Monarch Of Time Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Chapter 59 Gathering in the dark

''Quickly, lead me there!'' Shun Long said in a slightly anxious tone.

Now that little Black was inside the 'Stone of Time's' space, Shun Long could directly use his spiritual strength to communicate with him.

The reason that he was so anxious wasn't to save those disciples or the 'earth bear' but instead to obtain the 'Profound earth fruit'.

There were 3 different ways for Shun Long to advance his 'Monarch's Eternal body'.

The first way was to consume the flesh of higher rank magic beasts. The flesh rank 2 magic beasts or the rank 3 'double-headed fish' inside the 'Stone of Time' was one such example.

The second way was to directly consume rare herbs or fruits like the 'Profound earth fruit' or the 'Blood Vermilion fruit'. Although a big part of the fruit's medicinal efficacy would be wasted this way, it was still more than 100 times faster compared to slowly strengthening the body by eating magical beast's flesh.

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