My Hidden Wife Is Sweet Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Fu Hanzheng Panicked

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The air in the car had turned a bit distressful.

Fu Hanzheng had his hands over the wound on her clothes and turned towards the girl who was silent.

"Still hurting?"

She almost cried out, in tears, when the broken plate pieces pierced into her fingers, but today, she was quiet.

"A little." Gu Weiwei said calmly.

She had been dead once, and this was just a little wound for her, it wasnt that painful

After hearing her words, Xu Qian sped up without waiting to hear the request.

Fu Hanzheng took a look outside the window and said, "Hold on a little while longer, we will arrive soon."

Gu Weiwei turned to the man who was dressed in an expensive hand-made suit. Obviously, he had come to her in a hurry from an important occasion.

Normally, the banquet would not be finished at this hour.

Fu Hanzheng looked up and ran into her searching gaze.

"What is it?"

"The banquet has not finished, right?" Gu Weiwei asked.

"Just a dinner, nothing important." Fu Hanzheng said calmly.

Xu Qian who was driving, almost burst into tears of course he could say that it was just a dinner, but the consequences were that they would be so busy the following day, just because he had abandoned so many presidents from different companies just to come and save his woman!

The car pulled over at the hospital. Xu Qian opened the door as he made a call to He Chi, explaining how Gu Weiwei was injured.

The three of them were just about to go upstairs when He Chi appeared in front of them to receive them at the entrance of the elevator.

"A tear on her finger and wounds on her feet, now her arm is injured too. Fu Hanzheng, are you beating your wife?"

"" Gu Weiwei was speechless. What did he mean by hitting the wife?

Fu Hanzheng squinted at He Chi who instantly shut up, and supported her into the office. He cut off her sleeve and checked the wound.

"Luckily, the artery was not cut. But some stitches are required."

Having said that, he picked up the local anaesthetic for the part of her arm, and the nurse prepared the tools, ready for the stitches.

Fu Hanzheng had her head in his arms, not wanting her to see the process.

But seeing He Chis needle and thread going into her flesh, he frowned. His heart felt that it had been gripped by something and squeezed.

"Be gentle."

He Chi replied to him, "The anaesthetic is already working."

Fu Hanzheng was still not assured. "Then be careful."

He Chi stopped and snorted.

"Then do you want to do it yourself?"

The patient was not complaining, what was he complaining for?

Xu Qian quickly cut in seeing that the atmosphere did not seem right.

"Doctor He, my boss is just very concerned, please, continue with your work."

Boss was very furious but he could not vent his anger on Miss. Mu, so he had to do it to Doctor He.

Leaning in Fu Hanzhengs arms, Gu Weiwei could feel how the mans scent occupied her nose. She could not help but feel her heart beat faster.

He Chi was still stitching as he started to complain.

"Now you know how to care for your girl, what did you do so that she is so badly injured?"

"It is not his business, Doctor He, I hurt myself." Gu Weiwei explained.

He Chi finished the stitching, dabbed the medicine and continued to complain.

"Ha, I just complained about him with two sentences and now you are concerned."

Gu Weiwei. ""

She was just trying to explain so no misunderstandings could be caused. She was not concerned!

After wrapping up the wound, He Chi removed his gloves and mask, and put his hands into his pockets.

"Go and fetch some medicine from the nurse, dont let any water get on the wound. Be careful and avoid spicy and heavy foods. Make sure to come and get the bandages changed in three days."

Gu Weiwei turned around in Fu Hanzhengs arms and saw the well bandaged arm. "Will there be a scar?"

He Chi squinted at Fu Hanzheng and snorted.

"If there is a scar on you, he will leave a scar on me."

Gu Weiwei looked at this gentle looking man next to her was he so lethal?

Fu Hanzheng removed his coat and put it over her shoulders and placed one arm over her shoulders.

"Lets go."

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