My Demon Tyrant And Sweet Baby The Wife Contract And My Daughters Nanny Chapter 2897

Chapter 2897: Would You Like To Associate With Me?

"Does it need such a big reaction?"

Erwei was not very angry.

After the Black Emperor finished coughing, he took another sip of tea to moisturize his throat.

"Ervi, am I really old?"

"One generation gap in three years, you count, how many generation gaps are there between us?"

Hei Di: "...Nowadays, freedom of love, freedom of marriage, age is not a problem, old men in their 70s or 80s can still marry women in their early twenties."

Erwei snorted twice, "My taste is not that heavy. I like to be a little more mature, but I don't like grandparents."

"I'm not too old."

"It's just over thirty."

"My dad is only in his forties, less than 50." Her parents got married early and gave birth to a baby early. She and her elder brother were born in the same age.

Hei Di's face was full of cracks, "Girl, you treat me as a father."

He thinks he is still very young.

Isn't a man in his 30s a flower among men?

In the eyes of this girl, he actually became the level of his father.

"You care that I treat you as a father, do you really like me?"

Hei Di choked again.

After a long while, he asked Ervi: "If I really like you, would you like to associate with me?"

He also added: "Our backgrounds are very good."

"Do you want to find me because of our good background or because you like me?"

"We value both."

Erwei laughed again, "I should pay more attention to my background. I really didn't expect your Black Emperor to be such a superficial person."

"It's up to you what you want, I'll prove it to you."

Erwei put her hands on the table, looked directly at Hei Di, and said with a smile: "Uncle Hei, I will vaccinate you first. I have many brothers. You want to marry me. It's not that easy. Wait for you to pass five stages. You will finally be able to kill in front of my dad, come and tell me again."

She is considered to be the eldest sister of this generation. Those brothers spoiled her and Ning Shu, how could he easily let the Black Emperor marry her?

Even if the Hei Di could conquer her brothers one by one and let them recognize him, her father, who regarded her as the flesh, would not easily agree.

My mother always said that she could fall in love at her age, while her father said that she was still young and would stay with her for a few more years. He told her in private that it would not be too late to marry after the age of thirty, anyway, his father could afford her.

Hei Di is too old. If his father knew that she had found a man like Hei Di, he would not know if his father would create a forty-meter-long knife and kill him to cut the Hei Di into eighteen segments?

Erwei thought mischievously, she was actually looking forward to seeing the scene.

Hei Di thought of how much Er Xiaofeng loved his daughter, and felt a headache.

"Is nothing wrong?"

"It's okay."

Elvis put the scissors in front of him.

The Black Emperor raised his eyebrows, "What are you doing?"

"Help me trim the flowering branches."

"how about you?"

"I, blowing the wind, drinking tea, eating snacks, watching you work."

Hei Di's mouth twitched.

"If you can't even pass this level of mine, how can you go down? In my circle, the husbands are all wife slaves. If you want to chase me, you have to learn to be a wife slave, otherwise I would be embarrassed to take it. Go back and meet my brothers."

Hei Di:...

"Of course, you can also shrink back. After all, you are so old, and I am not interested in you for the time being, but because you are so old and have no girlfriend, blame the poor, so I kindly give you a chance."

Hei Di: "I cut it!"

Don't blame him for the bad cut.

"Then get to work."

Hei Di drank his cup of tea silently, and then, picked up the pair of scissors, under the instruction of Erwei, began to act as a free worker, trimming flowers.

"Sister Erwei."

A cold voice sounded, and then Ning Shu came in.

"Ning Shu, why are you here? It doesn't seem like today is a holiday."

"I heard that Sister Lan Lan is getting married, so I can't help but come and take a look."

Ning Shu walked to Erwei's side and sat down on his own. After sitting down, he glanced at Black Emperor coldly.

"Sister, why is this uncle here again?"

Hei Di didn't hear him, and continued to click.

"Uncle Hei and Mu Junhao are friends. He came to be the best man."

Ning Shu said, "Having him as the best man can highlight the youth of Mr. Mu."

Hei Di: ...Ning Chengxuan, your daughter's mouth is poisonous!

Elvi grinned.

The Black Emperor continued to click.

Chasing his wife turned out to be so difficult.

It's hard for that guy Mu Junhao to endure for ten years before taking any action, but even if Mu Junhao endures ten years, once they act, they will succeed. No, the wedding is about to be held, how about him?

Just took the first step.

Mu Junhao's body cares about Mu Junhao. Erwei, this girl, doesn't know what thoughtfulness is.

Who told him to be interested in Er Wei.

Ning Shu stared at the Black Emperor for a long time, then suddenly moved to Erwei's ear, and asked in a low voice: "Sister, does this uncle fall after you?"

Elvi tapped her forehead, "Ghost girl."

"Really, the last time I saw him, I thought he treated you differently. I haven't moved for so long, I thought I was wrong."

It was Hei Di leaving S City briefly.

Otherwise, he would have turned into a brown sugar and ran to the fragrant flower shop to pester Elvi every day.

"Sister, he is too old, do you want to change one?"

Ning Shu told the truth, she thought Sister Erwei could find a better one.

Hei Di is not bad either. People from their family background are the most suitable. It can be described as a strong team, but Hei Di is really a little older, and Ning Shu is worried that Uncle Er will not agree.

"It was too early to say whether to change or not, and I didn't promise him."

Ning Shu said oh.

Sister Erwei did not directly reject the Black Emperor, and she was willing to give the Black Emperor a chance to perform, indicating that Sister Erwei did not hate the Black Emperor. If so, she would not be troubled.

Ning Shu had already put the Black Emperor in the position of brother-in-law in his heart.

She was a person who didn't talk much. After knowing Erwei's intentions, she stopped asking, and the topic returned to the wedding of Xu Lan and Mu Junhao.

"Sister Lanlan's bridesmaid is the two of us?"

Erwei asked, "Not enough?"

With their weight, one is worth ten.

"We are not from S City."

Erwei smiled and said: "Why people in S City, after knowing our identity, I feel that I am her bridesmaid by myself, no one dares to look down upon her anymore."

"That's right, I want to be a bridesmaid."

"Sister, did you tell Sister Lanlan?" Ning Shu asked in a low voice. She thought Elvi would keep hiding it.

Erwei honestly admitted: "Paper wraps can't keep the fire out. I will expose your identity as soon as possible."

Ning Shu pursed his lips, alas, there is no sense of mystery.

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