Master Of The End Times Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Sea City Auction

The three men looked almost in their twenties. All three of them had hazel-colored tanned skin and their muscles were well-proportioned, as if they had been working out to chisel out their bodies, and they were also extraordinarily handsome.

Upon closer inspection, their eyebrows were arched and well-trimmed.

It was true that Sea City was a city that was full of beautiful chicks, and there were also rich women amongst the female aptitude users.

It was just unexpected that these men would try to hit on Bai Li, perhaps for her money.

Qin Feng abruptly stood up at once and accepted the invitation for the match, "Fine, let's play then!"

The men saw that Qin Feng was dressed in plain, ordinary clothes, but the communicator he held in his hand looked expensive. On the contrary, Bai Li's dress was glimmering and flashing with expensive taste, which shouted 'I'm a rich chick!'. The difference between the two was too immense.

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