My Demon Tyrant And Sweet Baby The Wife Contract And My Daughters Nanny Chapter 2898

Chapter 2898: Wedding Rolltail

When the wedding date was set and the marriage certificate was received, Mu Junhao looked forward to the wedding day.

Compared to Mu Junhao's monkey anxiousness, Xu Lan was much calmer.

She doesn't need to worry about wedding matters. She goes to the flower shop every day to take care of the flowers and plants, and the days pass quickly.

Erwei teased her that she was the happiest and most relaxed bride-to-be.

Xu Lan looked at Erwei, and smiled: "If you and Mr. Hei Di achieve good results, I believe you will be the happiest and most relaxed bride-to-be."

"Me and him?"

Erwei curled her lips, "The Eight Characters haven't been curled yet."

Black Emperor still needs to pass five levels and cut six generals.

Finally, kill her dad, if she can pass, she will consider trying with him.

Xu Lan smiled: "Has it been half-handed? I watched Mr. Hei Di running here every day, and said that he would come here to be Jun Hao's best man. In the end, he couldn't help me with anything, it should be said that he was not in his mind. The best man is here, but with you."

How can anyone who wants to be the best man come here early?

Mu Junhao said that Hei Di ran to the Fragrant Flower Shop more diligent than him.

"The legs are on him. He will come as soon as he comes. I can't cut off his legs."

"Girl, whose legs are you going to cut off, tell me, I'll do it for you, don't get your white hands dirty."

Hei Di pushed the door and entered, holding a big red brocade box in his hand, which contained a set of jewelry.

He wanted to send flowers, considering that Elvi opened a flower shop, so he gave jewelry instead.

Xu Lan blinked towards Erwei, smiled and said hello to Hei Di, then picked up his own bag, and said to Erwei: "I'm leaving now. Two days later, it will be the wedding day for Jun Hao and I. I have to go abroad for my honeymoon. Recently, everything in the store will be left to you."

Erwei waved her hands like a fly, "Go, go, Ning Shu and I have prepared the flowers at your wedding scene, and I promise to give you an unforgettable wedding."

"Girl, I think it's up to Jun Hao to say this sentence. If you say it, someone will be jealous."

Mu Junhao will be jealous, and he will be jealous too.

"Does Mu Junhao dare to be jealous of me? My position in Lan Lan's heart can be equal to him."

Mu Junhao: You are the chief of friendship position, and I am the position of love.

There is no conflict, he is not jealous.

"I'm really gone."

Xu Lan smiled.

Elvi waved again.

"Mr. Black Emperor."

Xu Lan made a cheering action towards the Black Emperor, and then walked past the Black Emperor with a smile to find her Mu Junhao.

Hei Di grinned after receiving Xu Lanjia's oil.

After knowing that he missed Erwei, Ning Shu and Xu Lan reacted calmly.

Hei Di was greatly encouraged.

It's a pity that Erwei, the girl, didn't even mean to inform her family.

I don't know when he will be able to become a regular employee. Hey, he is not young anymore.

Mu Junhao was about to embrace the beauty, and he wanted to hug the beauty soon.

"Girl, just now you said you want to cut off whose leg? Who bullied you, tell me, I'll cut his leg for you."

Hei Di asked flatly while handing the set of jewels he bought to Erwei.

Erwei glanced at him, took the big red brocade box, opened it to look at it, and replied, "You can't cut it."

"Who do you think he is, I cut it!"

"The kitchen knife in the kitchen. I just sharpened it this morning. It is very sharp. Go in and use it."

Hei Di screamed, he was about to enter the kitchen, he stopped after two steps, turned his head and asked, "What shall I take out and chop?

Erwei picked up the necklace and looked at it. It was pretty, but she had a lot of jewels. She had too many and saw too much. She couldn't be interested in the set of jewels that Hei Di gave her.

"It's for you to chop the foot. The knife is sharp. If you cut it down with a single knife, you can cut it directly. It will be less painful."

Hei Di: "...cut my foot?"


"Girl, I've never done anything to be sorry for you."

"You said you wanted to help me."

Hei Di:...

Seeing him dumbfounded, Erwei grinned, beckoning him to come forward, and when he came closer, she squeezed his face and smiled: "Uncle, who told you that you can't wait to hear only half a sentence Courteously."

Retracting his face and squeezing his hands, Erwei put the jewelry box on the box, and then pushed the box back in front of the black emperor, "Uncle, your heart, my heart has it, things, you take them back, I don't lack these things , Even more, I can open a jewellery shop for my personal jewellery, and there are priceless ones."

Her elders and peers are not waiting for leisure, the most is money.

Since childhood, every holiday and her birthday, the gifts everyone gave her were almost all jewelry. She really lost interest in jewelry.

"Yours is yours, what I give is my heart, girl, accept it, for the sake of my so careful selection for you, accept it, two days later, when you give Xu Lan a bridesmaid, you will be right. band."

"I don't lack jewelry."

She will dress up for the wedding, but she doesn't need the black emperor to help her with jewelry.

"Today's flowers need pruning, I will help you pruning."

Hei Di turned around and left, looking for something to do on his own, insisting not to take back that set of jewelry.

Elvi did not stop him.

Two days passed in an instant.

Finally it was the day when Mu Junhao and Xu Lan had their wedding.

The wedding is still held in the church, the same place, the same groom, the difference is the bride.

The wedding was full of flowers and balloons, very beautiful.

In Mu Junhao's eyes, the bride who wore a pure wedding dress, held her father's arm, smiled emotionally, and walked towards him step by step was the most beautiful.

After many years of deep love, ten years of forbearance, and careful layout, today, he can finally give her a grand wedding in a magnificent age, and she has become his most beautiful bride.

"So happy."

"So envious."

The guests watching the ceremony were really jealous and hated.

"Jun Hao."

Xu Jiaming solemnly handed the youngest daughter's hand to Mu Junhao's, "Junhao, Lan Lan will leave it to you from now on. I hope you will always love her, spoil her, and don't let her be wronged."

"Dad, I will."

After all, Mu Junhao called Xu Jiaming's father.

Who said Xu Jiaming is Xu Lan's father?

Regardless of the relationship between the father and daughter, Xu Jiaming is Xu Lan's biological father and his father-in-law.

Xu Jiaming looked at this pair of well-matched couples in front of him, feeling a lot.

In my heart there is both gratification and relic, taste, mixed flavors.

This was originally the prospective husband of the eldest daughter, and went around, but became the husband of the younger daughter.

Mu Junhao really loved his little daughter.

It doesn't matter, since the two love each other, he, the dad, sends his sincere blessings. May the young couple get together for a hundred years and have an early son.

Mu Junhao squeezed Xu Lan's hand tightly.

From now on, she will not leave, he will not give up!

Husband and wife are so loving.

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