Medical Master Chapter 627

Chapter 627 Guru Sword Sharpened With A Mountain

Chapter 627 Guru Sword Sharpened with a Mountain!
After an hours rest, Fang Qiu continued to cast swords.

In the following hours, to maintain the quality of the weapons at the guru level, Fang Qiu forged another five sixth-class swords in a row. After he thought it was almost done, he raised his strength to the seventh class and forged three more of them.

Although he had raised his strength to the seventh class, Fang Qius recultivation had not reached officially that level yet. So, the aura of the sword he cast merely carried the aura of the ordinary seventh class.

However, he was not worried about that.

When a martial arts practitioner picked up a sixth-class weapon, he could clearly feel that the aura carried by the weapon was very strong. However, no matter how strong it was, it was nothing more than a sixth-class weapon.

In other words, no matter how weak a seventh-class weapon was, it was better than the sixth-class one.

At least, the user could clearly perceive the flow of the internal Qi of the seventh-class expert and the layout of his meridians.

After the three seventh-class swords were cast, Fang Qiu raised his strength to the seventh-class Martial Superior with one meridian and cast another sword.

Later, he again made it to the eighth-class Martial Superior with one meridian, and cast one sword.

After casting the sword with the strength of the eighth-class Martial Superior with one meridian, Fang Qiu stopped to take a rest.

He had no intention of casting a ninth-class weapon at all.

That was all because of the Guru Sword!

What was Fang Qiu casting these swords for?

Of course, it was to make money.

To make money, he must turn one of the swords with the aura of a guru into a nonpareil one!

If he also cast a few ninth-class weapons, perhaps the purchasers would be content with the second-best and buy ninth-class swords instead of the Guru Sword. Therefore, Fang Qiu deliberately skipped the ninth class, which stood between the eighth class and guru class.

He even didnt make many eighth-class ones.

There was no eighth-class sword but just the one at the eighth class with one meridian!

Fang Qiu thought about how to take the treasures to auction off.

He would first auction the fifth-class swords, the sixth-class swords, then, the seventh-class ones.

The higher the level was, the fewer the swords were.

When it came to the eight class, there was only one to be presented.

This would definitely cause a commotion among the crowd.

And those who would bid for it were certainly all rich people. In the end, there must be someone who could win over the eighth-class sword. Those who had not offered the highest bid or had missed the opportunity for some reason would definitely feel very angry and helpless.

But at this time, if a Guru Sword suddenly appeared in the auction house, how would the crowd react?

Those who failed to grab the eighth-class sword would absolutely get thrilled because they saw hope again. Since they had regretted once, they would surely seize the last chance. Adding that the Guru Sword was quite rare, people would definitely fight over it.

When the time came, would Fang Qiu still have to worry about money?

After finishing casting the sword of the eighth-class Martial Superior with one meridian, Fang Qiu didnt rush to cast the Guru Sword right away. Instead, he found a place to sit down cross-legged and rest.

Even though Fang Qiu himself was an expert in the Guru Realm, casting many swords in succession nevertheless consumed him a lot of energy.

Since he had to maintain the quality of the Guru Sword, Fang Qiu had to restore his strength to the peak when he cast the sword.

He closed his eyes and then opened them again.

Two hours had already passed.


When Fang Qiu opened his eyes and got to his feet, his aura was all different.

Because he had been suppressing it all the time, it couldnt be seen at all before. Now that he had stopped the suppression, he was immediately shrouded in an extremely ethereal, light-hearted aura that only a guru could emit.

"Lets begin."

With sparkle in his eyes, Fang Qiu began to cast the sword confidently.

He had to be extremely careful with every procedure.

It took almost a full day to finish more than half of the casting of the Guru Sword.

However, just when the Guru Sword was about to be completed


All of a sudden, the surrounding aura of heaven and earth began to surge.

It was just like when he was breaking through to a higher realm, if anything, it was only more violent.


Sensing the fluctuation of the aura of the sky and the earth, Fang Qiu immediately stopped what he was doing.

He could tell that the abnormal movement of the aura of the sky and the earth was caused by the Guru Sword in his hand!


With a frown, Fang Qiu whispered, "If I continue to cast it, when its completed, it will surely cause a great fluctuation of the Qi of Heaven and Earth. At that time, others will certainly notice."

"Moreover, if such a sword is cast here, it will be just unspectacular."

"I say I should make something big!"

Thinking of this, Fang Qiu immediately recalled the legend about Longquan that Long Qiyun had told him when they were having dinner earlier.

The legend was about a tall mountain outside Longquan.

It was a bleak, rectangular mountain!

Legend had it that this mountain had existed since ancient times. One time, an immortal who descended to the human world used this mountain to sharpen his sword. Later, people named it the Sword-sharpening Mountain!

As the legend had it, the whole mountain was composed of the whetstones.

Up to now, most of the whetstones in Longquan were produced from the Sword-sharpening Mountain.

"Now, all I need to do is hone it."

Fang Qiu looked at the sword that had been perfectly cast in his hand and deliberated for a moment.

Then, he moved.

Without saying a word, he raced out of the underground workshop.

He kicked the ground on tiptoes in the backyard of the Long Family. Like a meteor, he immediately shot to the air and rushed toward the Sword-sharpening Mountain outside Longquan.

Soon, Fang Qiu arrived at the Sword-sharpening Mountain and directly climbed to the top!

He found the most suitable place to hone his sword. With a wave of his right hand, a stream of water flew from the inside of the mountain, cleaning up the place where he would sharpen his sword.

"Let me see how difficult it is to cast a Guru Sword!" He bellowed in his mind.

