on the condition of pierced by it. As he was about to leave with the coat hanging on his hand, Li Jun Wei remembered Jin Nu Yuan's words and asked, "In the past was it you who attended my wounds after the accident in this hospital?"

Li Jun Wei didn't remembered much of what happened after he went through the accident. Most memories stayed well inside his mind while some didn't. Like what happened on the day of his accident he don't remember any of it and the doctor claimed it was normal for people to forget the memories which happened on the day of their accident out of the great shock the body experience. He knew he woke up in Imperial hospital and was told by his grandparents he went through a horrible accident and hadn't woke up for a full three weeks almost falling to the fourth week.

If his memories didn't fail him, the doctor who was there at that day was the same doctor with him now. He only asked the question lightly, to confirm his memory and his grandparents' words when the doctor looked at him surprised. The surprise was short and the doctor was quick to smile and gave a nod by his head, "Yes, Mr. Li. I was there. Is there a problem?"

Li Jun Wei didn't miss the chance in the expression he received when his question took the man off guard, "I thought to say a few words to the person who had stature my hand. The doctor did a very well job and I remembered I didn't thank the person for what they did. Do you know who it was that perform the surgery?"

"I don't remember, I think it was Dr. Ye but he left the hospital years ago." the doctor replied quickly.


A/N: To avoid burnout, I write some times one chapters but that one chapter will have a longer word count. Please be understanding as I have to write three books^^

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