Medical Master Chapter 631

Chapter 631 All Major Forces Come To The Auction

Chapter 631 All Major Forces Come to the Auction!
There was no doubt that the news of the Guru Swords auction caused a sensation in Wulin, making countless people go crazy over it.

At the same time, everyone was extremely curious and confused!

"Who took it out?"

"Someone is actually willing to sell the Guru Sword?"

"Awesome! Who on earth is that master?"

"The person who is auctioning off the Guru Sword must be a guru. Even if he is not, there must be a guru behind him!"

"Guru How many gurus are there in the whole country?"

"It has been many years since a guru appeared. Even new martial arts practitioners or Martial Superiors thought that the guru was a legend, but I did not expect that it would appear again, even though its just a Guru Sword."

"It has been more than a hundred years since a Guru Sword appeared. Does this mean that a guru will be coming out too?"

In Wulin, all kinds of heated discussions were going on.

The whole of Jianghu was in turmoil because of the news of the auction of the Guru Sword!

In Jiangjing City, He Gaoming, who had just returned from Longquan, soon heard about the news of the auction of the Guru Sword.

"What the f**k!"

When he heard the news, he thought of the disappearance of his master at this time and the abnormal sighting appearing in the sky over Longquan that night. He was amazed and exclaimed, "Is that really my master? How did he do it?"

"If its really my master, I have to hold on to him if he has that kind of power!"

In Longquan, "Guru Sword?"

Long Qiyun, who had received the news, was also astonished.

Like He Gaoming, Fang Qiu was the first person that came to Long Qiyuns mind. This was due to Fang Qius sudden disappearance and less than a day later, Chic Cloud Pavilion announced that they would be auctioning off the Guru Sword. In addition to the Guru Sword, there were many other precious swords.

Whether it was in terms of time or amount, the person who entrusted Chic Cloud Pavilion with this auction was likely to be John Doe!

However, although that was what he thought, Long Qiyun was not quite sure because he felt that the mysterious man had only cast a few swords. How could the newly forged swords have an aura?

Besides, the mysterious man did not seem to have reached the Guru Realm yet. How could he cast a Guru Sword?

Bringing along the letter of authorization from Chic Cloud Pavilion, Fang Qiu went straight back to Jiangjing.

After returning to Jiangjing, he immediately hid in the city, tore off the mask on his face, bought a bag and took the Newborn Moon Sword back to the dormitory to hide it. After that, he called Zhao Shanlin.

Soon, the call was connected.

"Hello." Zhao Lins voice came from the other end of the line.

"Mr. Zhao, where are you?" Fang Qiu asked.

"You came back from Beijiang?" Zhao Shanlin asked in reply.

Fang Qiu responded and said, "Yes, I just arrived at school. I wanted to find out how things are over there."

"The location here is a little remote. Ill ask Zhu Benzheng to send you the directions. You can just take a taxi here."

Zhao Shanlin said.

"Okay." Fang Qiu answered and went out directly. He took a taxi at the school gate and rushed to the location that Zhu Benzheng had sent him.

Half an hour later, the taxi went out of the city and came to the foot of a secluded mountain.

At this time, Zhao Shanlin and Zhu Benzheng and the other two were carefully studying something at the foot of the mountain.

Arriving at the destination, Fang Qiu got out of the car and took a look. He found that this was the head of a very majestic mountain range. The terrain was also quite good as it did not give way to an abrupt rise. Looking up, he found that it gave people a sense of flatness. Although it was an uphill slope, there were still a lot of flat land.

After greeting them, Fang Qiu began his research along with everyone else.

However, there were very few things that Fang Qiu could be involved in. He just did some work on the side. When he found that there was something wrong with Mr. Zhaos health, he helped to take care of it.

In the following days, Fang Qiu lived in a temporary tent at the foot of the mountain with them.

This place had been determined by Zhao Shanlin.

Even the Desert Cistanches, which had been airlifted by plane, were all in a temporary large shed next to them. The shed simulated the desert climate in order to maintain the activity of the Desert Cistanches.

For a few days in a row, Fang Qiu was not involved in a lot of activities.

Five days later, Fang Qiu said goodbye to Zhao Shanlin and his three roommates and left. They did not ask him to stay. Anyway, he was not much of a help here, after staying for a few days.

Back in Jiangjing City, Fang Qiu returned to school, changed into the mysterious mans clothes, put on a human skin mask and then headed straight for the capital city.

In the evening, the outside of the Chic Cloud Pavilion which was usually a cold and quiet place, suddenly became bustling.

Because of the sudden increase in the flow of people, the residents nearby became much more cautious. With so many outsiders appearing, everyone was worried about their safety and their own property, so they did not dare to go out at night.

However, the shops nearby were still open, especially the inns. For no reason, there were suddenly high occupancies, which filled the inns.

At this time, there was still half an hour before the auction began.

Under normal circumstances, the auction held by Chic Cloud Pavilion would be held at 8:45 in the evening. No one knew why. Anyway, it was the same every time. And this time, it was still the same.

