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  • Mastermind: Genderbent Villainess

  • Genres : Romance -  Reincarnation -  System -  R-18 -  mastermind -  genderbent villainess -  girls love
  • Status : Ongoing
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Mastermind: Genderbent Villainess summary:

My plan to take the throne? Flushed down the toilet.The life which I worked so hard to build? Lost by probability.P.e.n.i.s? Gone for good.Tane Vermillion died in an unexpected accident, ending his bid for the eternal throne. All of his efforts had become neutered by simple accident. However, fate brought him elsewhere.A handsome fianc that is the crown prince? Whatever. I was more handsome and my sword was much more skilful.A heroine saintess that is being harassed by all of the so called handsome men? STOP RIGHT THERE YOU THUGS!But heres the silver lining, who said the villainess would fall for a man?Join me on discord.gg/FTGcHkH

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Mastermind: Genderbent Villainess Chapters

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