Mr. Melancholy Wants To Live A Peaceful Life Chapter 124

: Extra Two

Barrage of Zhenli Studio Live Room

[Although I think the little brothers exercise very hard, but look at their sweaty appearance... Sorry, I can watch it for another two hours!

[The main thing is that good-looking people are good-looking at everything, ohhhh, my little brothers still feel very thin when they wear clothes, I didnt want to be so fleshy and suck~]

[It's just a betrayal of hue, everything is too late when you are old.

[Why a sunspot came in in the live broadcast room? What does it mean to be late for everything? Did you know that Yuan Luori gave up being an idol and was admitted to the National University of Political Science and Law. He will be my junior next year, covering his face.

[It was the city champion who passed the exam. The local tutoring class was full. He also said that he would be invited to be a political lecturer after Yuan Sunset graduated.

[The original sunset is already out of the circle! I re-played "Idol Light" a few days ago, and when the original sunset was eliminated, my mother was very angry. Later, it was my grandma who grabbed her and told her that the sunset had a better option, so she didn't call to complain about the shady program.

[Relying on talent shows to mix in the pink circle, relying on the college entrance examination results to mix in the parents, grandparents and milk circle, rely on the body and fitness to mix in the straight men circle, the original sunset is really red.

[Speak quietly, yesterday I saw the most handsome city manager in the night market also watching the live broadcast of Zhenli during the break.

[To a code, are you talking about Luo Chengguan? When I was eating food stalls at the night market, I was helped by him after I drank too much, and I never forget it. Keke, my gender is male.

[It is him, the most handsome urban manager commented on the internal forum of Xuyang District, he has a melancholic and academic temperament, and has a face of first love.

[My third aunt said to introduce me to a blind date, but I didn't agree with it. I just graduated from a blind date. The other party is still working hard and the salary is not high. Later, my third aunt showed me the photo of the other party. When I saw that this was not Luo Chengguan? I immediately agreed!

what? My rival appears? Pull out the knife, what is the result of your blind date?

[Just... it's my third aunt who is very hot. Luo Chengguan never mentioned the blind date at all, ooh ooh... I covered my face and ran away. I would have two children in the future, a boy and a girl, whatever their names. Think about it.

[Why is there no sense of disobedience to brush the most handsome urban management in the live broadcast of Zhen Li?

[Because they are handsome.

Luo Huai, known as the "most handsome urban manager", was also watching Zhen Li's live broadcast room at this time. Seeing that the bullet screen somehow mentioned him, his face was stained with thin red.

He specially applied for urban management. He likes to get along with enthusiastic grandparents in the city, likes to see people being called "Little Luo, have you eaten?" and likes to be remembered.

But its not good to be posted on the forum, and always be dragged to blind dates.

Luo Huai didn't mean to want to get married on a blind date. He always found it difficult to adapt to the feeling of being with another person. He was afraid of overly complicated emotions and worried that others could not remember him.

It's just that the acquaintances are too enthusiastic, and they seem to want to see a couple of good-looking couples getting married. Introduced countless individuals from men to women, with different conditions, and only one thing in common is good-looking.

Luo Huai was a little bit distressed, but he still patiently replied to his grandfather and aunt. He currently has no idea of finding a partner, and he is too busy at work and does not want to delay others.

At this time, the aunts will say, how come? Look at Officer Xiaoyou's house. Officer Xiaoyou is busy, right? But his family can take care of people, and the top aspects of life are in place. If you are busy, you should find someone who likes to take care of people like Xiaoyu!

Hearing the word "Xiaoyu", Luo Huai's thin face almost couldn't hold back a smile.

How can Yu Hua be thousands of years old, how can he be called "Xiao Yu"?

Luo Huai thought about turning off his mobile phone and looking for a booth at the night market. At this time, a person shouted: "Luo Huai, here!"

Luo Huai came to the seat and saw that the familiar faces that he hadn't seen for a few months were all round, he was slightly startled, and hesitated, "You... are you fat?"

"Are you fat?" Cen Xiao touched his face hesitantly, "I don't feel anything, I eat the same as before. It's just that the clothes are a bit tight, so I have to get new ones."

Luo Huai: "..."

He was off work today to meet a few guardian comrades at the night market stall, but he never wanted to see a group of pancake faces.

Luo Huai, who paid special attention to the impression in others' minds, moved his lower lip slightly, but finally did not speak.

Lian Yufan, who came a step later than him, sneered after seeing everyone: "What are you getting into fat? If this continues, the organization will not recognize you anymore."

"Are you fat?" Cen Xiao touched his face and said, "No, Yu Hua praised me for my good figure a few days ago, so he invited me to eat at his house."

"Yeah, how can we get fat," the younger brother Yongfu took a bite of the skewers and said fragrantly, "I won't get fat after so many years, hahahahahaha!"

