Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 1185

Chapter 1185 Exaggerated

"No objections! Of course, we wont have any objections!" Fearless replied.

The customer is the king and it is only reasonable to work for people who pay them. Since Old Bull chose to sponsor them, advertising for him was reasonable.

Furthermore, Old Bulls request wasnt too ridiculous. All he wanted was for them to wear the clothes he prepared for them Even if Old Bull wanted everyone to put on female clothing to fight, Fearless wouldnt have any objection.

Of course, Wang Yu was Old Bulls biological son so he was naturally not going to suggest such an unreasonable demand.

"Thats good! On the day of the competition, Ill be sure to bring people from the martial arts circle down to support you guys." Old Bull nodded satisfyingly.

Following which, he turned and squinted his eyes at Evil Rampage, "Go gather the materials. Once your brother is done with his competition, I will get him to make an equipment for me."

"Ah?" Evil Rampage gave the innocent look, "Make what equipment? Why is he making an equipment?"

"Stop wasting my time!" Old Bull pointed at the forging workshop, "You really think your father doesnt know anything about this game?"

"F*ck" Evil Rampages face instantly turned gloomy, "But why am I involved too"

"Shut it!" Old Bull flew into a rage, "Stop being so narrow-minded just because I get you to do something for me. I will not pursue this matter if you prepare the materials well for me. Otherwise, you will get it from me!"

After frightening Evil Rampage, Old Bull turned and clasped his fists at the rest of the Quan Zhen Sect, "Thank you, everyone, for your trouble. If there is nothing else, I will head back to complete my dungeon quest."

The way Old Bull acted and spoke was exactly the same as Wang Yu. He was efficient, swift, decisive and was never sloppy.

Immediately after saying that, Old Bull simply turned, entered the teleportation formation and disappeared in front of everyone. All that was left were the shocked members of the Quan Zhen Sect as well as a helpless Evil Rampage.

"He just left like that Is he not going to have a few drinks with us?" Looking in the direction that Old Bull left, Vainglory was slightly reluctant to part with him.

"Drink your head!" Evil Rampage slapped Vainglory on the head, "If he stays for any longer, I am certain that my entire studio will belong to him."

"Is he for real?" Everyone turned to ask Wang Yu.

"Hmm" Wang Yu acknowledged in silence.

Given Wang Yus experience as his son for over twenty years, everything Evil Rampage said was not an exaggeration at all.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk." Fearless and the rest shook their heads, "If he didnt visit us, the growth of our Quan Zhen Sect will be a real pity. Since he came, I dont mind making him first chair."


Wang Yu pointed his middle fingers at Fearless and everyone else.

Just when Wang Yu and the Quan Zhen Sect were still spouting nonsense, Evil Rampage interrupted them, "Enough blabbering! So how many of you will be heading over?"

Evil Rampage was definitely not feeling very pleased after being humiliated by his father. Therefore, nobody dared to offend him as they immediately kept quiet while Fearless answered him, "One squad consists of 12 players so minimally 12 of us will be heading over."

"What about the reserves? Are they heading over too?" Evil Rampage looked around as he asked.

"Are they?" Fearless turned to ask Li Xue and the rest politely.

"We can head over too?" Seeing how Fearless invited them over too, Li Xue and the rest were pleasantly surprised. Choba 345 was so delighted he almost jumped out of his seat. The answer was almost very obvious.

After all, the ladies used to be the lowest tier players in the game so events like the professional tournament was way beyond their reach. They hadnt even thought of spectating in a tournament like that, let alone participate in it. Now that they were given a chance to head over, how could they not be excited?

"Just come if you want to. Were not lacking in that amount of money!" Evil Rampage casually brought Li Xue and the rest in too.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk!" Evil Rampage was still shaking his head, "11 members, 1 leader and 5 reserves A total of 17 players and this is your entire Quan Zhen Sects strength I guess Ill have to include myself to make it an auspicious number then!"

"Why are you coming with us? Youre not even from the Quan Zhen Sect," Wang Yu questioned.

"As an external help Or do you think Im not strong enough for the Quan Zhen Sect?" Evil Rampage refuted.

"Barely good enough."

Wang Yu no longer rejected his suggestion.

Evil Rampage might not be comparable to an expert like Wang Yu but compared to ordinary players, he was considered an untouchable expert.

Wang Yu was naturally not going to tell him the truth to boost his ego.

After confirming the numbers, Evil Rampage went offline to prepare.

The Quan Zhen Sect also went offline early after fighting in one PVP arena battle.

After all, there were only two days left before the start of the competition. What everyone needed to do now was to preserve and nurture their spirit.

According to convention, all the participating squads would have to visit the competition venue one day before the start of the competition to familiarise themselves with the venue. Therefore, when they received the tickets from Evil Rampage the next day, all of them made their way to Linhai City.

<> had quite a significant impact on modern society. With the upcoming professional tournament in mind, the atmosphere at the airport was vastly different from normal days.

The moment they descended from the airplane, Wang Yu and the rest saw all kinds of joyous youths around them.

These groups of over ten players were all dressed in the same clothing with imprinted LOGO. They were very clearly the legendary professionals.

In contrast, Wang Yu was slightly more awkward as he even had a group of ladies behind him Any man in a situation like this would want to hide himself elsewhere.

This was the first time Li Xue and the rest got so close with the professional players so they were naturally the more excited ones.

"Wa Thats the Heavenly Fire Squad! Their leader must be the legendary Samadhi Fire, right?"

"Look at that handsome man, isnt that Red Dream Squads Red Green Harmony?"

"Aiya! Isnt that Kyushu Squads Boundless Ocean?! I am going to die of bliss"

The ladies who were chasing their idols couldnt help mumbling among themselves behind Wang Yu which gave him a real headache. He wanted to just throw these ladies into the nearest rubbish bins.

Wang Yu initially thought that the situation would be better once they left the airport. Who knew that the scenes outside the airport were even more shocking with countless fans blocking the exit.

The drivers who were awaiting their customers were drowned out by the large numbers of fans trying to meet their idols.

"This is way too exaggerated"

Wang Yu, who finally managed to squeeze through the crowd of fans, wiped his sweat as he could never figure out why there were so many people fangirling over gamers.

"This is nothing!" Mary acted like this was normal as she said, "Ive seen worse! There was once when XX Squad got plotted against by some newbie. In the end, their fans flew into a rage and acted out violently at the competition venue itself. Everything was almost out of control and even the police came over to maintain the order."

"Tsk, tsk" Wang Yu couldnt help but sigh and asked, "What do you think they will do after seeing their idols beaten up by me?"


The ladies looked at Wang Yu with fear in their eyes as they quickly opened up their distance with him, "If that happened, Brother Bull, make sure you stay far far away from us."

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