Fang Qiu immediately began to sharpen it!

As it turned out, when he began to hone his sword, the Qi of Heaven and Earth around him began to surge as well.

The faster he worked, the fluctuation of the Qi of Heaven and Earth was the more violent!

As the Qi of Heaven and Earth raged, a faint sense of oppression also bore down from the sky upon Fang Qiu as well as the Guru Sword in Fang Qius hand!



Between heaven and earth, the cold wind howled.

The Qi of Heaven and Earth was constantly whirring like wild currents of air.

Fang Qiu looked up.

It turned out that a huge black tornado had come into being in the sky.

The tornado was facing right at Fang Qiu.

There was no wind or rain.

But Fang Qiu saw clearly that there was lightning flashing wildly in the black tornado, forming a net of electricity. He could not help but feel fearful.

"Crap, no way!"

At this, Fang Qius face paled.

He had seen such a view once before.

It was when he broke through to the Guru Realm. However, at that time, it was thunder all over the sky. The Qi of Heaven and Earth was obviously much more threatening than thunder.

Nonetheless, judging from the current situation, it seemed that this change was just a bluff. It didnt really carry the horrible sign that would appear when one broke through to the Guru Realm.

Even so, he could not afford to be careless.

After all, this unusual phenomenon was not insignificant at all!

Surely, when the sword in Fang Qius hand was about to be completely polished


Suddenly, the sound of the rapid surge of energy could be heard.

Fang Qiu looked up at the sky.

The surrounding Qi of Heaven and Earth, like a dragon rising to the sky, rushed toward the black tornado. The Qi and the black clouds gathered together and merged into a real tornado, speeding down from above and directly pouring into the sword in Fang Qius hand.


An earth-shaking holler of the sword was suddenly heard!

The pressure charged at him again.

Even so, Fang Qiu was not flustered at all. Instead, he sped up and continued to sharpen the sword.

"Good thing is, the sword is made of the Thousand-piece Steel. If it was the ordinary steel, how could it withstand the impact of the Qi of Heaven and Earth?"

As the name suggested, the Thousand-piece Steel was made by refining two pieces of the same quality into one before continuing to merge with the more pieces one at a time until there were over 1,000 were types of basic steel pieces were in it.

As a family specialized in this industry, the Long family had stored plenty of Ten-piece and Hundred-piece Steel. When Fang Qiu cast the sword mold, these were the steel he used.

Owing to these ready-made pieces of steel, it only took Fang Qiu one day to cast the Guru Sword. If he started with making the Thousand-piece Steel himself, it would take at least half a month to do the job.

Of course, Fang Qiu had already discussed with Long Qiyun about these steel pieces, who agreed to let him use for free. It could be considered as a reward for helping the other to progress.

Since the sword was made of the Thousand-piece Steel, Fang Qiu felt much more at ease.

Sure enough, when a large amount of Qi of Heaven and Earth poured into the blade from the sky, the sword in Fang Qius hand began to shake despite his grip.

"Screech, squeak"

The whine of the sword rang out.

Fang Qiu continued to hone the sword!

Soon, the Qi of Heaven and Earth completely surrounded the sword.

The sword didnt let Fang Qiu down. It withstood the heavy pressure and kept absorbing the Qi of Heaven and Earth while ringing sharply at intervals.

When the sword had absorbed enough Qi of Heaven and Earth and could not take more, it suddenly shone with a seven-color light, which vanished in a second!

Along with the light, the Qi of Heaven and Earth that lingered around the sword also dissipated.

At this moment, Fang Qiu had stopped sharpening the sword.

In the sky, the black tornado and the thunder in the clouds both disappeared.

Between the heavens and the earth, everything was peaceful and calm again!

On the top of the Sword-sharpening Mountain, Fang Qiu looked down at the guru sword in his hand with a bitter smile on his face.

The Guru Sword had been completed.

Yet, the sword looked not well polished, not particularly bright at all. It was even much of an eyesore. Despite that, the body of the sword glowed with a faint seven-color light. At first glance, one could know that it was not an ordinary sword.

"Is this the sort of great work that needs no ornamentation?"

Fang Qiu shook his head with a wry smile.

He never knew that a martial arts practitioners breakthrough was not the only thing to incur the unusual phenomenon between heaven and earth. In fact, it could also be caused by the sharpening of swords.

Yet, this phenomenon did not affect human beings. So, aside from feeling the pressure generated by the Qi of Heaven and Earth, Fang Qiu didnt feel anything else.

"Swoosh, swoosh"

Holding the sword in his hand, Fang Qiu brandished it, and soon entered the state of the unity of man and sword.

As he brandished the sword, he couldnt help but soar into the air.

The sword cut across the air.

A stream of extremely sharp sword Qi shot out of thin air and raced thousands of meters away before it dissolved into nothingness.


After performing a set of swordsmanship, Fang Qiu felt cheerful and satisfied. It had been a long time since he had fully exerted the power of the Guru Realm as he liked. Even when he was killing those giant carnivorous lizards, he didnt get to enjoy his power like this.

After the craving was satisfied, Fang Qiu quickly suppressed his strength back to the sixth class.

When he was about to leave, Fang Qiu found that the aura the Guru Sword carried was no longer only the aura he left in the sword, but also a different kind of aura, as if it was formed by the Qi of Heaven and Earth. This aura could actually attract the Qi of Heaven and Earth and make it richer in the surroundings!

To put it in other words, if an ordinary Martial Superior held this sword, even if he couldnt quickly pick up the aura of the sword, his strength could be improved considerably anyway!

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