At eight oclock, numerous people gathered on the streets outside the stone tablet of the Chic Cloud Pavilion.

At first glance, there were all kinds of people.

Everyone gathered together in groups of three or five and discussed among themselves.

All of a sudden, "Ha-ha."

A burst of laughter came.

Everyone turned to look.

They saw a young man wearing a full set of branded white sportswear walking toward them with a group of four or five people.

"Qian Xiao?" Everyone gathered around the outside of the Chic Cloud Pavilion after seeing this young man. Those who were waiting for the Chic Cloud Pavilion to open their doors were startled. They then involuntarily pulled back a little.

"I didnt expect that even Qian Xiao would be here."

"Its a Guru Sword. Even the Qian Family cant resist this temptation."

"Although the Qian Family is one of the major aristocratic families in the capital city, they also lack gurus. I heard that the reason why the Qian Family has always been willing to do the antique business is because they hoped to find some rare treasures in the martial arts world in the antique business."

"Ive also heard about it. It seems that they have found some before. I heard that it was a very powerful secret treasure book."

"Rumble" Just when everyone was talking about the person named Qian Xiao, a roar of an engine suddenly came from a distance.

Everyone turned to look.

They could only see a large stream lined motorcycle with a long red tail light, speeding over.

"Screech!" When it arrived at the door of Chic Cloud Pavilion, the motorcycle made a full swerve. Just as it was about to fall to the ground, the person on the motorcycle stepped on the ground with one foot. The motorcycle, which was about to be thrown off balance, stopped in an instant.


They looked closely. The foot that trod on the ground was not big and was clad in a pair of black high heels. A pair of black stockings appeared on her very slender legs.

As they looked up, they saw that the person on the motorcycle was wearing a pair of black shorts and a white shirt. The first button of her shirt was left undone and she wore a helmet.

"What the f**k, why is she here?"

"Isnt she only interested in motorcycles and women?"

"This auction is going to be exciting."

Just as everyone was talking about it, the woman on the motorcycle raised her hands and took off her helmet, revealing an incredibly fair and extremely handsome face.

It was true that she was a woman, but her hair was short like a mans. At first glance, she made people feel so cool.

When people took a closer look, they found the womans eyes were blue.

She was of a mixed-race!

"Qian Xiao, youre here too?" After taking off her helmet, the woman glanced around and finally fixed her eyes on the wicked young man in white, with a buzz haircut and ear studs.

Qian Xiao shrugged and asked with a smile, "Is that strange? Ms. Zhan, isnt it stranger for you to be here?"

"How much money did your old man prepare for you?" The woman named Zhan Lin smiled and asked as she walked toward Qian Xiao.

"Your dad wont give you all his fortune, will he?" Qian Xiao asked, unwilling to show any weakness.

"Take a guess?" Zhan Lin chuckled.

At this time, "Isnt that Mr. Qian and Miss Zhan?"

A voice suddenly could be heard.

They followed the sound and took a look.

It was a middle-aged man in his forties. He was dressed in extremely formal clothes. Perhaps it was because of the cold weather, in addition to a black windbreaker, there was a scarf around his neck.

The mans face was thin and long. At first glance, he looked wretched and wicked.


"Director Lu?" Qian Xiao and Zhan Lin were both stunned when they saw the man.

"Ha-ha, Im Lu Zhiyuan. Nice to meet you, Mr. Qian and Ms. Zhan."

The man came forward and greeted them with a loud laugh.

"I thought the Xilian Chamber of Commerce does not get involved in Wulin affairs?" Qian Xiao frowned.

"Mr. Qian, What Im representing today is not Xilian, but the Xi family."

Lu Zhiyuan said with a smile, "Such a big event like the auction of the Guru Sword cant keep the Xi family away. As a member of Xilian, the old master of the Xi family specially invited me to attend as a representative. I hope that Mr. Qian and Ms. Zhan will be gentle with me at the auction."

Hearing the conversation between the three of them, everyone around was shocked.

No one had expected that.

Not only did the Qian and Zhan families in the capital city send their people here, but even the Xi family, which was thousands of kilometers away, also sent people here.

Every single one of them was a major force.

If these three families gathered together, it could be said to be a gathering of the major forces in Wulin.

If a few more families came, it would be a Wulin Assembly!

While everyone was amazed, the other forces also arrived. Although they were all major forces, none of them had reached the level of the former three families. However, as the auction was about to begin, all of the major forces, which were no lesser than the three families, appeared one by one.

When there were about 15 minutes left before the auction, a dense crowd had already gathered outside the Chic Cloud Pavilion.

At 8:45 p.m., "Crack!" Chic Cloud Pavilion, which had been kept shut, officially opened its doors.

This time, it was not the small door that had opened when Fang Qiu came, but a very neat and big one. As soon as the door opened, the long, narrow rooms and shops instantly turned into a resplendent passageway that led directly to the inside of the Chic Cloud Pavilion.

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