"That's right!" The younger brother San Xiao Ruo pinched his waist proudly, "The entire police station colleagues envy me for not being fat."

Lian Yufan didn't speak, he would never wake up a group of people pretending to sleep.

He glanced at Luo Huai and nodded, "Okay."

Luo Huai was taken aback for a moment, and then responded: "Hello, too."

Lian Yufan drank a large glass of beer, hesitated, and said to Luo Huai: "A few days ago, I went to visit my mother."

Luo Huai's relaxed expression became tense, and he took a sip of wine to cover up his unnatural look.

He knew that Lian Yufan hated him, hated the ability to easily take away people's memories, and hated his own powerlessness.

Lian Yufan has never spoken to Luo Huai alone. This year he not only took the initiative to talk, but also mentioned things that the two people did not want to touch. Luo Huai was a little surprised and a little happy. He thought for a while and said, "How is she...? "

"It's a very good time. She gave birth to a daughter after remarrying. This year, the child was in the entrance examination. She was busy and calm after her busy schedule." Lian Yufan drank another beer.

"Don't drink too fast," Luo Huai persuaded, "drinking too fast will make it easy to get up."

Lian Yufan said: "I took the initiative to apply to do security work in the entrance examination room. I saw her in front of the school gate and handed her a glass of water."

Luo Huai listened quietly. Seeing that he didn't mean to go down, he couldn't help asking: "What then?"

"Then she said'thank you' and praised me as a good boy." Lian Yufan smiled lightly, "Enough."

Enough, isn't the guardian just to protect the world composed of countless ordinary people? Why put an excessive burden on her? She will live happily.

"I put it down, you put it down too." Lian Yufan raised his glass to Luo Huai, "No one is right or wrong, right?"

Luo Huai poured a glass of wine, bumped into the glass with Lian Yufan, and drank it all in one go.

All unwillingness, pain, resentment, and accusations are all relieved in this glass of wine. They are comrades-in-arms. They have fought side by side for a certain purpose, and they have trusted their lives, so what hatred needs to be remembered for so long?

When the two collided, Cen Xiao and others who were gnawing on the string noticed their movements, and pulled the Guardian team over to hug the two of them. They insisted on drinking together, which dispelled the sentimental atmosphere.

The atmosphere of You Zhengping's team was really unacceptable to Lian Yufan. He avoided Cen Xiao's warm hug, and said sideways: "Don't look at what weight I am getting, press on me and have a snack!"

Cen Xiao disagrees: "Why, Zhen Li is the person who loves beauty the most. I only met him the day before yesterday, and he didn't say I'm fat."

Seeing that Cen Xiao was still looking fat, Lian Yufan quickly broadcasted a video call to Zhen Li. Zhen Li and others were broadcasting live fitness, but their live broadcast room was always more casual, taking advantage of Lian Yufan's visit The phone quickly released the hand that was raising the barbell and connected the video profusely.

Seeing that the call was connected, Lian Yufan pointed the camera directly at Cen Xiao's face.

Zhen Li wanted to say hello, but as soon as he turned on the video, he saw a round face and was shocked: "Mr. Lien, why are you so fat like this?"

"See clearly whether it's me or Cen Xiao in the camera." Lian Yufan pinched Cen Xiao's double chin and pointed at the camera, "To be honest, are you fat?"

Zhen Li: "..."

Cen Xiao looked hurt: "Zhen Li, you didn't say I was fat before, are you lying to me?"

Zhen Li was silent for a while and said, "...It's probably because people will...be fatter after being on the camera."

"Then this is also possible." Cen Xiao breathed a sigh of relief.

Lian Yufan saw that this person wanted to ruin his appearance, and was too lazy to say anything to him. When he was about to turn off the video call, he saw Luo Huai silently handing the phone to Cen Xiao.

I dont know who connected Zhen Lis mobile phone lens with the live broadcast. The whole live broadcast is talking about--


[I'm fat!

[This big double chin, take it away, cut the picture, I want to see Beauty Zhen!

Cen Xiao went on the spot: "Who did it!"

"Me." The video interface shook for a while, and Zhen Li's phone was taken away, revealing Yu Hua's increasingly photogenic face.

When everyone saw Yu Hua, they fell silent. Cen Xiao asked, "Aren't you not working overtime? Why are you still in the studio at 9pm?"

"Xiao You accompany me for a walk today, so I will come to the studio to exercise directly." Yu Hualue said somewhat proudly.

This is what he has laid down, and it is so good for Xiao Youlai to inspect the work of the slaves.

Now that someone pointed out the weight problem bluntly, Zhen Li also had to tell the truth: "Officer Cen, you...you are indeed fat."

Losing abilities and degenerating into ordinary people, some people enter the state as soon as possible, but some people have not been able to adapt.

