My Husband Is My Professor And Boss Book 2 Chapter 129

Volume 2 Chapter 129 Date: Part Four

Alex took off his shirt and held it in her hand. Her eyes were down and her cheeks were red due to shyness. She was feeling a little nervous. And here now Alex was only on his vest and black trousers. His vest was hugged to his toned body perfectly which was clearly showing the outline of his abs. He was watching every move of his little wife who was sitting on the bed. Seeing her expression he put a mischievous smile on his lips.

He stepped forward and stood next to her. He put his index Figure under her chin and lifted her face. He looked into her eyes and said very calmly. "My love to change your clothes before increasing that red spot."

She swallowed her saliva and stared at him saying nothing.

"Ave." He called her again.

"Hmmm... But....." she started looking at her left and right side. "But here's how can I change." She knew that if Alex told her to change her clothes here so he was sure that this place is safe for her. But she was trying to make excuses to deny the fact.

"My love." He bent down. "Do you want me to change your clothes?" He knew that his wife was trying to avoid but he was too stubborn and he knew very well how to make his wife agreed.

" No!" She screamed quickly and stood up on the bed. "I change my clothes. You you..." She pointed her finger at the corner. "You go there and stand with your back turned. And...clo...close your eyes too."

Alex smiled and did as his wife told him. She got down from the bed and approached the curtain. The curtains were white and their fabric was thick. Due to which no one could see inside very easily. She narrowed her eyes and looked out from curtain then she noticed that the candles of outside were almost extinguished and darkness was everywhere. In that darkness, there was only dim light of the moon. She then extinguished all the candles which were either side of the bed and moved closer to the bed.

Alex had both hands in his pockets and he was aware of Avery' every move. There was a devilish smile on his face.

In that black night after Avery blew out all the candles, the moon was shining and giving his dim light.

She slowly took off her clothes and put on Alex's white shirt. His shirt was too big and loose for her. The sleeves of that shirt were hanging out of her hands. She folded her lehenga and placed it on a small table nearby. She quickly jumped on the bed and hid under the quilt.

"You can turn around." She said from inside the quilt. Alex turned around and chuckled as he saw her hiding inside the quilt. She seemed like a timid and delicate rabbit at that time. Alex approached the bed and grabbed the quilt and began to pull. But the quilt was completely wrapped around her body. If he wants to he needed only one move to separate the quilt from her body but he didn't want to do that. Because he was having fun teasing her. He climbed on the bed and brought his face close to the quilt.

"My dear. Do you want to keep your husband out of the quilt in this cold night?" He said to her in a funny guess.

Soon after hearing Alex, Avery popped her head out of the quilt. "You want to sleep with me in this quilt." She asked very innocently. Alex's expression changed immediately after hearing her. At that moment, he wanted to cry out loud. 'I think My dear wife has forgotten that she sleeps smuggling her husband every night.' He thought and pointed both ends of his beautiful lips upwards.

He put his hand on her head. "My dear wife, we both sleep together every night. She rolled her eyes and grabbed the quilt in the air with one hand.

She stopped Alex just as he was about to get in. "Wait."

He raised his eyebrows and asked. "What Now?"

" Promise me you will stay a foot away from me. You will keep a one-foot distance between us."

"I promise my love." He said without hesitation.

"Well, you can come inside." She said.

As soon as Alex went inside the quilt he quickly grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him."

" Alex you promised me." She literally yelled.

"My dear. The promises are only for a break." He put his hand on her nape and held her face close to his face. "And why are you trying to stay away from me? If you forget, I remind you that every night you sleep in my arms."

" Alex." She grabbed the shirt near the neck with one hand. "Every day is different. Every day I wear proper clothes. And today I....." She rolled her eyes downward, in the next moment her back was on the bed and she was under Alex.

Alex quickly grabbed both her hands over her head. And put his other hand on her knee. "So, today you refused to sleep near me because of this shirt." He started stroking his index finger from her knee to her thighs.

She felt a different kind of sensation in her body and she widened her eyes. "Alex stop." She screamed quickly and began to pull herself away from him. But Alex didn't stop. His finger constantly moving upwards.

"Alex please." She said again. Her voice was cracking. She was at the limit of her crying. Alex noticed it and he quickly let go of her hand and pulled her into his arms. "Hey, it's okay. I will not do anything against your will. I was just trying to tease you."

He started rubbing her back. Her body was trembling in his arms which he could feel.

While taking her in his arms he leaned his back on the bed. He began to rub her arm. "Be calm my love. I am sorry." He began to try to reduce the tremors in her body.

She was on his chest. She put her hand on his shoulder and grabbed his shoulder firmly.

She poked her head out of his chest and looked at him. "Alex. I'm sorry. I know what a wife's duty is for her husband. And I know that I am not doing that for you. But what can I do? Every time when you get too close to me, I am suddenly panicked. I don't know why that was."

There was resentment in her words and she was looking at her husband hoping he would understand her. He put his hand inside her hair and began to rub her scalp. "It's Okay Ave. You are the most important thing to me."

" No Alex. " She sat up and she put her hand on his chest. "It's not okay. I don't know but I'm scared of stranger men. I always try to stay away from them. I had only one friend since I was a child. It's not that I like to be close to any man. But I'm scared."

"Ave." Alex sat up and leaned his head against the headrest. "come here."He asked her

She quickly approached him and sat down on his lap. Alex was surprised by her move because it was Avery's first time that she was sitting on his lap at her own will. And he never thought that would happen. But he was happy and he could tell that she had forgiven him completely and she now believed him. There was only room for him in her heart now.

" Love." He started stroking her hair.

"In married life, it is not just a matter of husband's duty towards his wife or wife's duty towards her husband. Love is needed."

" But Alex." She looked at hiAlex"But I have heard that physical desire is needed in a relationship."

" my Love. Everyone has a different way of looking at love. I agree that physical desire is very much needed. But that is not the case with my case. You are more important to me. And I know you are not ready for all this and I will not force you. And if you forgot, I want to tell you that you are already pregnant and the father of that baby is your husband."

Alex's words had eased the burden on her heart. She quickly hugged Alex and hid her face in his neck and kissed his neck.

As soon as her lips touched his neck, his body sparkled and his eyes widened. There was a sweet smile on his lips and he held her even tighter in his arms. ' My love I know what is this problem is with you. What happened to you, I erased from your memory, but that impact is still on your heart. I just pray to God that you never remember that incident.' He thought.

In his memory, all the pictures started circulating about how Avery was that night and how bad she was. He could not have imagined what would have happened to her if he had not reached her earlier that night.

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