My Demon Tyrant And Sweet Baby The Wife Contract And My Daughters Nanny Chapter 2896

Chapter 2896: Uncle Black Do You Like Me?

the other side.

After listening to the call, Mu Junhao thanked him.

The man smiled and said, "Thank you, I didn't do anything, just to help you pass the news."

"It's also helpful to send messages, thanks."

"You also asked me to do that. Well, I accept your gratitude. When will your wedding with Xu Lan be held?"

"Almost, I will send you invitations."

Mu Junhao looked happy.

Jiang Qiulan wanted to spend a lot of money to hire someone to kill Xu Lan. Of course, she couldn't just let her go. However, Mu Junhao felt that Jiang Qiulan should know the surface reason why Xu Qing escaped from marriage.

Xu Qing was pregnant with someone else's child, which was a blow to Jiang Qiulan and the entire Xu family.

Mu Junhao knew in his heart that the Xu family found Xu Lan out of helplessness, mainly because of his persecution, and they still preferred Xu Qing in their hearts.

After letting them know what Xu Qing has done, they will be completely disappointed in Xu Qing and change their attitude towards Xu Lan.

Xu Lan actually didn't care what the Xu family did to her, but Mu Junhao didn't want people to look down on his blue.

"Then I will prepare the gift first."

Mu Junhao smiled, "It's good to come, gifts or whatever, whatever."

"Old friends, how can you leave empty-handed, don't worry, congratulations are indispensable."

"How did Xu Qing react after learning about me and Lanlan?"

"Hate it, and regret that my intestines are green. I quarreled with Gu Bai a few times and wanted to have a miscarriage. Gu Bai looked too tightly and she had no chance to have a miscarriage. Jun Hao, although Xu Qing is like this, she is not reconciled. , You still have to make more preparations. If Gu Bai is not in prison and she is discharged, the child will go back to you, that would be a troublesome thing."

Mu Junhao constricted a smile and said coldly, "I will let the wind go and expose what Xu Qing has done, so that everyone knows that she betrayed me, became pregnant with someone else's child, and broke her and Xu. The road back home."

"Well, that should be the case, lest Xu Qing think that as long as she doesn't have that child, she can still go back and start over with you."

Mu Junhao sneered, how could he let Xu Qing have that opportunity?


Fragrant flower shop.

Hei Di parked the car at the door of the flower shop and muttered as he got off the car, "Why do you think the flowers are so much less? What happened when I was away?"

The flowers at the Fragrant Flower Shop are very popular, but they also buy a lot of goods. He has been here several times, and every time he comes, he can see a lot of flowers. This time, suddenly there are so many less, which made the Hei Di think that the fragrant flowers The shop is closing for clearance.

He thought so and said so.

When I entered the door, I asked Erwei: "Er girl, is your fragrant flower shop closing for clearance?"

"Ah, you crow's mouth, I don't know how good my fragrance business is, so I don't need to clear the goods and close the door."

Erwei wanted to cut it with a pair of scissors and cut Hei Di's mouth so that the dog couldn't spit out ivory.

Who is she, Lin Yi's daughter, who is Lin Yi, a master flower grower, and if the flower shop she runs goes bankrupt, she will have no face to go home to see her father and fellow villagers.

"I see a lot less flowers, even potted flowers."

After being scolded by Erwei, Hei Di was not angry.

He walked to the table and sat down on his own. Seeing Erwei making a pot of tea, he also voluntarily grasped the teapot and poured himself a cup of tea, drank it all in one breath, and poured another cup.

"It's hot and I'm thirsty."

"You girl, you can still drink tea."

Erwei put the scissors heavily on the table, "Uncle, what are you doing?"

This guy hasn't shown up for a long time.

Elvi almost forgot him.

Hei Di's mouth twitched, "Er girl, don't call me uncle, you call me old, I'm very young, and my wife hasn't married yet. Jun Hao is going to be the bridegroom again, and I will be the best man. ."

The last time he came to be the best man, the bride ran away, and Mu Junhao didn't even become the bridegroom. He was naturally laid off as the best man.

"Your business is very good? It's so good that you can sell even potted flowers?"

"Why, jealous, my business is so good, is it hindering you?"

As soon as Xu Lan and Mu Junhao got their marriage certificate, they became the grandmother of the Mu family. Many people knew that Xu Lan ran a fragrant flower shop. They wanted to please Mu Junhao, but because they had no chance, they turned to please Xu Lan. I didn't want to be too obvious, so I went to the fragrant flower shop to buy flowers.

The fragrant flower shop that had a good business in the first place was so popular that the potted flowers in the town shop were almost robbed.

Hei Di laughed, "The quality of your business is neither good nor bad for me. I was just curious and asked casually. Girl, your tone is so aggressive, do you have any opinions on me?"

"No comment, Uncle Hei, what are you doing here?"

Hei Di, who was called Uncle Hei, twitched the corners of his mouth again.

He said helplessly: "You girl, my surname is not Hei."

"Hei Di is you, right?"

"it's me."

"Then what's the problem with calling you Uncle Black?"

Hei Di was speechless.

"You don't like me calling you uncle, and I don't like you calling me girl. I am in my twenties and I am not a child."

Hei Di smiled, "Don't you think I call you a girl to look kind?"

"Who wants to be kind to you."

"I want to be kind to you."

Elvis picked up the scissors.

Hei Di immediately retreated with a chair and looked at Erwei defensively. This daughter of your family was not an ordinary daughter, but slightly kinder than Ning Shu.

Hei Di had the worst impression of Ning Shu.

Cold, not talkative, and likes to act without saying a word.

Fortunately, it was him, otherwise Ning Shu would have been swept by Ning Shu last time.

"Er Wei, the gentleman speaks but doesn't move."

Hei Di actually likes to tease Erwei very much. He is very interested in this little girl, that is, she is many years younger than him. If he thinks about that, I don't know if Er Xiao Summit will dislike him for being too old?

Erwei satirized him: "I'm not a gentleman. Dignified Black Emperor, I'm afraid of my scissors."

The Black Emperor scared him when he saw her, and would not really do anything.

She knew his identity, and in terms of status, he could be said to be on par with her father. Want to come, she will not mess around.

Hei Di sat back again, holding the teapot again and pouring himself a cup of tea, he had to keep an inch: "Er girl, do you have a snack? The snacks you made are delicious, and I like to eat them."


"Really not."

"You give me money and I can buy it for you."

Hei Di: "...Forget it, I just want to eat the snacks you make, no matter how delicious you buy, it won't taste that way."

He should drink tea.

Erwei played with the scissors, squinted at the Hei Di, joking: "Uncle Hei, if you say this, I will think you like me, that is, you are so old and you don't deserve me."

Hei Di spouted a sip of tea.

Erwei flashed very quickly, but he still sprayed a little tea, so angry that she really wanted to cut it with a pair of scissors.

Hei Di coughed with the tea.

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