Monarch Of Time Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Chapter 60 Snatching the profound earth fruit

Everyone, including Shun Long were startled that Guan Hong knew a martial skill.

There were plenty yellow grade cultivation techniques spread around in the 'Mortal world' and the 'cultivation world' as well. However, yellow grade martial skills were much rarer than yellow grade cultivation techniques.

Martial skills were different from cultivation techniques to begin with. Although one needed a cultivation technique to train in and become stronger, martial skills were a cultivator's hidden card as well.

Of course, cultivation techniques at the black grade and above weren't freely circulated in the world, but instead were all kept as a tight secret inside every sect. The value of these cultivation techniques was at least on par with black grade martial skills if not higher. After all, the grade of a cultivation technique would indicate how fast a disciple would progress while a martial skill was a way for the disciple to protect themself.

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