Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186 Dark Moon Squad

Linhai City was in the coastal zone. Besides Frost Blade, everyone lived pretty far from this place. Because Evil Rampage had bought the tickets for an afternoon flight, it was already evening time when everyone gathered at Linhai City.

After having dinner, the Quan Zhen Sect followed Evil Rampage to their hotel.

While it was true that Evil Rampage liked to resort to tricks, he didnt skimp on the job.

The hotel which Evil Rampage had booked was right opposite the competition venue. It was a theme hotel for the game as the environment and atmosphere of the place was perfect for gaming nerds like them. Moreover, it looked rather classy too.

After arriving at the entrance of the hotel, Fearless and the rest couldnt help but cried out when they saw the name of the hotel, "I cannot believe we can actually stay here once. Old Evil is really capable, huh?"

"Of course!" Evil Rampage replied proudly, "It is the competition season now so this place only allows participating squads to stay in it. Ordinary customers are not allowed to stay here. Come, our rooms are on level 7."

Evil Rampage did not forget to show off as he gave out the room cards to everyone. Following which, he brought Wang Yu and the rest to the lift.

Just when everyone was waiting for the lift, a group of people walked over in a majestic manner.

This group of people was dressed in black and every one of them had well-built physiques. None of them looked like gaming nerds and on their chest, there were the words Dark Moon.

When the group of them walked towards the front of the Quan Zhen Sect, they sized up the Quan Zhen Sect fearlessly. More specifically, they were staring at the ladies of the Quan Zhen Sect. They looked slightly taken aback and even smiled wickedly when they saw them.

In the gaming scenes, there had always been lesser female players than male players. The number of female players good enough to compete in a professional tournament could be counted with one hand while the Quan Zhen Sect had a total of seven ladies. This was indeed a rare sight which made it reasonable for others to stare at them.

However, the unadorned gazes from this bunch of fellas made everyone uncomfortable.

Wang Yu furrowed his brows as he took one step forward, using his body to block Mu Zixian. The rest of the Quan Zhen Sect also stepped forward to protect the ladies behind them.

When this bunch of fellas saw that people were blocking their sights, they were clearly unhappy about it. However, they toned down when they saw how massive Wang Yu and Evil Rampage looked as well as how malevolent and unfriendly Ming Du and Boson looked.

They retracted their gazes after a while before smiling and asked, "Which squad do you guys belong to? I dont think Ive seen you before."

The ring of gamers was small and especially so for professionals. Regardless of their relationships with each other, the top professional experts would recognise each other at first sight. However, Wang Yu and his players were all new faces which they had never seen before.

Since they asked with a smile, Wang Yu simply replied, "A Murder Of Crows!"

"A Murder Of Crows?"

The black-robed squad thought about it for a while before laughing to themselves, "Is there such a squad participating?"

"No I havent even heard of them before." Everyone shook their heads and asked, "Could it be a new squad? Which guild are you from?"

Seeing that they didnt recognise their squad, Wang Yus face turned black as he replied, "We are the new representatives of the 7th District."

"Oh I see, I see. You will have to work hard alright! I hope to meet you guys in the tournament. Haha"

Hearing that Wang Yu and the rest were from a grassroot squad, there was a 180-degree change in their attitudes.

Even though he had phrased it in a polite manner, anybody who wasnt an idiot could tell that it was a mockery.

Even though everyone played the game, it was only natural and customary that the well-known looked down on the newcomers.

It was even more evident how natural it was for professional players to look down on amateur players.


The Quan Zhen Sect clenched their fists in anger when they heard that.

The fellas from Quan Zhen Sect had never been afraid of anybody so how could they bear to suffer mockeries from strangers they just met? If they werent afraid of being banned from the tournament, the last sentence was enough for a bad-tempered Ming Du to act out.


At that moment, Fearless smiled and asked Spring Halo, "Brother Spring, have you heard of the Dark Moon Squad?"

Spring Halo looked at their black robes before nodding, "Yes, of course Ive heard of them. They are a famous third-rate squad, who havent heard of them?"

Wang Yu asked, "Third-rate squad and still famous? What kind of logic is this?"

Frost Blade also commented, "A squad with rubbish battle records but their players love hitting their own girlfriends. Everyone on this planet knows about this."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk! So this is how theyre so famous Incredible." Everyone shook their heads at Frost Blades comments.

When the Dark Moon Squad heard what the Quan Zhen Sect had to say about them, their faces turned black immediately.

One of the players among them even pointed at Fearless and asked, "I dare you to say it again!"

Fearless smiled, "You really think I will say it again just because you dare me to? Im not even your girlfriend so dont tell me youre going to hit me too?"

"F*ck you!!" That player raged as he lifted his fist in an attempt to punch Fearless.

Fearless took one step forward as he placed his face right in front of the persons fist. Following which, he pointed to his face with one finger and another finger towards the CCTV on the roof. He said, "Come on! Punch me? Punch me and we will have one less opponent! This isnt a bad deal."

"I" The person stopped in his tracks as he put down his fist in embarrassment.

Everyone else behind him looked at Fearless in fear.

Fearless was right. Anyone who dared to act out in front of the camera would be banned from the tournament.

Even though the Dark Moon Squad was not considered a first-rate squad, they were still a professional team who knew their limits. They were naturally not going to risk losing their rights to participate in this tournament because of some new and unknown squad. Therefore, they could only suffer the humiliation from Fearless and co. in silence.

After all, they were a professional squad so it was easy for others to find out more about them. On the other hand, they had no idea who the Quan Zhen Sect was so they were never going to win them in an argument.

"You better not let us meet you in the tournament!"

That particular man stared right into Fearless eyes as he said, "Lets go!"

Following which, he brought his players to the stairs.

Fearless chuckled, "You better pray you dont meet us. Otherwise, we will beat you up so badly in front of the whole nation! Just like how you beat your girlfriend."


That big-sized man clenched his fist as he climbed the stairs without turning back.

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