My Hidden Wife Is Sweet Chapter 305

Chapter 305 Now 2

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It turned out to be the girls kisses that answered his question and it felt that it was a non-negotiable invitation.

He had tried to find out what she was thinking about this issue before but she would only accept his hugs and kisses, even sharing the same bed. However, she had never accepted taking the final step with him.

What happened to her today so that she asked for it of her own accord?

But before he was able to think into it more, he found himself deeply aroused by the girl in his arms.

Soon Fu Hanzheng became dominating and gave her a very deep kiss on her sweet and supple cherry-lips.

Instead of holding back, he started to behave more and more like an invader.

Gu Weiwei softened by the kisses and she put forward a request, panting as her dress was zipped open from behind.

"Not here back to the room"

She could not delay any more by constant pestering.

If she kept making a big fuss out of it, then Fu Hanzheng would start to suspect her motivation although he might spoil her so much.

So this was the only sacrifice she could do to stop him from contacting his men the only thing that could distract a man was nothing other than s*x.

Fu Hanzheng stopped zipping open the dress and carried her out of the study and into the bedroom as she had requested.

On the way there, he had his lips on hers, until when he finally placed her on the bed and released her lips that had received so many kisses.

"No regrets?"

Gu Weiwei smiled brightly, "Why should I have any regrets?"

Fu Hanzheng looked very joyful and then he continued to seal her lips as he removed his blazer.

The dress had been completely unzipped and he pushed his hands in from behind, caressing the girls supple and smooth skin greedily.

Then his lips were no longer on hers and instead went down from her chin, to her neck and all the way to her shoulders, where they deftly removed a strap.

Gu Weiwei shrank away from his touch, reached out for his arms and frowned with an embarrassed look.

Fu Hanzheng stopped and said with a very dark look and a heavy tone, "Regretting now?"

Gu Weiwei bit her lips, her face looking red.

"Can you be a little bit more gentle this time, it hurt last time"

She did not have much experience, and the only time she had s*x was the first time she became Mu Weiwei.

It had not been a very joyful experience and it was actually abuse.

Fu Hanzheng cupped the girls flushed face in an apologetic way and kissed her gently.

He was thinking that the reason why she had been turning him down all this time was because he had not been gentle enough last time.

For an 18-year-old girl, he did perform terribly on her first night.

So he slowed down and paid attention to her reactions carefully, as he gradually made the girl in his arms lose self control in desire.

Gu Weiwei started to pant quickly as she constantly moaned. The desire that was pulled out of her made her both fascinated and scared but there was no way out when she had reached this stage.

She believed that if she turned down Fu Hanzheng at this moment, Fu Hanzheng would not force her to go on but he would soon go back to the study to give the order to catch Yuan Meng.

Fu Hanzheng kissed her cheek and pampered her.

"Baby, unbutton me."

His breath made Gu Weiweis ears tickle. She shrank away from the sensation but she still, obediently, reached for his shirt and unbuttoned it.

As the shirt was removed, the man placed her hands on the belt at his lower waist.

"And here too."

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