Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 1187

Chapter 1187 Infuriated Quan Zhen Sect

"You guys know those fellas?"

After the Dark Moon Squad left, Wang Yu asked.

"You are probably the only one who doesnt know the Dark Moon Squad That person who wanted to beat me up earlier is their leader and his name is Deathly Dark Moon. He is a well-known idiot. There was once on live stream where he beat his girlfriend up just because he couldnt beat his opponent. Because of that, he became incredibly infamous."

"What?!" Mu Zixian raged, "Beating up his girlfriend?! B*stard! You guys better teach them a lesson if we meet them!"

"Of course!" Yang Nuo and Ling Longmeng replied, "Leave this matter to us."

"And people didnt shut him out?"

Wang Yu was even more dazed as this was the first time Wang Yu heard about something like this.

"His original squad left him but this man somehow manages to find some wealthy person which gave him the funds to form his Dark Moon Squad and even made him the leader."

"F*ck! What kind of company wants to be linked to a person like that?" Wang Yu was stunned.

A persons character should be the soul of the squad. People nowadays were all extremely righteous who wouldnt prepared to turn a blind eye to such things.

What kind of company cares so little about their reputation to sponsor a player like that?

The more knowledgeable Frost Blade replied, "I believe it is a company who deals with pirated websites."

"Pirated websites?"

"Yes!" Frost Blade continued, "Websites that display pirated versions of novels."

"No wonder."

Wang Yu furrowed his brows, "Birds of a feather really flock together huh? They deserve to be punished! But why is a pirated website company even getting involved in the gaming industry?"

"Because there are novels about online gaming too! Novels like <> are within their list of novels too."

"F*ck!" Wang Yu cursed, "If we ever meet them in the tournament, make sure we beat them up so badly they will never be able to make a comeback. We will not show mercy to any one of them!!"

Everyone, ""

After a whole day of travelling, everyone felt lethargic as they went back to their own rooms for an early night.

Evil Rampage woke everyone up the next day as early as 7 am.

"Why are you waking us up so early? Do you want to die early?!"

When everyone was woken up from their deep sleep, it was natural that nobody felt good. This was especially so when the person waking them up was a person like Evil Rampage. Therefore, everyone didnt hold back their scoldings.

Evil Rampage replied, "Stop sleeping! Later on, the organisers will be bringing squads over to familiarise with the competition venue. Continue sleeping and we will not make it!"

"Oh really? Does Sister Bull know about this too?" Everyone turned to look at Mu Zixian, who was hugging onto Wang Yus arm.

Mu Zixian was technically the leader of A Murder Of Crows so the organisers would have informed Mu Zixian beforehand.

Who knew that when everyone turned to ask Mu Zixian this question, she quickly sat up straight and replied with wide-open eyes, "What? I didnt know that! Nobody informed me anything."

"That makes more sense!" Evil Rampage replied helplessly, "People only inform the professional squads about stuff like that. Why does it make a difference for amateur teams like you guys to familiarise yourselves with the battleground? Either way, amateur teams will be destroyed by professional squads. Ive received internal news which is why I am here to wake everyone up."


Hearing that, everyone from Quan Zhen Sect became wide awake from all the anger they had for the organisers.

Even though Evil Rampage was right and whatever the organisers did was actually reasonable, it simply didnt feel good now that they were the ones being looked down upon.

For any other amateur squads, they would already be extremely satisfied with being able to watch the tournament in the VIP seats as well as being able to compete with these experts.

Even though the players from the Quan Zhen Sect looked so unstable, they viewed themselves as one of the favourites for the tournament and they came here to win it. The treatment from the organisers was truly getting on their nerves.

An infuriated Ming Du raged as he shouted, "What the f*ck! How dare they look down on us like that? What a stupid tournament! Can I choose not to participate in it now?!"

He was slamming the table as he shouted but because the tables were made of marble, it didnt even move a single jolt after being slammed by Ming Du.

Everyone agreed with Ming Du.

"Alright! Stop being so angry!"

Fearless stood up as he saw how agitated everyone was, "What are you even saying? Old Man Wang had already paid for us to participate so which one of you have the guts to return saying that weve withdrawn from the tournament?"

"But theyre simply too much!" Vainglory commented.

"Haha!" Fearless laughed, "Rather, I think you guys came here with the wrong mindset. From the very beginning, the organisers have made a clear distinction between the amateurs and professionals. We are the ones who insisted on competing with these professionals."


"No buts!"

Just when Vainglory was about to argue, Fearless interjected, "I will only say the same thing as before! Your position in someone elses heart is dependent on your strength. We came here under the name of an amateur squad so it is only natural that other people treat us as amateur participants. The only way we can get others to change their views of us is if we put up a good fight and display all our strengths here. Understand?"


Among all the capable men in the Quan Zhen Sect, only Fearless was capable enough to be their leader. The key was that Fearless knew how to prescribe the right medicine for each illness.

After being taught a lesson by Fearless, everyone from the Quan Zhen Sect immediately calmed down.

"Thats right! Boss Fearless said exactly what I wanted to tell you guys. I guarantee everyone that as long as youre able to get a good ranking in this tournament, I will personally provide everyone with additional rewards. The closer you are to being first, the more generous I will be."

As probably the richest man in the game, the way Evil Rampage spoke was truly endearing.

The Quan Zhen Sect were already convinced by Fearless but because of their pride, they were not willing to give in so easily. Now that Evil Rampage suggested this, everyone had an excuse.

Everyone pointed at Fearless, "We are only doing this because of Old Wangs sponsorship as well as Boss Evils rewards. Were not doing this because of you!"

"Whatever you say!" Fearless waved his hands to indicate that he was already used to this.

After having their breakfast, the staff members arrived at the hotel around 8 am as all the squads gathered at the lobby.

They walked together to the competition venue, chatting on their way there.

The staff members were clearly trying to build on their relationship with these experts.

These organisers were also ordinary humans and to be able to get so close to their idols, they couldnt help getting excited over it.

"Great God! I am your number one fan"

"Great God! What is your blood type"

"Great God! Will you give me your autograph"

There were constantly words like that.

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