Medical Master Chapter 630

Chapter 630 A Sensation In The Entire Wulin

"Even for we Chic Cloud Pavilion, this auction is the top priority."

When Fang Qiu completely disappeared out of sight, the middle-aged man took a deep breath and then quickly turned to report to his superior.

As to Fang Qiu, after walking out of the Chic Cloud Pavilion, he muttered along the way, "Now, all Ive got is the useless Newborn Moon Sword. If Long Qiyun had let me hammer it once when he was casting it, this sword would have been a fine sword worth at least a million. What a pity."

While whispering to himself, Fang Qiu took a taxi and went straight to the airport, preparing to go back to Jiangjing.

In an antique wooden building that was exceedingly luxurious.

"Knock, knock, knock."

The middle-aged manager, who had received 19 swords from Fang Qiu, came to a door and gently knocked on it.

"Come in."

A booming voice came from inside.


When the middle-aged man pushed the door open, what came into his view was not an old-fashioned antique office but the one with easily the most modern interior decorating.

The floor was timber floor, on which lay a desk in simple design, a European-style leather sofa. There were also a TV hanging on the wall and a computer.

At this moment, a man in his 40s was sitting behind the desk, staring at the computer screen.

"Mr. Li."

The middle-aged manager stepped forward and respectfully looked at the square-faced, refined-looking middle-aged man behind the desk. He was wearing a suit vest and spectacles, and he had a mustache. The manager said, "I have big news."

This man was Li Zhengcheng, one of the board directors of the Chic Cloud Pavilion. Since the board directors only took part in the major affairs of the company but not the daily management, Li Zhengcheng set up an office of his own. When there was work, he would come to the office. Otherwise, he wouldnt show up at all because there wouldnt be a difference anyway.

Besides, Li Zhengcheng was particularly nice to others, so many managers were willing to come to him for reporting work. After all, he was one of the board directors of the company, and he had a say in all the important matters.

"Big news?"

Li Zhengcheng turned his head, glanced at the manager, and asked, "Whats the big news?"

"I just received a commission. I was to auction weapons," said the middle-aged manager.

"Thats it?"

Li Zhengcheng frowned and said, curling his lips, "Why are you so surprised that someone wants you to sell a few weapons for him? Im in the middle of reading the duplicates now. I dont want to be disturbed."

"Mr. Li, I wont be surprised if those were ordinary weapons. The point is that the deal I sealed is not on ordinary weapons," said the middle-aged manager.


"Well, big deal. Cant it be arranged in next months auction?"

"Mr. Li, how about you take a guess first? Whats the rank of the weapons my client wants to auction?" The middle-aged manager said with a smile.


Li Zhengcheng didnt seem to want to say much. He replied casually while playing computer games.

There was a rule in the Chic Cloud Pavilion.

Only the auction items above the sixth class shall be reported to the board members.

"There are 12 of them!" The middle-aged manager answered.

"Oh?" Li Zhengcheng responded.

Moments later, when Li Zhengcheng was done with the computer game, he withdrew his hand from the mouse and looked at the computer screen with satisfaction. Then, Li Zhengcheng turned his head and asked the middle-aged manager, "How many of the sixth-class weapons did you just say?"

"12!" The middle-aged manager replied.


Li Zhengcheng was stunned.

"Two fifth-class swords and 12 sixth-class," the middle-aged manager repeated.

"So many?" Li Zhengcheng asked in surprise.

"Thats not the end."

The middle-aged managers eyes glinted brightly as he said, "In addition to the two swords in the fifth class and 12 in the sixth class, there are three in the seventh class and one in the eighth class!"


Li Zhengcheng stood bolt up, stared at the middle-aged manager in shock, and asked, "Three seventh-class, and one eighth-class?"

Li Zhengcheng was flabbergasted!

How was that possible?

How could anyone bring out so many precious swords?

Aside from the fifth-class and sixth-class ones, how could he also have three seventh-class swords?

Moreover, there was also an eighth-class sword that had not appeared in the martial arts world for decades?

Was, was this a wholesale?

Why did so many precious swords pop out all of a sudden?

Yet, as Li Zhengcheng was still in shock, the middle-aged manager spoke again.

"But thats not the point!"

The middle-aged manager took a deep breath and went on solemnly.


Li Zhengcheng was dazed.

"So these precious swords dont matter?"

"If this isnt important, then what is?"

"Theres one last sword."

The middle-aged manager tried to calm down by taking a deep breath. After slowly exhaling, he said, "The last one is a Guru Sword!"

At this, Li Zhengchengs eyes widened.

In an instant, there was a look of disbelief on his face. He stared unblinkingly at the middle-aged manager and was so excited that he began to tremble.

"Take me to see it. Take me to it now!"

Li Zhengchengs voice was quivering.

The middle-aged manager did not dare to waste a second.

He immediately took Li Zhengcheng to the underground security room at a run, opened the safe, and drew out all the 19 swords Fang Qiu entrusted him to sell.