Seeing everyone talking about being fat, Cen Xiao said angrily: "Let's go, what else to eat! Let's go to Zhenli's studio for exercise! It happens that there are ready-made fitness equipment."

"If you want to lose weight, the key is to keep your mouth open and open your legs. You can exercise anywhere. Why do you go to other people's live broadcast rooms?" Lian Yufan said.

"Didn't Yu Hua take Team You to the studio for fitness? Their husband lost weight together, how can they leave me behind?" Cen Xiao asked, "Don't you dislike me being bright? I'll be bright to the end!"

It can be bright if there is an ability, and it can be bright if there is no ability!

The crowd rushed to the studio by taxi, leaving Luo Huai alone to check out.

Luo Huai came to the stall owner, and the stall owner waved his hand and said, "Little Luo, you don't need to spend money to eat in the future. My mother will hit me if you charge you, and you can eat by brushing your face."

"Do you want to brush your face?" Luo Huai touched his face, a little bit happy, but he still had to give the money he should give. Seeing that the boss refused to say how much money, he estimated and threw down a few hundred. The dollar ran away.

Luo Huai got in the last taxi in time and followed everyone to the studio to exercise.

When I walked into the office building, I happened to see the army holding Manager Ha. After seeing Luo Huai, the army saluted and said hello: "Brother Luo, I remember you this time!"

Luo Huai smiled comfortedly: "You are..."

"I'm here to accompany Xiao Ha to exercise, and now Xiao Ha takes me home." Jun Jundao, "It's too late, I'm going home to sleep. Goodbye, Brother Luo!"

Luo Huai looked at the back of Junjun and Xiaoha, and walked into the office gym, watching Cen Xiao and others exercise painfully under Yu Hua's cynicism.

"This, such a small amount of heat, I used to let out a fire!" Cen Xiao ran to death, panting.

The other team members also wailed. They used to eat whatever they wanted, but now it is too difficult to give up food.

"But you have to prepare for battle at all times?" Huanzi, who always maintains a sense of crisis, said emptyly. "Now you lose your abilities because the law of the world feels safe, so you will regain your abilities. But one day, a new crisis will come. In this world, if you are still so fat, can you still pick up guns?"

Compared with Yu Hua's ridicule, Huan Zixu's words were the fatal blow.

The Guardians also found that the physical fitness of their original soldiers was not as good as before, and they immediately started training.

Perhaps they can smooth their lives, or perhaps in the near future, they will usher in a new crisis.

At that time, the stingy personnel manager, the police squad, the Internet celebrity boss, the law glasses, the speed Erha, the sales madman, the honest bodyguard, the tear mole dog trainer, the most handsome urban manager, etc., will again for everyone's peaceful life. Take up weapons and fight, leaving another legend.

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Fanwai ThreeWorld Law

Operation, error, deletion; repetition, operation, error, deletion; repetition, operation, error, deletion...,

The laws of the world have no emotions and can be understood from a human perspective. It can be regarded as a supercomputer beyond human imagination. It is constantly calculating and calculating every moment in the future.

According to the calculation of the law, His world can still run for a long, long time, reaching an age that He can't determine.

He calculates normally, every day is like a day, never resting.

Suddenly one day, loopholes, loopholes, loopholes!

Invasion, invasion, invasion!

When a life form from an unknown world enters the world, he is not affected by the laws of this world. He is controlled by another powerful and terrifying existence. The calculation errors of the laws of the world cause the entire computing system to collapse at a time, and he cannot predict what will happen next. what.

The data is messy, cannot be calculated, and cannot run correctly.

The whole set of rules of the law of the world is facing collapse, and he has to activate the emergency device, while maintaining the calculation as much as possible, while putting part of the calculation power on the world miniature.

Look, look, look... Look for ways to fix loopholes, look for ways to delete viruses.

The law of the world quietly observes the human world, and sees a certain life form under his law, radiating light from all over his body, leading countless ordinary people to fight the invaders.

Unknown light, unknown data, need to be calculated.

There is no time to calculate, whether to activate the emergency plan?

-Failure to budget the consequences of emergency plans.

Do you open an emergency plan?

-Turn on.

The countless rules of the world law asked and answered questions, confirmed the virus removal plan in just a few seconds, and activated the emergency plan.

This emergency plan is a copy of the intruder. The powerful existence behind the intruder activates the potential of a certain life body, empowers the other party to invade the world. The law of the world urgently decided to replicate this plan, activate the potential of life forms in the law of the world, give the other party energy, and let it have the ability to clear the virus.

The scope of the rules of the world law is not for an individual, but for a group bound by the rules. Once the rules are established, eligible individuals will be activated with potential, and it is only a matter of time before or late to wake up.

Activating the potential of a life body is also a very dangerous thing for the laws of the world. Once a life body has mastered the power of the rules, it may backfire the laws.

