My Disciples Are All Villains Chapter 297

Chapter 297 A Fight Between Elites

They had no idea why Gong Yuandu was laughing Zhou Jifeng said decisively, "Get back."

The people from the Evil Sky Pavilion retreated behind the barrier.

Pan Zhong looked up at the barrier worriedly. The barrier was unimaginably weak now, could it keep an expert like Gong Yuandu out? Zhou Jifeng and Pan Zhong knew they could not keep an elite like Gong Yuandu at bay.

At this moment, the coffin passed through the barrier and entered Golden Court Mountain as though there was no barrier in place. The barrier was still intact, but it showed no signs of being breached.

"What" Pan Zhong and Zhou Jifeng were bewildered.

The coffin hovered above them. They could almost feel the stare coming from within the coffin.

When Pan Zhong saw the veins under the coffin, he exclaimed in shock, "Formation


This was no ordinary coffin. Otherwise, how could it have resisted the corrosion and rot of the long years inside the Mausoleum of Swords?

The surface of the coffin seemed smooth and shiny, and the veins were only limited to underneath the coffin.

Gong Yuandus hoarse voice rang from the coffin again. "The younger generation will surpass us in time"

"Old Senior Gong y-you should come back another day" Zhou Jifeng drew his sword as though he was going to put up a fight.

"Divine Court realm?" Gong Yuandu laughed, clearly not thinking much of Zhou Jifeng. It was only natural since he was a genius sword user from the northern capital.


The coffin made a nosedive!

The others immediately unleashed their Primal Qi and wrapped themselves in energy.


The black coffin immediately shattered their energies.

Zhou Jifeng, Pan Zhong, and the female cultivators staggered backward. They could not even withstand a single blow.

There was no need for an elaborate display of strength. This alone proved that Gong Yuandus cultivation base was, at least, in the Nascent Divinity Tribulation realm.

Even 100 Divine Court realm cultivators were no match for a single Nascent Divinity Tribulation realm cultivator.

However, the coffin did not go for the kill. After the energies were shattered, the coffin hovered above everyone else. Gong Yuandu said in a deep voice, "Lead the way."

At this very moment, a female cultivator flew down the mountain and announced loudly, "Elder Hua has ordered that we are to let the old senior up the mountain."

In front of the Evil Sky Pavilions great hall.

Leng Luo, Pan Litian, and Hua Wudao stood in front while Duanmu Sheng and Little Yuaner stood at the side. The others stood in rows behind them.

The coffin hovered in front of them.

When Leng Luo and Pan Litian saw the coffin, they exchanged a look before shaking their heads. There were plenty of oddities in the wide world. Although they were old seniors who had vast knowledge and experience, this was still their first time seeing such a peculiar thing

Hehe, what do you know? A coffin looking for trouble Would you f*cking believe it?

After a long moment of silence, Gong Yuandu spoke from inside the coffin, "Wheres Brother


"The pavilion master is cultivating in seclusion," Leng Luo replied calmly. After all, old foxes who had lived for many years knew what the other was thinking. It was meaningless to play third-rate tricks at moments like this. It was much better to be honest.

"Cultivating in seclusion?" Gong Yuandus deep voice sounded skeptical. "Ever since his return from the Mausoleum of Swords, the pavilion master has been cultivating in seclusion. Do you believe that?" Pan Litian asked.

The coffin swayed slightly. There were clear fluctuations of Primal Qi around the coffin that rippled into surroundings before it vanished.

The coffin pointed one of its ends to the space between Leng Luo and Pan Litian as it hovered in the air. "Who are you?" The question was directed at both of them.

Leng Luo did not intend to hide as he said, "Leng Luo."

Pan Litian said, "I" He nearly said that he was Pan Litian, but he stopped himself at the last minute. He recalled everything that happened in the Clarity Sect and said, "Im just a beggar. My name is too insignificant to be mentioned."

Gong Yuandu chuckled and said, "Leng Luo, if Im not mistaken, youre an elite whose name was on the blacklist 300 years ago As for you, hehe, since when did Brother Ji become so kind as to provide shelter for a beggar?"

"Since the pavilion master has shown his magnanimity, its only natural for me to stay." "Interesting, interesting" This was the first time Gong Yuandu had heard someone praising Ji Tiandao. It was an understatement to say it was a rare occurrence. He was used to hearing people cursing Ji Tiandao. Now that someone was praising Ji Tiandao, he found it strange.

"Gong Yuandu If you intend to challenge the pavilion master, Im afraid that youll be disappointed," Leng Luo said. The others looked at Leng Luo. Indeed, he had the right to address Gong Yuandu by his name.

Pan Litian also addressed Gong Yuandu by his name.


"Ive joined the Evil Sky Pavilion," Leng Luo said.

Gong Yuandu was silent. Although he remained hidden in the coffin, it was clear he was considering something. After a while, his voice rang out again. "Leng Luo, I can tell youre injured so theres no need for you to try and intimidate me. As for the old beggar, although the flow of your aura is weak, I can tell youre experienced. However, with your current cultivation base, its impossible for you to defeat me."

Upon hearing this, Leng Luo and Pan Litian exchanged a look.

The others were shocked.

In a fight between elites, the elites would usually conceal their auras and cultivation bases. How did Gong Yuandu manage to discern all that?

Leng Luo recalled seeing the fluctuation of Primal Qi beneath the coffin, and he said, "It seems like you have some tricks up your sleeve."

"You flatter me."

"The genius sword user of the northern capital, Gong Yuandu. You should be at least 900 years old by now If youre uninjured, why do you need to stay in the coffin?" Leng Luo asked.

Everyone fell silent at this moment.

It was clear that Gong Yuandu had come here and was prepared to die. If he were in peak condition, would he need to fear death?

Laughter rang from the coffin again. "There are only two things that I regret in this life One, Im not able to solve the problem with the limit on my life. Two, I couldnt defeat Brother Ji before this. Alas, I dont have much time left. Ill have to live or die with my first regret. However, something still can be done with my second regret. Win or lose, at least, Id be able to die peacefully."

Leng Luo said, "If you wish to defeat the pavilion master, youll have to go through me."

"And me."

"And me."

"And me." Pan Litian, Duanmu Sheng, and Little Yuaner chimed in as well.

Pan Zhong, Zhou Jifeng, and the female cultivators drew their swords.

It was quite a lineup.

Gong Yuandu said emotionally, "A generation of old birds replaced by a new generation Good, very good" As soon as he finished speaking, a peculiar black Qi emerged from the coffin. It seemed like it was not an attack. The symbols carved on the surface of the coffin slowly faded away. It seemed like he was intentionally making himself weaker.

The others were baffled. What was Gong Yuandu trying to do?

At this moment, the coffin slowly descended to the ground.

When Leng Luo saw this, he was convinced that Gong Yuandus cultivation base had deteriorated considerably. He said, "With your current cultivation base, I dont think you can even break Elder Huas Six Compatible Sea. How are you planning to take on the pavilion master?"

The others focused their gaze on the coffin.

Isnt he expediting his death by coming here since his cultivation base has deteriorated so much?

The others relaxed slightly when they thought they had overestimated their opponent. Hua Wudao cupped his fists. "Im but a talentless junior. Im Hua Wudao of the Yun Sect."

The coffin that had landed on the ground suddenly moved to stand vertically.


The underside of the coffin faced the others. The veins on the surface seemed to have disappeared.

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