My Husband Is My Professor And Boss Book 2 Chapter 127

Volume 2 Chapter 127 Date: Part Two

"Alex. All this."

"It's all for my dear wife," Alex answered her and put his hand on her waist and pulled her towards him.

He held her tightly in his embrace. "You like it?" He asked while separating her from herself a little and put his finger under her chin and turned her face upwards. Avery answered his question just by nodding her head. Because she was so surprised and happy that her emotions were at her peak point. And she was afraid that if she uttered a word now, she would end up crying.

On that black night, the seashore was lit by her burning candles. And in the light of that candles, they could see each other clearly.

Hiding her emotions in her heart she was just staring into his blue eyes. Alex's hands were on her bare waist and he was also looking into her eyes just like hers. There were no words between the two at that time but the feeling in their heart was in their eyes.

After a while, Alex noticed the tip of Avery's nose was turning red and she was biting her lower lip with her teeth. Alex noticed that his wife was trying to control her emotions. At that moment, Alex took pity on her and pulled her into his embrace once again.

"You can cry, my love." This time Alex allowed her to cry because he knew her tears of joy this time. And he also knew that it was not good for her to control her emotions. That controlled emotion can make her heart heavy.

As soon as Alex gave her permission, Avery wrapped her arms around his waist and began to cry silently, burying her face in his chest. Alex didn't stop her, he just stood there holding her in his arms.

When Alex felt that Avery's crying had stopped, he separated Avery from himself and asked her. "Why you cried?" Although he knew that these tears were tears of happiness, he wanted to know the reason behind them. But before answering his question, she looked at him and gave him an order in her sweet voice.

"Wipe my face first because my hand is on your waist." A beautiful smile appeared on his lips as he heard her. He liked her bossy behaviour. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped her face.

"Now tell me why you cried."

"Alex, When you were with Clara, I never thought that a day like today would come in my life. At that time I always thought that you are my husband and you should stay with me. As much as you were showing your love for Clara. I didn't want that much love from you.

I just wanted your loyalty. I just wanted your support. I used to know when you were giving a gift to Clara. That time I didn't expect any expensive gifts from you. The only thing that bothered me was why you loved her so much even after marrying me. In those days, sometimes I even cursed you." Avery smiled a little on her last word and she quickly lowered her eyelids.

Alex was saddened by her confession. Even though Alex knew about her state of mind at that time, he was sad to hear it all again from her mouth today. His heart became heavy. But Avery's next words lightened his heavy heart in a moment.

"Alex." She raised her drooping eyelid and looked at him. "But I am very happy now. After knowing everything, respect for you increased in my eyes. I know you love me more than you love yourself. And I also know that you are still guilty of what happened. Please don't blame yourself. Because my love never reduced for you." Alex was very happy after hearing this from his little wife's mouth. His eyes sparkled.

"Alex." Avery opened her mouth again to tell the feeling in her heart. "Promise me that, whatever happened in future, you will not do this kind of drama. I Will not go away from me. Because this time, you don't have only my responsibility but also have our baby's responsibility." Saying this, she raised the corner of her lips and winked at him. There was a naughtiness in Avery's words which surprised Alex. Alex felt a little change in her and this change was very good for her health.

He opened his mouth to reassure her. "No, this will never happen again." And with that, Alex picked her up in his arms. He led her to an arrangement made for their romantic date. There was surrounded decorated with curtains and flowers. Flowers from which Avery had no allergies were used for decoration.

And in the middle of that beautiful arrangement was a small glass table with a chair. Alex made Avery stand in front of the table and he stood behind her. He placed one of his hands on her belly and leaned over her. Avery turned her face a little, looked at him and asked him.

"Alex. what is this?" She asked, pointing to the thing which was covered on the table.

"look your self." He said to her and Avery stretched out her hand. She removed the cover from it.

" Cake?" She said surprisingly as soon as the cover was removed because the only thing that had been covered on the table was the cake.

"Cake. But why?" She asked him.

Alex took a deep breath and hugged her from behind. He pressed his face into the crook of her neck and began to speak. "Ave, We both met on your Birthday. But we met in such a state that we could not celebrate your Birthday. And on my Birthday there was Clara with me in New York to celebrate my birthday. I know you were very sad at that time and you left the party. And after that, we couldn't even celebrate the happiness of your pregnancy together. I know it's childish but I want to share with you everything and every movement that we haven't been able to share in the last six months. And I want to fix everything just only for you my love."

She placed her hand on Alex's head and poked his head out of her neck. She loosened the grip of his hands on her stomach and turned to him. She put her hand on his cheek and said him in her sweet voice. " I love this childishness because I also want to celebrate with you every moment that we missed."

Her words made Alex's heart happy. In the next movement, he leaned down and kissed her on her forehead.

" Let's cut the cake now." He said.

" Hmm." Avery nodded to him and turned. She picked up the knife on the side of the cake and looked at Alex. She made him hold the knife with her too.

He placed his hand on her and held the knife with her. They both cut the cake along. She separated the cut piece from the cake and took that piece to Alex's lips. Alex was staring at her without opening his mouth which caused her to speak. "Alex, Open your mouth."

" No?" Alex said firmly in his husky voice.

"But why?" She asked. She was confused. It was all his plan and according to his plan, there was a cake on their date. And now he was refusing to eat.

Seeing the expression on her face, Alex smiled and took the piece of cake in her hand.

"Because my love, you have to eat this cake first. Don't you know the rule of the world? Ladies First."

He took the piece close to her mouth but Avery immediately turned her face away. "No Alex! First you." Hearing her words, a mischievous smile formed on Alex's face and he grabbed her jaw and turned her face towards him.

"I don't agree to eat first and neither you ... So we will eat together "

"Hmm." She didn't understand what Alex said. She opened her mouth to ask. But as soon as she opened her mouth, a piece of cake came in her mouth and in the moment, Alex's lips also touched hers. For a second, she did not understand what had happened. And when she realized, she realized that she had Alex's lips on hers and a piece of cake between their lips.

Avery closed her eyes and grabbed his coat to hold herself in his arms. Alex grabbed her bare waist firmly with his arm. He smashed a piece of cake in her mouth with his tongue. He started spreading the piece with his tongue in her mouth. And then he took the spread cake in his mouth and swallowed it. "Swallow it Ave." He said to Avery in the middle of their kiss. But Avery was not in her mind at the moment which made her not listen to what he said. Alex understood that and he once again put his tongue in her mouth. He took the cake spread in her mouth near her throat and pushed it into her throat. Which caused her to swallow the cake.

After she swallowed the cake, Alex put his tongue in her mouth again and took the rest of the cake in his mouth.

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