At the moment he saw the Guru Sword, the eyes of the middle-aged man was immediately filled with infinite surprise.

Then, the middle-aged manager quickly fetched the Sword Testing Stone and put the Guru Sword on it.

Taking a look at the stone, the director knew it was surely a Guru Sword!

Li Zhengcheng was so thrilled that his hands began shaking. He grabbed the Guru Sword and reached out to touch every inch of it. His face was full of excitement.

"Guru Sword! Cant believe its a Guru Sword!"

Li Zhengcheng gingerly put down the sword, then turned over, patted the middle-aged manager heavily on the shoulder, and said, "Good, good job!"


The middle-aged manager said cautiously, "Mr. Li, I didnt dare to charge this client any service fee on this auction commission. And Ive promised to hold a special auction for him in five days in the name of our company. Will there be a problem with that?"

Li Zhengcheng laughed, waved his hand, and said, "Thats what you should do. You did a good job!"

"What will the company say about this?" The middle-aged manager asked hesitantly.

"Dont worry. This is a great thing. No one will come out to pick bones with you."

Li Zhengcheng laughed out loud and then forced himself to stop laughing, and asked, "The client actually took out so many swords at a time, and one of them is a Guru Sword. Who is this client?"

"A young man," the middle-aged manager said.

Because Fang Qiu didnt wear a mask when he came to the capital, the middle-aged manager clearly saw his appearance.


Technically, what he saw was Lin Yus appearance!

"A young man?"

Li Zhengcheng nodded knowingly and said with emotion, "Todays youngsters are getting more and more intimidating. That young man even has a Guru Sword. Who knows what kind of power he has been concealing? You must keep this a secret. Dont let anyone else learn anything about the client, understand?"

"Yes, sir!"

The middle-aged manager then added, "Theres one more thing that I dont know if I should tell you or not."

"What is it?" Li Zhengcheng asked.

"When the client came in, he carried a jade case filled with swords on his back. There were a total of 20 lids in the case. These 19 swords were all taken out of that jade case. The last one he drew out was the Guru Sword. But when the client left, there was still one lid in the jade case that had not opened," said the middle-aged manager.


Li Zhengchengs face got all intense.

He knew what the middle-aged manager meant.

If the second last sword in the jade case was the Guru Sword, what kind of sword would the last one be?

"Bear in mind what I just told you."

Frowning, Li Zhengcheng reminded the manager and then added, "You are in charge of the preparation for the auction. Now, off you go!"

"Yes, sir."

The middle-aged manager turned around and left with joy.

Li Zhengcheng, however, picked up the Guru Sword and stroked it over and over again. He loved it so much that he couldnt put it down!

Soon, everyone in the Chic Cloud Pavilion, whether they were in the martial art circle or not, knew the news about the Guru Sword and all the other precious swords.

When they heard the news, everyone was astonished!

A Guru Sword!

It seemed that such a powerful weapon had never appeared in Wulin. Even if there was such a powerful weapon in this world, no one would ever put it on auction.

There was no doubt that the auction of the Guru Sword instantly became the most important event in the Chic Cloud Pavilion, which attracted the attention of all the higher-ups!

Three hours later.

A piece of news swept across Wulin like a tornado.

Five days later, the Chic Cloud Pavilion would hold a special weapon auction. A large number of swords would be auctioned then, and the most precious item at that auction would be a Guru Sword, which had never shown up in Wulin before!

The news traveled fast.

As the biggest auction agency in Wulin, the Chic Cloud Pavilion already spread the news to everyone in just a few hours even without putting it on the Wulin online forum.

Shortly after, a post about the news appeared on the Wulin online forum.

"A Guru Sword! Who would have thought the Chic Cloud Pavilion managed to get a Guru Sword!"

"What the f*ck? How is this possible? Is there really a Guru Sword in Wulin?"

"Oh my god, I cant believe it!"

"Nowadays, its already very difficult to find a guru. So how could there be a guru sword?"

The Wulin people from all over the world left comments under the post to express their shock to the world!

In fact, they were not alone.

When the news spread, the whole Wulin went crazy.

When the people heard that the Chic Cloud Pavilion was going to auction a Guru Sword, they were all staggered!

Not only the ordinary martial arts practitioners and Martial Superiors but also those eighth-class Martial Superiors, especially those who had been stuck in the ninth class for years, were shocked by the news.

"A Guru Sword, a Guru Sword God has finally treated me well. There is finally hope for me to become a guru!"

In a city, a middle-aged man, who was delivering express goods, stopped short as soon as he received the news. He was so excited that he nearly burst into tears.

"Is the Chic Cloud Pavilion going nuts? They got a hold of a Guru Sword and are actually auctioning it?"

In a spacious hall, a middle-aged man with a solemn and dignified look was immediately struck dumb when he heard the report from his subordinate.

"This is precious. Though the Guru Sword cant help me directly break through to the Guru Realm, as long as I get it, it will bring me great benefits."

Under a bridge, an old man who lived in a shed cackled, showing his missing front teeth.

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