My Hidden Wife Is Sweet Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Door Opened

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It was already ten pm when they returned to the apartment from the hospital.

She changed into baggy pyjamas and headed into the bathroom after noticing the blood stains on her hand.

The moment she entered the bathroom, Fu Hanzheng followed her inside.

1"What are you doing?"

" Just washing my hands."

Fu Hanzheng lifted her up to the sink so she could sit on the side. Then he rolled up her sleeves, took down the hand towel and wet it before wringing it out.

Then he helped her to wipe off the remaining blood stains on her hands.

After he had wiped her hands, he washed the towel and wiped off the mud and dust on her face.

" Thanks." Gu Weiwei suddenly felt that he was treating her as if she was his daughter.

Fu Hanzheng put down the towel and looked at the girl sitting on the sink countertop. His eyes looked profound and gentle.

"Weiwei, I wont allow a second time of what happened today."

On the way there, he had experienced unprecedented nervousness and fear.

Gu Weiwei stayed silent for a while and then chuckled. "It is just an accident, it is a small wound"

"Do you want me to have my mens eyes upon you all the time?" Fu Hanzheng interrupted her coldly.

Gu Weiweis smile froze and she looked cold. "Fu Hanzheng, I am not your possession! Please do not interfere in my life."

He liked her now, because he had not known that she was Gu Weiwei.

When he came to know who she was, he would hate her thoroughly.

Fu Hanzhengs profound eyes turned misty, then he lowered his head and approached her. "So, you will only be obedient when you become my possession?"

Gu Weiwei frowned and leaned backwards, creating distance between them, but her head touched the mirror suddenly and she became very annoyed.

Damn, just like the table again?!

They did it on the table in the study and now again on the sink countertop!

1Fu Hanzheng approached and then placed his thin lips upon her tender ones, presenting a strong sense of maleness, occupying her breath.

She wanted to turn away to dodge the scorching kiss of this man, but the moment she parted her mouth a little, the mans tongue reached hers and his hand had already reached into her baggy pyjamas and travelled up her back.

She tried hard to dodge him, but only fell into his arms. The mans hands were moving over her back and then came to a stop upon feeling the clasp of her bra.

Gu Weiweis eyes widened and she was about to stop him when her bra was unclasped.

" Ahh."

She took a hold of his hands, trying to prevent him from continuing when the other hand of his started to remove the bra.

Just when she thought that she would lose her innocence tonight, Fu Shiqin, who had just come home from outside, stuck his head in and then rushed away with his hands over his eyes.

"Brother, why do you keep the door open?"

Fu Hanzheng released her lips and had his forehead against hers, saying with a low voice.

"Do you know what you have done wrong?"

Gu Weiwei nodded constantly. Had it not been because of Fu Shiqin, she would have been eaten up.

Mu Weiwei might have slept with him, but she had no intention of doing so herself.

Fu Hanzheng took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

Then he reached out for the unclasped bra and re-clasped it before lifting her down from the sink countertop.

Gu Weiwei dashed into her bedroom and locked the door, making Fu Shiqin in the living room, surprised and confused.

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