My Husband Is My Professor And Boss Book 2 Chapter 128

Volume 2 Chapter 128 Date

Alex had been kissing her for the last ten minutes. Her body was completely numb. If her weight was not on Alex and if he had not held her, she would have fallen on the ground. She hadn't resisted his kiss from the starting but now she couldn't bear it any more. She was having more trouble breathing now. She began to feel a lack of oxygen in her body. She began to feel dizzy. Before this could get out of control, she started patting on Alex's chest. It was her signal to him that she could not bear it any longer which he understood in the first place.

Alex deepened his kiss once more before released her lips. He held her face in his one hand and she started taking a deep breath and filled her body with oxygen. Her eyes were close. Her face was red like a tomato and her rosy pink lips were completely swollen. She looked very s.e.xy in Alex's eyes at that time. That rekindled his emotions but he suppressed his emotions by biting his lip.

He picked her up and sat down on a chair near the table. He placed her on his lap and held her head near to his chest. He started moving his hands over her back.

Avery's eyes closed while she was trying to calm herself down. They both sat in the same position for about 15 minutes.

Out of blue, She asked, raising her gaze after her breathing became fully steady.

"Alex. Why do you kiss me like that every time?"

"Hmm." Alex narrowed his eyes and looked at her. "What happened my love."

"Whenever you kiss me you make me out of breath every time," Avery complained in her sweet voice and buried her face into his chest again.

After hearing her Alex became speechless. He wanted to cry. He was thankful that his wife had been an unconscious full night in New York, otherwise, he could not even imagine what she would have said him after their first passionate time. He held her close to his chest without saying anything. But the sudden grumbling sound of her stomach made him chuckle. He put his hand on her head and said very lovingly, "Let's have dinner."

She looked at him with her innocent eyes and asked. "Here?"

"Yes." He answered very easily.

"But here..." Before she could say anything, Alex stretched his hand inside the table and pulled out small food containers.

"Alex all this," Avery said him by surprisingly.

"My dear Avery I know how to take care of my little wife." He plants a small kiss on her cheek, "can we start my dear wife." He said, touching her nose tip with his.

"Hmm," she said and started looking here and there. "But where do I sit Alex?" She said folding her lips. Alex looked at her while rising his left eyebrows. "My love you are already sitting."

"Yes, but I am on your lap." He moved his lips close to her ear and licked helix of her ear.

"Alex" she whispered as current started running through her whole body.

And her Alex smirked seeing his wife's sensitivity and asked in his s.e.xy voice, "Why? You don't like sitting on my lap." A mischievous smile appeared on his face. And Avery's face turned completely red. She tilted her head down and looked at her lap, "no it's not like that."

Alex thought it was not right to tease her longer so he said holding the spoon. "Don't shy my love. Now start."

Alex knew that starving for a long time was not good for her health and he became more protective of her because of her pregnancy and her fragile health.

They started their dinner very peacefully but Alex didn't let Avery eat a single bite on her own. He fed her until the meal was over.

After the meal, Avery walked out and stood barefoot on the cold sand. Alex cleared the mess they created and then he went out too. He hugged her from behind while putting his chin on her shoulder.

"Ave, Let's dance with me." He asked her suddenly

"Here," she asked placing her hand on his cheek.

"Yes." He turned her around and put her bare feet at his feet.

Alex wrapped his arms around Avery's waist and Avery wrapped her arms around his neck. And they both started moving their body together. There was no music or song for them. But for them, there was the sound of the ocean waves which was making no less than music for them. There was a cold breeze of the night that made their feeling even more affectionate.

After a while, Avery put her head on his chest and closed her eyes. She wanted to lock every moment she spent with her husband but she knew it was impossible. So she was enjoying every moment of it. She felt that Alex gave her a perfect family. Suddenly she started to feel nauseous when she was engaged in her thoughts. She quickly released her curled hands from his neck. And ran away from him a little. Alex quickly grabbed the bottle from the table and carried it to her. He opened the bottle and gave it to her. He then grabbed her loose hair in his hand and tied her hair with the help of his handkerchief. After throwing out, Avery stood up and washed her face.

Alex quickly picked her up in his arms and led her to the arrangement of the curtain. "Alex." She called his name.

"Yes, my Love." He asked looking at her.

" I feeling very tired." She closed her eyes.

"Just wait for a moment." Alex put her in a chair. He went to the forward and grabbed the rope in the corner of a curtain and pulled it. And with that, the two curtains sided and revealed a beautiful view inside. Avery was amazed to see that. She got up from her seat and walked. There was a bed behind that opened curtains with a soft mattress. Avery stepped over to the bed and looked around.

There were curtains all around which was separating that place from the rest of the cold shore. When Avery looked up, she saw the open sky. There was start twinkling in the black sky. That scene was very captivating. Avery stared at the open sky without blinking.

Now Alex grabbed the other rope in his hand and pulled. And with that, those open curtains closed again. He walked over to Avery and picked her up and laid her on the bed. "Alex. Are we going to spend the night here?"

" Yes, my love." He said lying down next to her. " Why don't you like it?" Do you want to go home?" There was worry about her on his face.

"No. It's not like that. I'd like to stay here." She reassured him and she put her hand on her back and began to scratch.

"What happened?" He asked her immediately.

"It's itching little."

" Let me see." He turned her and laid her on her stomach. He pulled her hair aside and noticed that she had a red spot on the back near the edge of her blouse. He grabbed the chain of her blouse and pulled it down.

"Alex. What are you doing?" She asked as she felt the cold wind blowing on her back.

"Wait a minute." He said looking at the inner side of her blouse. He noticed that some of the golden thin wire in the work had gone through the fabric.

The wires were piercing her shin, creating a spot on her back. He turned her and told her. "There are gold wires piercing your skin and because of your back is itching."

"Then what Now," she asked him.

"Change your clothes"

" But I did not bring any dress with me. I think we both have to go home."

"There is no need to do that." He said as he got out of bed. He stood on the side of the bed.

He took off his coat and threw it on the bed. He began to unbutton his shirt. "Alex. " She widened her eyes. "Why are you taking off your shirt?" She asked him a little louder. " For you "

"For me ?" She didn't understand anything and she swallowed. Alex smiled at the expression on her face. And he said to her. "Don't get me wrong."

"Don't get me wrong. I'm just removing my shirt to let you wear it."

" No. " She shouted. And said with a palm over her eye. "I don't want your shirt We'll both go home." "Avery." He approached her and said removing her hand over her eye. Even if you go home, you have to wear my shirt. Because the red spot on your back is increased and I can't take the risk. So listen to me and put on this shirt. Shirt shirt

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