My Disciples Are All Villains Chapter 295

Chapter 295 Here Comes The Flying Coffin

Little Yuaner shook his head and said, "Third Senior Brother, Ive said this many times We cant disturb master. He has said that he should not be disturbed. Otherwise, there would be consequences to bear."

"Uh" Duanmu Sheng scratched his head and retreated. Initially, he wanted Little Yuaner to persuade their master since she was their masters favorite. She might be exempted from the punishment. He did not expect her to refuse him.

Hua Wudao looked in the direction of the east pavilion and said, "In that case, we have no choice but to abide by the pavilion masters wishes." He left with his hands on his back.

Hua Yuexing, Pan Zhong, Zhou Jifeng, Duanmu Sheng, and the other female disciples left the east pavilion as well.

Hua Wudao looked at the barrier to check its strength. He said with a sigh, "The barrier has weakened again."

Duanmu Sheng said, "Elder Hua, this cant go on any longer. If master doesnt come out soon, whos going to deal with Gong Yuandu?" He clearly remembered Hua Wudaos words about Gong Yuandu.

The others remembered Hua Wudaos words as well and felt chills running up their spines.

Gong Yuandu was a genius cultivator from the northern capital. He was an elite who was from the same generation as the pavilion master!

Hua Wudao remembered Pan Litian and Leng Luo. Then, he said, "Well take appropriate actions that are suitable to the situation. Theres no point worrying now. This is what well do; Pan Zhong and Zhou Jifeng will lead some of our people and wait at the foot of Golden Court Mountain. Keep us informed should anything happen."

"Understood." Pan Zhong and Zhou Jifeng led the others and left.

"What about me?" Duanmu Sheng asked.

"Youre coming with me."

The two of them headed toward the west pavilion. A short moment later, they arrived in Leng Luos residence.

The courtyard was silent.

Hua Wudao looked at his surroundings. He cleared his throat before he called out, "Hua Wudao is requesting an audience." He was a junior to Leng Luo after all.

Duanmu Sheng cupped his fists as well. Creak!

The door swung open from some force.

Leng Luo, wearing his silver mask, walked out with his hands on his back. He looked at Hua Wudao and Duanmu Sheng and asked, "Whats the matter?"

Hua Wudao went straight to the point and said, "Im afraid the Evil Sky Pavilion is in trouble. Please lend us a hand, Senior Leng."

Leng Luo gave a hoarse laugh before he said, "The pavilion master is looking after the Evil Sky Pavilion What or who could possibly threaten it now?" Leng Luo and Pan Litian were the only ones who did not think much about the weakening barrier.

Hua Wudao bowed. "The pavilion master is currently in secluded cultivation, and it doesnt seem like hes coming out anytime soon. Im afraid youre the only one whos capable of dealing with a formidable enemy whos on his way here." Leng Luo chuckled and pointed at his neighbor. "You can approach Old Pan for this."

Leng Luos voice had barely faded when the door next door creaked open as well. Pan Litian, with a wine gourd bottle in hand, said with a drawl, "Old Leng, thats harsh of you. You should be our vanguard now that the pavilion master is in secluded cultivation. These old bones of mine are good-for-nothing other than freeloading."

"Cut your nonsense. Your cultivation base is improving. Dont think Im unaware of that!" Leng Luo said.

"Youre one to talk" This scene seemed strange. They were powerful individuals, after all. Why were they bickering like children?

Hua Wudao and Duanmu Sheng were stunned by this.

"Seniors Seniors, please, if I may?" Hua Wudao hastily stopped them from bickering. Leng Luo and Pan Litian looked at Hua Wudao at the same time.


Hua Wudao said, "This person is a genius sword user. Im afraid that youre the only ones who can deal with him, seniors. Isnt it perfect for the two of you to work together against this opponent?"

Leng Luo glanced at Pan Litian. Although his mask concealed his expression, it was somehow clear that he was thinking, Why would I, the great Leng Luo, work together with this beggar?

Pan Litian was his usual lazy self, barely able to stand straight. He did not even look at Leng Luo as he responded with a similar attitude.

Leng Luo looked at Hua Wudao. "Youre from the Yun Sect and have cultivated the Six Compatible Seals to perfection Cant you deal with him?"

Hua Wudao appeared awkward. "I can only defend and not attack. Moreover, this persons cultivation base is far superior compared to mine"

"Far superior?"

"Thats right."

Leng Luo was stunned. He could be regarded as a knowledgeable person as well. There was only a handful of cultivators who could be regarded as the same rank as the pavilion master in this world. Who could that person be?

"A genius sword user?" "Thats right."

Leng Luo wore a disdainful expression on his face as he said with a scoff, "The Yun Sects Luo Changqing and the Sword Saint Luo Shisan are both my juniors. These two dont have the right to fight against me."

Hua Wudao felt even more awkward now. If it had been those two, he would have been able to deal with them. After all, he was their senior as well. After a brief pause, he finally said, "The mans name is Gong Yuandu."


The wine gourd in Pan Litians hand dropped to the ground. He had a stunned expression on his face, and his right pinky seemed to be shaking. Next to him, Leng Luo had stiffened as well. Even with the mask hiding his face, it was not hard to imagine what his expression was like.

Pan Litian coughed at once. He tried his best to hide his awkward expression and picked up his wine gourd naturally as he said, "This old man cant even hold his own gourd Old Leng, I hate to admit it, but Im a far cry compared to you. You should be the one to deal with this genius sword user Eh? Ive run out of wine. Whats there to live for without wine? Im off to search for some wine now."

Leng Luo moved with swift movements. He merely left an afterimage in his wake. In the next second, he appeared several meters before Pan Litian. "Old Pan I know you like wine so Ive had them prepared for you since your legs have been giving you trouble lately. Theyre in your courtyard"

"Huh? Since when?" Pan Litian appeared puzzled.

Leng Luo raised his right arm slightly. A weak surge of energy lifted the jar of wine in Pan Litians courtyard and placed them back down. "Century-old wine"

Pan Litian was silent.

Leng Luo placed his hands on his back. He sighed and said hoarsely, "Indeed, Im superior to you in both cultivation base and talent However, Im badly wounded at the moment. My sea of Qi and dantian arent recovering as quickly as yours. You have the help of the Sable Magnolia. If you use your full strength and fight to the death, I dont think Gong Yuandu would dare underestimate you."

Pan Litian coughed and cleared his throat as his expression darkened. What fight to the death? Does it have to be so serious?

Leng Luo said, "I heard you promised the pavilion master that your old life belongs to the Evil Sky Pavilion You shouldnt try to shirk your responsibility Youre the only person in the entire Evil Sky Pavilion whos capable of keeping Gong Yuandu at bay."

"Naturally, Ill risk my life if I have to You, on the other hand, are the one whos trying to shirk your responsibility," Pan Litian said. When he saw that there seemed to be no end to their bickering, Hua Wudao said loudly, "Please work together and fight Gong Yuandu, seniors!"

Duanmu Sheng bowed as well. "Please work together, seniors!"

They were both old and decrepit, there was no need for them to look down on each other.

Meanwhile, inside the tunnel of the Mausoleum of Swords.

Click! Clack!

A black coffin could be seen moving. Nobody emerged from the coffin. Instead, the coffin took flight and slowly flew out of the tunnel and passed the Seven Terminal Formation and sword mounds before leaving the Mausoleum of Swords.

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