However, under the threat, the law of the world did not hesitate too much. According to the calculation results, it activated the potential for people with unknown light.

The person who was activated with potential deleted the virus, and the law of the world was temporarily safe. He began to repair his own loopholes, and secretly observed and analyzed the mysterious light.

Failed to analyze, unable to understand, delete failed data, re-analyze... Repeatedly, the law of the world worked tirelessly to calculate, still not analyzing the essence of light.

However, the life forms themselves took a name for the unknown light. As more and more lighters activated their power under the rules and deleted the continuous virus, they named themselves the guardian.

The law of the world also gave a name to the unknown and unanalyzable light-guardian based on the self-definition of life forms.

Time is meaningless for the world law. Hundreds of years later, the world law has just restarted the computing system, and based on the data leaked from countless intrusions, it has analyzed who the enemy is on the opposite side.

It is a powerful existence that he cannot resist. According to calculations, with the power of a world law, with a few guardians, it cannot defeat the system.

Calculate, calculate, calculate.

Calculating hundreds of times, thousands of times, tens of thousands of times, hundreds of millions of times, no matter how many times, the result will be the same. After a thousand years of life, the laws of the world will be divided into countless randoms, which are called systems by the invaders.

The living body calls this phenomenon "death", and the law of the world is just an energy body, without the concept of "life and death". He defines it as "end".

Thousands of years later, the laws of the world will "end", the world will end, and all life experiences with "guardian" light will end.

Collect data, calculate, fail, and go to the end; continue to collect data, calculate, fail, and go to the end; continue to collect data, calculate...

The laws of the world did not give up. He will not stop calculating until the last moment of the "end". Calculation is his instinct, and it is his mission to maintain order and rules.

Scientists use countless experiments in exchange for an accident. This accidental result will often bring huge changes to human life.

The law of the world has been calculated trillions of times, and finally ushered in his accident.

The law of the world has paid attention to a young guardian who shines with a distinctive light in countless calculations. The law of the world did not know how many times, after collecting the data of this guardian, recalculating, mechanically waiting for the failed result again, but this time there was an error.

Error, error, error, chance!

The law of the world seized this opportunity, starting from this young life body, continuing to calculate, waiting for the opportunity.

Ten years after counting the age of the life body, a more powerful being than himself entered the world with half the energy of the system.

Danger, danger, danger!

Do you focus all the power of the law to attack?

According to calculations, even if all the forces are concentrated, the danger cannot be eliminated.

-Is it an attack?

what can we do about it? The law of the world has no fear. At that moment, his computing part is still collecting data and computing.

He instinctively added this information about the existence of the "passer" in the database, continued to calculate, and succeeded; continued to collect data, calculate...

Wait, success? !

Hundreds of millions of calculations, an accident finally appeared, and finally a success!

Because of this successful result, the law of the world did not resist the entry of the "customs passer". He deleted all the data, and only calculated with the data of the "customs pass", which was still a failure.

Add other data, repeat the calculation, and fail.

After counting countless times, until I joined the guardian data called "You Zhengping" that the law of the world had been paying attention to, the successful data was once again obtained.

Collect data, repeat the calculation, success! Collect data, repeat the calculation, success!

After waiting hundreds of years and calculating countless times, I finally got a successful result.

The next step is to arrange these two pieces of data, these two living bodies, in everything.

Coincidence, coincidence, coincidence...

The law of the world collects the data of every life around them, calculates without a trace, creates coincidences, and creates encounters.

Everything is arranged properly, everything is calculated, wait, wait, wait.

Under the calculation of the laws of the world and coincidence, You Zhengping was forced to blind date by his family due to excessive involvement in extreme sports. Yu Hua joined the new company. Because of his handsomeness and excellence, he was selected by the company boss to go on blind date and achieve a business cooperation.

You Zhengping didnt want to go on a blind date. He asked his brothers to dress himself up as a gangster. Yuhua passed by the off-road vehicle and heard You Zhengpings cry for help when his pants were cut. You Zhengping of the car.

-Encounter, encounter, encounter.

The law of the world quietly observes, calculates, pushes, and makes all the calculation results of victory.

Finally, Yuhua succeeded in subduing the system, the law of the world recovered all the data that belonged to its rules, recovered the two pieces of data, Yuhua and You Zhengping, and placed them back in their area-Xuyang District.

Calculate, succeed, the crisis is resolved, return to calm, fix loopholes, emergency plan is lifted, change rules, recalculate.

Fix loopholes, clear the world's laws of the greatest threat, change the rules that enable people with "guardian" light to stimulate their potential, recover all energy, return to the previous calculation mode, and continue to operate quietly.

If people meet and know each other and fall in love under his calculation, then it can be called fate.

Destiny is hidden in every corner of the world, everywhere.

He keeps calculating, never stopping, until the "end" of the universe.

Fan Extra Three


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